Ken @ the Fire


Videos from a Ken show at the Fire on March 20th 2010. My best guess is Ken has been around now for over 15 years. Going through many different singers and drummers in the early days until the current lineup that has been together for at least 10 years now. They released one 7″ and two cd’s (you should buy them here) Ken doesn’t play out much these days but when they do it’s worth the wait. I’m not very good at describing music and I can’t think of another band that Ken sounds like so just check it out. Also go to the I Like Ken Website. (I tried to fix the audio on the videos but it’s still a little crackly. My flip style video camera I discovered does not have a volume control and it recorded a little too loud.) I also included a video for the song “Happy Suicide” directed by Paul Hazlett and the audio files are below all the videos.



Ken – Happy Suicide


Ken – Punk Rock Block


Ken – Snowflake


Ken – Evil Snake


Ken – Sweaty Psalms


Ken – James Bond Brown


Ken- Boys Who Rock


Ken – 08-38″24″28″ Hike


Video for “Happy Suicide” off the new album Silky Smooth Destruction
directed by Paul Hazlett


Audio files

01 – Happy Suicide
02 – Punk Rock Block
03 – Snowflake
04 – Evil Snake
05 – Sweaty Psalms
06 – James Bond Brown
07 – Boys Who Rock
08 – 38″24″28″ Hike
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