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Autistic Behavior – Live Kater St. 8/7/82



This video is from an impromptu outdoor show in Philly back in 1982. Autistic Development only got through about 5 songs and then the cops busted up the show. Instead of me explaining check out this pdf with two zine articles (Savage Pink & Die Young) talking about it Click Here to see the pdf They had two tracks on the Get Off My Back comp and recorded an album which was never released. To get that go to Noise Addiction.

Thanks again to Pete at for the beta tapes and Bret (Noise Addiction) for the info and zines.



Autistic Behavior – 8/7/82 Kater St btwn 5th & 6th streets


Audio files

01 – TV Messiah
02 – PowerHead
03 – Hell Away From Hell & Perfect Order
04 – Killer Forces
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  1. Lenny Bandoch says:

    AUTISTIC BEHAVIOR were the Killer NJ Hardcore band that called Philly home. They ruled the scene & opened for all the big touring bands along with headlining their own shows. They wipped every crowd into a pit frenzy. They once played at Kelly Greens Birthday Party in Blackwood NJ & the nice green yard became a mud pit, then we all jumped into the pool. Kellys Mom promptly threw us all out! An AB’s Frenzy for sure!

  2. admin says:

    The title of the second song is PowerHead Thanks Wayne

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