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Mothra – Video & Live from Khyber


Did the Fat Albert gang know that MOthra raided their closets? First, A Pixel Vision video of Mothra’s Part of A Note by Michael O’Reilly. Then a Mothra show at the Khyber. In the last two videos Mothra brought up some special guests – The late Wayne Hamilton (of Vibrolux, Rockula, Suffacox) and Mark Lux of at that time Temple of Bon Matin. – Thanks to Mark Lux for the tapes.



Mothra – Part of A Note Video by Michael O’Reilly

Mothra- Khyber Part 1

Mothra- Khyber Part 2<

Mothra- Khyber Part 3 (with Wayne Hamilton)

Mothra- Khyber Part 4 (with Mark Lux & Wayne Hamilton)


Audio files

01 – Let’s Start A Band
02 – Kings and 100’s
03 – ?
04 – ?
05 – ?
06 – ?
07 – PartOf A Note
08 – You Shook Me All Night Long
MediaFire Zip
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Mothra easily had the best costumes and 7″ and cd packaging of any Philly bands. Often those kind of things have been used to make up for lets say a lack of talent. But not in the case of Mothra – they had the kitsch of Urge Overkill but musically with more of a 70’s hard rock thing rather than lounge sound. Starting as a three piece with Dan on guitar, Neil on bass & vocals and Rob (Blue Train, Rockula, Beretta 76). Then later adding Chris Hunter (Red Paint People DTO) as a second guitarist.

Audio files


Fun With Felt 7″

7 inches MediaFire Zip

01 – Part Of A Note

02 – Film School


Feelin Effervescent 7″

A1 – Almost Heaven

A2 – 14 Greatest

B1 – Let’s Start A Band


Hooked On Hobbit Split 7″

Karl Hendricks Trio – Catch The Wind

Mothra – I Love My Shirt


Leaning On The Fridge cd

01 – Superhero Jim

02 – Sunshine

03 – Hard Candy

04 – I Love My Shirt

05 – Happy Motoring

06 – Hey Jon

07 – Gremlin

08 – 14 Greatest

09 – Part of a Note

10 – Kings and 100’s

11 – Leaning on the Fridge

MediaFire Zip



Flyers, etc.

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Philly Comps – Scrapple 7″ box set

This post is the second of three Philly compilations posts

Scrapple 7″ Box Set

A box set of 4 7″‘s put out in 1994 by WKDU. There are 16 bands all from the Philly area with a pretty wide range of styles.
Below the tracks I have put up scans of the cover and the insert that came in the box – each band got a page of the insert.

Tibetan Bowlers-You You
Red Paint People-Stric Neck
Vick Logic-Girl Crush
More Fiends-Message Is The Same
Strapping Field Hands-Row
O’ Mighty Isis-Sparkle
Meth 25-Psychotic Rhonda
Double Penetration-Scitzophelia
Zonic Shockum-Labor
Via Satellite-Molecule
Temple Of Bon Matin-Orenacht
Mothra-Almost Human.
Underraga-What Is A Number
MediaFire Zip