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Pay Attention – Lee Paris Benefit Show

Pay Attention video from the Lee Paris/PCHA benefit show – Houston Hall, U of Penn 05/03/86

Mid 80’s Philadelphia band – The band recorded one album, Klub Blaues Licht, released on their own Diana Sound Recordings label.

The band was:
Ern Schutzenhofer / Bass Guitar
Brian Shaw / Drums
Kell Allen / Guitar and Vocals
Dan Mason / Guitar and Vocals

Electric Love Muffin – Live Tapes

Live Tapes of Electric Love Muffin recorded and given to me by Don Sheluga (Thanks Don!). I will add more as I split up the tracks and figure out the titles (when I can)

Houston Hall Auditorium – Penn 09/16/1989

01 – All Fools Dance
02 – A Better Song – Late Nights Early Mornings – Down Easy
03 – Unknown
04 – Unknown
MediaFire Zip of all files

Bacchanal 01/20/89.

01 – I Aims to Please
02 – Sperm of the Moment
03 – Diamonds & Glass
04 – Not So Perfect Stranger
05 – Mr Softy’s Wild Ride
06 – Unknown
07 – Islands in the Sun / Blackness That Could Be Blue
08 – Unknown
09 – A Better Song
10 – Late Nights- Early Mornings
11 – Down Easy
12 – Drunk & Horny
13 – I’m a Man
14 – Venus
15 – Get Ready
16 – I Got a Line
17 – I Don’t Mind
18 – Muffin March
19 – Highway Star
20 – The Revolution Comes to North Street

MediaFire Zip of all files

The Fluid – Khyber Pass 5/22/90 (audio) JC Dobbs (video)

The Fluid great Sub Pop band from Denver which formed in 1985, disbanded in 1993.  I saw them a few times ( definitely the Dobbs show most likely the Khyber one as well.)  Great live band.


Khyber Pass 5/22/90

01. Hooked
02. It’s My Time
03. Try Try Try
04. Human Mill
05. Much to Much
06. Candy
07. Twisted & Pissed
08. Black Glove
09. Big Bother
10. Closet Case
11. Cold Outside
12. Hall Of Mirrors
13. Is It Day
14. Saccharine Rejection
15. Static Cling
16. Girl Bomb
17. Kick Out The Jams
MediaFire Zip of all files

JC Dobbs Philadelphia

Scram – Live Tapes

Live Tapes of Scram recorded and given to me by Don Sheluga (Thanks Don!).
I will add more as I split up the tracks and figure out the titles (where I can)

Arch Street Empire- 05/26/1989

00 – Intro
01 – Here Tonight
02 – Whose Side You’re On
03 – Forward- Onward
04 – Passing Me By
05 – Listen to Your Momma
06 – Cant Get Over It.
07 – Power
08 – Don’t Run Away
09 – But It’s Alright
10 – Piece of the Pie
11 – Imagine
12 – (Band Intros) Whose Side You’re On
13 – Fire
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Poor Girls – Lee Paris Benefit Show – 05/03/86

Poor Girls video from the Lee Paris/PCHA benefit show – Houston Hall, U of Penn 05/03/86

In 1982, Ricky Lee and an Indiana friend, Kenny O. Williams, founded Poor Girls as an artistic tribal collective, as prolific with paintbrushes as with beatnik punk songwriting. Playing frequently at Tewligans, the Beat clubs and the few other Louisville venues available, Poor Girls became focused as a 4-piece rock outfit, releasing one cassette and one album of unique tunes, recorded at Jeff Carpenter’s Real to Reel studios. In addition to Ricky Lee’s bass and Kenny O.’s vocals, Chuk Baxter (that’s me) played guitar and Barry Stucker drummed. Other occasional participants in the noise included Roea Wallace on pots, pans & kitchen chairs, and Pierre Vendette on sax. The group moved to Philadelphia in 1985 seeking East Coast opportunities and an eventual chance to go play Amsterdam. The band shared stages with groups as diverse as the quirky Violent Femmes and the hard-rocking UK Subs and Big Black. Unfortunately, Poor Girls left another recording project unfinished and unmixed in Philly when they broke up in late 1986. From Louisville Music News site

Thanks to Flipo from the Excuses for the video.

Gang War & John Cale – Emerald City 05/06/80

In 1979, Johnny Thunders, legendary Heartbreakers and New York Dolls guitarist, teamed up with Wayne Kramer, also legendary guitarist of Detroit’s seminal MC5, to form Gang War, an alliance that lasted the best part of a year.
On May 6, 1980 Gang War played Emerald City in Cherry Hill NJ with legendary ex Velvet Underground founderJohn Cale. Unfortunately there was only 2 and half songs of John Cale’s set on the tape.

Gang War

Gang War- 01 – I’ll Go Crazy
Gang War- 02 – Ramblin’ Rose
Gang War – 03 – MIA
Gang War – 04 – Ten Commandments of Love
Gang War – 05 – Harder They Come
Gang War – 06 – I’d Rather Be With the Boys
Gang War – 07 – Pain
Gang War – 08 – Looking for a Kiss
Gang War – 09 – Do You Love Me

John Cale

John Cale – 01 – Walking the Dog
John Cale – 02 – Baby You Know
John Cale – 03 – Dead Or Alive(Partial)
MediaFire Zip of all files

Thanks to Flipo from the Excuses for the files

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