5 Story Fall, Fabulous Fondas, Homo Picnic, M-Factor, Oblivion, Philly bands

WKDU Band Bash October 5th 1985 (Homo Picnic, 5 Story Fall, Oblivion, Fabulous Fondas, M-Factor)

WKDU Band BashWKDU free band bash from October 1985. There were a lot of bands at this show – most of the Video is of Homo Picnic and 5 Story Fall but there is also some of Oblivion, M Factor, and I think Fabulous Fondas. Apparently more bands where going to play (Dead Milkmen plus others) but the company doing the sound and/or Drexel security pulled the plug. At the end of the 2nd Homo Picnic clip there is a short interview with them. I just realized I forgot to try and figure out the song titles (if anyone knows them please add them in a comment) Also if anyone has the 5 Story Fall or Doctor At Tree demos please let me know it would be great to put those up.

Thanks to Val for the video


Homo Picnic – 01 WKDU Band Bash October 5, 1985

Homo Picnic – 02 WKDU Band Bash October 5, 1985

5 Story Fall – 01 WKDU Band Bash October 5, 1985

5 Story Fall – 02 WKDU Band Bash October 5, 1985

Oblivion, Fabulous Fondas & M-Factor – WKDU Band Bash October 5, 1985

Audio files

5 Story Fall – 01
5 Story Fall – 02
5 Story Fall – 03
5 Story Fall – 04
5 Story Fall – 05
5 Story Fall – 06
Fabulous Fondas – 01
Homo Picnic – 01
Homo Picnic – 02
Homo Picnic – 03
Homo Picnic – 04
Homo Picnic – 05
Homo Picnic – 06
M Factor – 01
Oblivion – 01
Oblivion – 02

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Wow, thanks for posting this! Brings back memories. The Oblivion songs are Magic Theatre and Judgement Day (which is cut off in the video). The guy introducing Oblivion is the infamous Lou Perfidio. We really wanted to play this show but the folks at WKDU wouldn’t allow it. It was the first show with new lineup around the time we were starting to get good. We literally had to force our way on stage and with the help of friends in Homo Picnic got to play a short set. WKDU pulled the plug after a few songs!