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Blondie – Walnut Street Theater

Blondie live from the Walnut Street Theater in Center City Philly, T-Rex cover with Johnnyh Thunders on the last track.

Walnut Street Theater, Philadelphia 11-06-78

01 – X-Offender
02 – Hanging on the Telephone
03 – Picture This
04 – 11;59
05 – Pretty Baby
06 – Your Presence Dear
07 – Sunday Girl
08 – Denis
09 – Im on the E
10 – Im Gonna Love You
11 – One Way Or Another
12 – Get it on [With Johnny Thunders]

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Blondie Philly 78

Fleshtones – London Victory Club, Philadelphia 9-28-82

Garage rock superheroes The Fleshtones Live from the London Victory Club in Philly on 9-28-82 – Tape is good quality from a radio broadcast not sure what station.
Thanks for the tape files Brett Noise Addiction II
01-Captivate Me
03-Screamin Skull
04-Ride Your Pony
05-Shadow Line
06-Sting Ray Dancers
07-The Drag
08-Whats So New (About You)
09-Ive Gotta Change My Life
10-Boss Hoss
11-All Around the World
12-Burnin Hell
13-Roman Gods
14-Nobody But Me
15-Vindicators Theme
16-Time Has Come Today
17-Stop Foolin Around

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D Generation

D Generation
D Generation was a Glam/Punk/Rock band originally around from 1991-1999 Jesse Malin is the singer who is now a well known solo artist. Jesse and guitarist Danny Sage were in the New York Hardcore band Heart Attack who released a couple of records in the early 1980s. The bass player was Howie Pyro who in 1978-79 was in a New York Punk band called The Blessed.(with the late Walter Lure) and Michael Wildwood on drums
Here are three live tapes from the mid-90s from Barbary, Dobbs & Khyber.
Thanks for the tape files Brett Noise Addiction II


Barbary, Philadelphia 11-06-92

01 – No Way Out
02 – Guitar Mafia
03 – Feel Like Suicide
04 – Vampire Nation
05 – Soda Jerk
06 – Wasted Years
07 – Frankie
08 – Degenerated


J.C. Dobbs, Philadelphia 3-27-93

01 – Wasted Years
02 – Feel Like Suicide
03 – No Way Out
04 – Working on the Avenue
05 – Frankie
06 – Vampire Nation
07 – Degenerated


Khyber Pass, Philadelphia 6-11-94

01 – Frankie
02 – Stealin Time
03 – No Way Out
04 – Feel Like Suicide
05 – Sins of America
06 – Vampire Nation
07 – Degenerated

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Waldos – Live JC Dobbs

Walter Lure – guitar/vocals, Joey Pinter – guitar, Tony Coiro – bass/vocals, Charlie Sox – drums

Walter Lure is most well known for being a member of Johnny Thunders & The Heartbreakers from 1975 to 1977, plus re-union shows in the years after. In 1978 and 1979 he played in The Blessed with future D Generation member Howie Pyro. That band released one single before Walter left. In 1980 he started a band named the Heroes with his brother Richie Lure on guitar, Billy Rath, from Heartbreakers, on bass and Billy Rogers, who backed Johnny Thunders in the 1980s and Dee Dee Ramone in the 1990s, on drums. The Heroes lasted until about 1983 but never released anything. It was during this time that Walter wrote many of the songs that would be played and recorded by the Waldos for their Rent Party CD released in 1994. It should be noted that in 1978 Walter recorded two songs, with friends, that he wrote for the Heartbreakers and these songs were released as a single in France under the band name The Heroes in 1983. Joey Pinter and Tony Coiro played in the New York Punk band The Knots who released one single in 1980. Tony Coiro also played bass backing up Johnny Thunders and in a couple Heartbreakers re-unions during the 1980s. Charlie Sox played in a new line up of The Blessed who released a 12″ep in 1985. In the early 1990s The Waldos played often in Philadelphia and always at J.C.Dobbs. The songs Glad To Be Alive was an unreleased Knots song. The version of Stand By Me was sung by Tony Coiro and wasn’t recorded in a studio before he died in 1995.

J.C. Dobbs, Philadelphia 1-25-92

01 – Love That Kills
02 – Take a Chance
03 – Cry Baby
04 – Youll Never Get Away From Me
05 – Born to Lose
06 – Party Lights
07 – Crazy Little Baby
08 – Cant Keep My Eyes on You
09 – Im Glad to Be Alive
10 – Where Were You on My Wedding Day
11 – Stand By Me
12 – Too Much Junkie Business
13 – Do You Love Me!
14 – One Track Mind
15 – Chinese Rocks

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Tape cover

The Deliriants were three former members of The Endorphins with a couple friends helping out. After The Endorphins broke up the three guys decided to stay together and do this cover band for fun and earn a bit of money out of it. Their set consisted of ’60s Garage classics plus a few Punk songs for fun. They played a few shows during 1984. This one was recorded through the soundboard. The exact location and date are lost but it took place in a barn somewhere outside of Philadelphia.


01. Night Time
02. Goo Goo Muck
03. Shape Of Things To Come
04. Unchain My Heart
05. Little Girl
06. title unknown
07. I Can’t Make It On Time
08. California Sun
09. I Fought The Law
10. Secret Agent Man
11. title unknown
12. What’s Going On (Inside My Head)
13. Hanky Panky
14. Pipeline
15. Homework
16. These Boots Are Made For Walking
17. The Wanderer
18. Tonight
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2.5 Children Inc. – Good Mourning America tape

Tape Cover

West Chester PA band tape from 1992. It’s two sides of live shows from Philly and Pittsburgh, both recorded on a boombox from the audience.


side a – Blackhole, Philadelphia 1-05-92

01. Sisters Of Mercy bit
02. Out Of Sight Out Of Mind
03. Five
04. Technology Baby
05. Anti-Man
06. Fundamentally Demented Americanisms
07. Allergic To Humans
08. Poison Love
09. Guilded Rage
10. Gabe’s Song
11. Bonus For Screaching Weasel
12. Last Rockers
13. -dialogue-
14. Anti-Man
15. College Boy
16. Paint It Black

side b

side b – Upstage, Pittsburgh 12-07-91

01. Scottcracedia (Upstage, Pittsburgh 12-07-91)
02. Out Of Sight Out Of Mind
03. Anti-Man (cut)
04. Poison Love
05. Five
06. Allergic To Humans
07. Guilded Rage
08. Coffee Dogs
09. Thought Police
10. Someone’s Gonna Die
11. Gabe’s Song
12. Bonus For Necracedia
13. Paint It Black
14. Universal Healer

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Hawkwind – Ambler Cabaret 11-30-90

Dave Brock

Legendary space rock of Hawkwind live from Ambler Cabaret, Ambler PA on 11-30-90.

Lineup for this show:
Dave Brock – guitar, keyboards, vocals
Alan Davey – bass, synthesizer, vocals
Richard Chadwick – drums
Bridget Wishart – vocals

Thanks for the tape files Brett Noise Addiction II


01 – Needle Gun
02 – The Golden Void
03 – Ejection
04 – Wings
05 – Out of the Shadows
06 – Night of the Hawk
07 – Title Unknown
08 – T.V. Suicide
09 – Back in the Box
10 – Hassan I Sahba
11 – Images
12 – Reefer Madness

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Rocket 69

Rocket 69

After Mudd Helmut Dan-O formed Rocket 69 with ex More Fiend Ron Kitagawa. Rock Koplin on guitar and Scott Schuppert on drums. This post has 2 of their Philly shows from the Khyber and Upstairs at Nick’s. Rocket 69 release a cd Demolition Diary on Snake Oil Recording and a split 7″ with Dion Blade & The New Kings Of Rock.
Thanks for the tape files Brett Noise Addiction II

Nick's tape

Upstairs At Nick’s, Philadelphia 6-16-95

01. Mama’s Boy
02. Horsin’
03. Just Kill Me
04. Stop This Planet
05. White & Uptight
06. Somebody’s Going To Get There Head Kicked In Tonight
07. Detroit Rock City

Khyber tape

Khyber Pass, Philadelphia 8-12-95

01. Negative Way
02. Search To Destroy
03. Wanna Be
04. Everything Is Fine
05. Mama’s Boy
06. Horsin’
07. Just Kill Me
08. Stop This Planet
09. Freaks
10. White & Uptight
11. Somebody’s Going To Get There Head Kicked In Tonight
12. Rock ‘n’ Roll All Night
13. Detroit Rock City

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Mudd Helmut

Mudd Helmut
2 Live shows from JC Dobbs in 1992 by Richmond VA band Mudd Helmet. There is not a lot of info about them online but it looks like Mudd Helmut broke up in 1993 after releasing one 7″ and one tape (1990).
Thanks for the tape files Brett Noise Addiction II

Live JC Dobbs 4-23-1992

01. Give Me Sensation
02. Wired
03. Doomsday In Hell
04. Between The Lines
05. Riding Jeanies Brain
06. title unknown
07. La La La
08. Somebody’s Gonna Get Their Head Kicked In
09. NYC Mourning
10. This Ain’t No Promised Land
11. title unknown
12. What’s Your Name

Live JC Dobbs 6-11-1992

01. Sometimes I Feel
02. title unknown
03. title unknown
04. Doomsday In Hell
05. Give Me Sensation
06. Somebody’s Gonna Get Their Head Kicked In
07. title unknown
08. La La La
09. This Ain’t No Promised Land
10. I’ve Been Gone So Long
11. Something’s Gotta Give
12. What’s Your Name

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Original Sins

Original Sins

Two shows from the 1980s Garage revival legends. Original Sins formed 1985 in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.and continued through much of the 1990s releasing many records. The Khyber show was without their keyboard player. Both shows were recorded from the audience and have good sound quality.
Can anyone fill in the song titles?
They have a facebook page here.
Also defiantly check out Brother JT’s records on his site or bandcamp and the two other current bands RunHideFight & Suffacox mach2 (original Suffacox led by the late & legendary Wayne Hamilton) he is in.
Thanks for the tape files Brett Noise Addiction II

New York City 1988

01. title unknown
02. title unknown
03. title unknown
04. title unknown
05. Why You Love Me So
06. title unknown
07. Tearing Me In Two

Khyber Pass, Philadelphia 11-25-94

01. Ego
02. title unknown
03. title unknown
04. title unknown
05. Saturday
06. Sorrow [McCoys]
07. No Matter What [Badfinger]
08. title unknown
09. title unknown
10. title unknown
11. Making Time [Creation]
12. Original Sins
13. Juicy Fruit
14. Stupefied
15. All I Have To Do Is Dream [Everly Brothers]
16. title unknown
17. title unknown
18. Mary, Mary [Monkees]
19. Not Gonna Be All Right
20. Sugar Sugar [Archies]
21. title unknown
22. title unknown

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