Kitschchao, Philly bands, Temple of Bon Matin, Underagga

Kitschchao, Temple of Bon Matin & Underagga -WKDU Band Bash

Seven videos I shot with a pixelvision kids camcorder from a WKDU Band Bash with Kitschchao, Temple of Bon Matin and Underagga.
I only made a few videos with this camera (I’ll put up the Fugazi ones later) but for those who aren’t familiar with it Fisher Price put this out as a camcorder for kids. It recorded the video (and audio) on regular cassette tapes (about 5 minutes on each side of a 90 minute audio tape) The results were a very artsy grainy black n white. These tapes were kind of old when I finally figured out how to get them first on a regular video tape and then digitalize later. More on Pixel Camcorder

As for the bands I could only identify one song which was Kitchchao covering Riverbottom Nightmare Band from Emmet Otter’s Jug-band Christmas. So if anyone can identify any of the other songs let me know and I’ll update them. (Correction- 2nd Kitschao is White Boy and 3rd is Just Like Always / The Message – Thanks Dave) The flyer for the show June 12th so I’m guessing this was probably 1993.


Temple of Bon Matin

Most of these bands broke up (I think) within a year or two of this show but the members all went on to play in other bands here are links to a few of them:
Doomed to Obscurity
Plastic Crimewave Sound
Grisly Fiction

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I have to find them, but I *should* have audio cassettes of this show. I know at least one band’s set is missing, but I am 99.9% sure Kitschchao was recorded.