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Ruin Live from St. Mary’s and WXPN


Basically I’m starting this blog to share some bands from the Philly scene and some live recordings I’ve made. I decided to steal a title of a Ruin song as the name of the blog simply because Ruin is Philly’s best band (then, now and perhaps ever).
Ruin was always an amazing band to see live and just stood out from the rest of the bands in the 80’s hardcore scene. I’m not really very good at writing about music (I much rather just listen to it) but I’ll try.
The best way I can think of to explain why Ruin was the best band is Philly was when I saw that Ruin was playing I looked forward to that show as much as any touring band that maybe only came to Philly once a year or maybe even once ever. I’m not sure how many times I saw them but I can’t remember a bad show. At the three reunion shows from 1996 (?) it was hard to believe that it was a reunion except that everyone came out of the woodwork’s to be there and Ruin were great.
I’m not going to try to explain it if you haven’t listened to them check out this live stuff I put up here or go to their site:
I have two live Ruin shows and I did my best to split it up and label the songs (if I’m wrong on any please let me know)

Live on XPN

Dinosaur Love
Baby Doll
China & Rule Worshipper
Life After Life
He’s Got A Raygun
Playing With Fire


Live @ St Mary’s 11-17-1987

Life After Life
Famous Blue Raincoat
He Ho – Laudiums
Search And Destroy – Master Song – By The By
Turning Over
Make Believe
Taster – Alarm – GreatDivide
China – Rule Whorshipper
One Of Us Cannot Be Wrong
White Rabbit

download-St Mary’s

The Pictures were taken by Pete Emerick at one of the Roc Shows from the mid-80’s.
The flyers are mostly from a CD-ROM compilation of flyers called Artifacts of the Improbable by James Lewes.


Thanks a million, man. This is beautiful. It’s has always bugged me how little credit and attention Philadelphia bands have received over the years. So, thanks, Mike.

That ending to Search and Destroy gives me the shivers. Time’s bloody fingers work tapestries of grace.

May your blog prosper!

Let us bow our heads:

They say love, and make such dainty distinctions.
If they had seen the fire,
could they name it flame by flame?
One moment of madness, their minds would be a ruin.
I pray for them all:
Ruin them before they die!


Hello Mike! Great website. It all looks great. I am always incredibly pleased to locate some obscure live recording of a Ruin… show. Can’t wait to listen to the clips. Thanks for the effort and incredibly cool website. I look forward to continuing to visit. PS I couldn’t sleep last night cause I was so excited about this.

This is AWESOME! Thanks for posting it!
I vow that I’m going to get off my butt and digitize the 1996 reunion show at Ruba Hall. It’s a crappy camcorder recording, but I still have the tape. Hopefully it didn’t disintegrate yet.

Hello johnpaul125. Any movement on the digitalization of the Ruba Hall show? I’d love to buy a copy from you! Keep my posted.