SS Decontrol – Buff Hall, Camden 11-20-82

Buff Hall Flyer

Happy Belated Buff Hall Day (11-20) to all the people lucky enough to have been at that show. I saw lots of fb posts about the anniversary of that show and since I recently got these files (Thanks Brett) I wanted to get this up as soon as I could. So here they are- Boston’s SSD (Society System Decontrol) Live at the famously insane Buff Hall show in Camden. It was an amazing lineup – Minor Threat, SS Decontrol, Agnostic Front, along with Crib Death and F.O.D. from Philly. Added to all that it was F.O.D.’s first show ever. It was before my time in Philly and big of my list of shows I regret not being at. Scroll down for links to some great books with first hand stories from the show.

01 – No Reply
02 – Get it Away
03 – Boiling Point
04 – Police Beat
05 – Nothing Done
06 – Glue
07 – Under the Influence
08 – Whos to Judge
09 – How Much Art
10 – Force Down Your Throat
11 – Fight Them
12 – Headed Straight
13 – X – Claim
14 – Fun to You
15 – The End

MediaFire Zip of all files


For first hand stories about this show and much more get Nancy Barile’s book “I’m Not Holding Your Coat: My Bruises-and-All Memoir of Punk Rock Rebellion” and George Hurchalla’s Going Underground: American Punk 1979–1989.

Also more on the show, including an interview with Ian MacKaye, from the Double Cross online fanzine.

Go Go’s – Emerald City, 8-31-81

Go Go's

The Go Go’s from Emerald City in Cherry Hill. This show was on August of 81 less than 2 months after Beauty and the Beat was released and they got big in the mainstream.

01 – Skidmarks on My Heart
02 – How Much More
03 – Tonite
04 – Fading Fast
05 – London Boys
06 – Cool Jerk
07 – Automatic
08 – Lust to Love
09 – Cant Stop the World
10 – This Town
11 – Vacation
12 – You Cant Walk in Your Sleep (If You Cant Sleep)
13 – Our Lips Are Sealed
14 – Lets Have a Party
15 – We Got the Beat
16 – Surfing and Spying
17 – Beatnik Beach

MediaFire Zip of all files

Bailterspace – Khyber – Oct 28 1992


John Halvorsen Brent McLachlan & Alister Space Bailterspace
(formerly members of the Gordons) from Christchurch, New Zealand played all sorts in NZ and would later tour the world USA EUROPE Bailterspace are clearly a distinct entity, their sound dense and imposing beautiful
This is a show I taped from the Khyber in October of 1992 They almosgt only played 4 songs but got called back to do 3 more songs.
Go to their bandcamp page for very many releases from them.

01 – Skin
02 – We Know
03 – Unseen
04 – Fused
05 – The Aim
06 – Robot World
07 – Be on Time

MediaFire Zip of all files

Buzzcocks – Emerald City 11-22-80

Buzzcocks Live from Emerald City Cherry Hill NJ on November 22nd 1980. It was their 2nd US tour and their 2nd time playing Emerald City.

01 – Why Shes the Girl From the Chain Store
02 – What Do I Get
03 – Fast Cars
04 – Fiction Romance
05 – Harmony in My Head
06 – Everybodys Happy Nowadays
07 – Lipstick
08 – Ever Fallen in Love
09 – Somethings Gone Wrong Again
10 – Airwaves Dream
11 – Strange Thing
12 – Noise Annoys
13 – What Do You Know
14 – I Believe
15 – Love Battery
16 – Times Up
17 – Love You More
18 – Oh Shit
19 – Boredom

MediaFire Zip of all files

The Jam – Emerald City NJ 2-27-80

Jam button
The Jam from Emerald City, Cherry Hill NJ on Feb. 27, 1980. Looking it up this was actually on their 4th (or 6) tour of the US. They played the Tower Theater before this in the 2nd & 3rd tours in 78 & 79. One of the bands I really wish I would have gotten to see live. If we can every see bands again and the Bruce Foxton & Rick Buckler version of the Jam comes around I would probably go even without Paul Weller.

01 – Burning Sky
02 – Thick as Theives
03 – Its Too Bad
04 – The Dreams of Children
05 – Mr. Clean
06 – The Butterfly Collector
07 – Private Hell
08 – Little Boy Soldiers
09 – Smithers – Jones
10 – Going Underground
11 – To Be Someone (Didnt We Have a Nice Time)
12 – The Eton Rifles
13 – Strange Town
14 – When Youre Young
15 – Down in the Tube Station at Midnight
16 – All Mod Cons
17 – David Watts

MediaFire Zip of all files

No 2 Nippy

No 2 Nippy
No 2 Nippy’s 7 inch Delicious from 1994. Mid 90’s Philly band that that I saw many times including when they opened up for Bikini Kill at a KDU band bash. The band was Kristin Hurst (drums), Jill Macdowell (guitars & vocals) & Tammy Bonn (Vocals & Bass). The side A song  One lil Dukie reminds me of one of my favorite bands of that time Babes in Toyland.  Tiny Thumbs is more of a noisy pop song with the 2nd song going back towards the style of the side A song.

A – One lil Dukie
B1 – Tiny Thumbs
B2 – Candy

MediaFire Zip of all files

Teen Angel Hearts

Expo 67

Teen Angel Hearts were Patrick Rands and Wendy who were from Needham Massachusetts. In 1993 both of them came to Pennsylvania to go to college. Patrick went to Albright College in Reading and Wendy went to Bryn Mawr College. Along with Caleb Smith (Little Things Break) who was going to Albright as well together the three of them formed a band called Driver UFO (with a drummer named Kurt). Driver UFO released three 7 inchers and a mini-LP in 1993-1994. As I was making this post I noticed that they had this tape up on bandcamp so you can check it out there.

Expo 67 (1995)

GWAR from Revival 7/6/89

GWAR live from Revival on July 6, 1989.

Serial Killers and TAD opened the show.

Gwar Flyer

Check out their live stream tonight
Scumdogs XXX Live! The 30th Anniversary reunion show of Scumdogs of the Universe
Puny humans!
GWAR, the greatest live band In the universe will unleash Scumdogs XXX Live! The 30th Anniversary reunion show of the shock rock classic Scumdogs of the Universe Presented by Liquid Death and Metal Injection. This is a full uncensored GWAR concert streamed LIVE only at October 30th at 8 pm EST, pre-show starting at 6 pm EST. This show will be available on demand until November 15th. Miss it at your peril!

Gwar Flyer
Thanks Pete at Sounds of Tomorrow for the beta tapes.

Marginal Man – West Catty, Catasauqua PA 4-12-86


Marginal Man (along with GI & Scream) was one of the few DC Discord bands of the mid-80s to tour regularly. This is a live tape from West Catty in 86 with Last Stand and Last Cry and No Deodorant opening for them.


01 – Linger in the Past
02 – Strange Feeling
03 – Mainstream
04 – Turn the Tables [Power Outtage Version]
05 – Turn the Tables (Again)
06 – Torn Apart
07 – Metal Madness
08 – Under a Shadow
09 – Marginal Man
10 – Mind on Hold
11 – Shades of Reason
12 – Someone Cares
13 – What Did She Say!
14 – Friend
15 – Pandora’s Box
16 – Missing Rungs
17 – Mainstream (Instrumental)
MediaFire Zip of all files


Toni Farina took this photo. I think from the God Bullies show

Subtle, Like a brick through your window

I was good friends with the most of the members of Rotgut from before they started, which included 3 KDU DJs and 2 former roommates. I most have seen them at least a dozen or so times  and always had a good time. There is something about seeing bands that you are friends with that just makes it so much better.  It also doesn’t hurt that they played on the same bills will some great bands Alice Donut, God Bullies, Didjits, Blue, Immaculate Hearts just to name a few (see the flyers slideshow below)  I like Bill’s description of Rotgut being  of a cross between Angry Samoans and Black Flag. But judging by the varying descriptions in the  Rotgut Press Release you may have to make up your own mind on which bands to compare  them to. The Press release has lots of 7″ &  show reviews plus an FOE interview. The Original Lineup was Steve “Bobo McGullicuddy” Tiberi (Meister Squad, Rear Admiral) – Vocals, Bill “With Sno Peas” Rude (the Koosmans, Bad Ronald, Stinkbomben, Tons of Nuns, Rear Admiral) – Guitars/Vocals, Stan “Lo Mein” Kemp – Guitars/Vocals (Stinkbomben), Greg “Jim Beam Lobotomy” Licht – Bass/Vocals (Futile Effort, Pulaski Skyway Kids, The Menegels), “sweat & Sour” Frank Giraffe – Drums (Stinkbomben) . Before Greg, Ken “Milton Bradley” Hinchey was on bass. Later, Frank Campbell (Electric Love Muffin, Cave Canem) replaced Frank on Drums. Dan Mys replaced Stan Kemp on Guitar.
They released on 7″ called Peace Love and Sammy and were on the Rave Records comp Don’t Lick the Walls. Those songs as well as live on WFMU and other tracks from all the different lineups are collected here. (see the key below the collection for band and source info)  Thanks for the files, flyers etc  Bill



01 – Rotgut A / 1
02 – No Way Home A / 1
03 – Smash TV A / 2
04 – Hellbent A / 2
05 – Quit The World A / 2
06 – Kill Your Boss A / 3
07 – Awol For Life A / 2
08 – White Castle Sunrise A / 2
09 – Trigger Happy B / 4
10 – Drink Yourself To Death B / 4
11 – Catfight B / 4
12 – Fun and Games Attitude B / 4
13 – Everyone’s An Asshole C / 5
14 – Lap of Luxury C / 5
15 – Stiff Neck A / 2
16 – Gas Chamber A / 2
17 – Steak Knife A / 2
18 – Wasted C / 5
19 – King Richard C / 5
20 – Whiskey Brawl C / 6
21 – Rat Fucker C / 6
22 – Drive Thru C / 6
23 – Mr Soundman C / 6
24 – Kill Your Boss (alt) C / 5
25 – Quit the World (alt) D / 7
MediaFire Zip of all files


A. Steve “Bobo McGullicuddy” Tiberi – Vocals
Bill “With Sno Peas” Rude – Guitars/Vocals
Stan “Lo Mein” Kemp – Guitars/Vocals
Greg “Jim Beam Lobotomy” Licht – Bass/Vocals
“Sweat & Sour” Frank Giraffe – Drums
B. Frank Campbell – Drums (replacing Frank Giraffe)
C. Dan Mys – Guitar (replacing Stan Kemp)
D. Ken “Milton Bradley” Hinchey – Bass (pre Greg Licht)

1. 7″ Potty Queen Records Produced by David Lowe March 1990 Released June 1990
2. Live on WFMU 2/28/91 – Pat Duncan Program
3. Please Don’t Lick the Walls – Produced by David Lowe – December 1990 – February 1991
4. Demo recorded at Rave Records Summer 1991
5. Demo recorded at Temple Fall 1991
6. Demo recorded by Art Difuria Fall 1992
7. First Practice July 1989 – Ken Hinchey’s house Penndel, PA

Rot Gut @ The Trocadero 4 11 92

Songs: No Way Home & Fun And Games Attitude

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