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Dinosaur -Live WKDU Band Bash 05/14/88

Here is the first of my live tapes this one is from a WKDU band bash from May, 14 1988. It was a great show with Scab Cadillac (I plan on putting up their 7″and album sometime later), Bullet LaVolta (from Boston right after their first ep) and Flower (from New York – members of Flower later formed Versus) all opening up for Dinosaur. This show was after You’re Living All Over Me but Pre-Bug and Lou Barlow’s departure. I’m really not sure why I didn’t tape the entire show but at least I have the Dinosaur part. I might have only had one tape with me – I was supposed to interview Dinosaur for KDU but they showed up in a beat up station wagon and barely said a word so I skipped the interview (Plus SST did not tell them about the interview anyway). Here it is:

01 Severed Lips

02 In A Jar

03 Kracked

04 The Lung

05 Lose

06 Does It Float

07 Sludgefeast

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