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Void – Live Video Feb. 25 1984


DC’s Void Live video Feb. 25th 1984. I’m not sure where this video is from. The flyer I put up with it is from Love Hall in Philly but that was 2/18. So, originally I thought maybe one of the dates was wrong and this was from Love but Love never had a disco ball and it doesn’t quite look right. So, if anyone knows where this is from please let me know. The only Void stuff I knew abpout was the split with Faith. But this is later Void when they were one of the earlier hardcore bands to add metal influences. Allot of people compared later Void to COC (or argued which one was the first hardcore/metal crossover) Personally I don’t care who was first I just care about if it’s any good. Void had an album they did for Touch & Go which has never been put out but you can find it if you click here
Thanks again to Pete at Sounds of Tomorrow. for the beta tapes


Void – 01 – Live Feb 25 84

Void – 02 – Live Feb 25 84

Void – 03 – Live Feb 25 84

Void – 04 – Live Feb 25 84

Void – 05 – Live Feb 25 84

Audio files

Void – 01
Void – 02
Void – 03
Void – 04
Void – 05
Void – 06
Void – 07
Void – 08
Void – 09
Void – 10
Void – 11
Void – 12

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