Black Flag – Elk Center 06/04/1982

Black Flag

Black Flag video from the Elk Center at 16th & Fitzwater. This was from the Damage tour with Henry singing, Dez Cadena had moved to be the 2nd guitarist along with Greg Ginn. Chuck Dukowski was on bass and Emil Johnson on drums. They do a lot of their earlier songs but you can see them moving towards the sabbath influenced dirgy stuff. I’m sad to say I never got to see Black Flag by the time I moved to Philly they never played here. I remember once there was a rumor they were going to play a skate board park in the NorthEast (was there even a skateboard park in the Northeast?) but it wasn’t true. I should have broken down and gone to Shitty Gardens but Black Flag was one of the bands that Randy Now made a deal with so they wouldn’t play Philly. I’m not 100% sure that is true but at the time it kept me from going there to see them.I’m not sure what is going on in the encore song it sounds like they are re-playing the music to Damage 1 but different lyrics.
Thanks to Bret at Noise Addiction. for the video.

SST sent a copyright infringement to Youtube so I had to take the videos down. Sorry
But this has been up for a while so maybe it will stay up.

Audio files

01 – Instrumental
02 – Tv Party
03 – I’ve Heard It Before
04 – Depression
05 – Scream
06 – Jealous Again
07 – No Values
08 – Life Of Pain
09 – American Waste
10 – Clocked In & What I See
11 – Padded Cell
12 – Damaged I
13 – Revenge
14 – I’ve Got To Run
15 – My Rules
16 – Six Pack
17 – Fix Me
18 – Rise Above
19 -(encore)

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  1. Big Mike

    IIRC, the skatepark was in Frankford but I never went there. I’ve heard that it wasn’t any good. Never heard about such a deal but if true then I couldn’t have more contempt for Now then I do already.

  2. convertido

    Thank you sir! I never saw Black Flag but this line up is my favorite. Thanks!

  3. admin

    More info on the NE skateboard show from Dave (Nobody’s Favorite, White Trash)
    Regarding the rumor of the skatepark show; it’s true I was there, although the show never went on and flag never did play. We were contacted by this guy, I forget his name, about a month before the date about opening for the show. Black Flag were touring with another band at the time and the guy putting on the show wanted a local band to play as well and asked Nobody’s Favorite to be that band, but we had to be approved by flag’s management. We sent a tape to someone, but never got a reply so we showed up anyway ready to play.

    We found the park, which wasn’t far from an El stop and found the show promoter inside what used to be a skate park, but was currently a condemned building. Gravel, piles of dirt and jack-hammered concrete was what I remember and this guy with a shovel filling in what used to be a bowl saying that this would be right in front of the stage. He had more shovels and convinced some of us to help filling it in which we did for a little while, even though we all thought that this was insane. i asked what he planned to use for power and he told me he had a rented generator; a large one on wheels parked outside would need to be pushed inside…I kid you not.

    A bus and a tractor trailer showed up containing Flag, their support band and all their gear. I was sitting on a curb eating a hoagie from the deli on the corner when Henry sat down next to me with a his lunch. The trailer was being off-loaded and it was pretty obvious that it was band gear, speakers and amps were piling up high near the entrance to the “park”. A couple of high school girls came by and asked Henry if he was in a band and when he said yes asked what they sounded like. His reply was something like, ” we sound like 5 guys who just got out of prison and found you.”

    Shortly afterwards we were told by management that we were not approved and couldn’t play. I remember seeing Flag and roadies pushing the generator up the street and about maybe 50-75 people showing up in an attempt to confirm the show’s rumor. Police showed up checking for permits which were not in existence and shut down the whole thing.

    We ended up going to our practice space and banging out a set and Henry in his book about touring swore he would kill the promoter, or something along those lines if he ever ran into him again. At least I got to eat lunch with Henry, he was intense to be sure.

  4. hc83

    corporate rock sucks and so does greg ginn

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