Jean-Paul Sartre Experience – JC Dobbs 7/27/93

The Jean-Paul Sartre Experience, later renamed JPS Experience after a lawsuit by the estate of Jean-Paul Sartre, were part of the 2nd wave of New Zealand’s Flying Nun Records Bands. I first heard them through their song Flex which was on the I’m In Love with These Times compilation and video comp. It was unlike any of the other bands on that and really stood out. They had a wide variety of sounds over their 3 albums and many eps. Most (maybe all?) is collected in I Like Rain: The Story Of The Jean-Paul Sartre Experience
My tape has no information on it but I believe this show was at JC Dobbs – part of the Noisyland tour with The Bats and Straitjacket Fits on July 27, 1993.


Big Takeover interview
Bandcamp Page

Live JC Dobbs 7/27/93

01 – Slip
02 – Spaceman
03 – Into You
04 – Elemental
05 – Kickback
06 – Block
07 – Flex
08 – Bleeding Star
09 – Up in the Sky
10 – Crush

MediaFire Zip of all files

NYT article

Blue – Good Horse Demo 1st 7″ & Live on WKDU


Blue Started in Athens, Ohio and then they moved to Philly post college.
Andrew Shapiro who played drums for Blue in 89-90 sent me these files (Thanks Andrew) I have a copy of the demo and was meaning to digitize it but now I  don’t have to do that. Plus as an added bonus he included 4 songs when they played on Jackie’s show on WKDU and the first 7″.
There other 7 inches and Solid State LP can be found here –
As well as the Blastpheme” (1986) cassette here –

Later lineup for the album and later 7″s was
DaVid LoWe – VoCaLs, GTR
DaN – GTR, moog
P.K. – baSS, VoCaLs
JohN KuTZ – dRuMs

Good Horse Tape

01 – On Mama’s Knee
02 – Hold Tight
03 – In the Cold River
04 – Heart Felt Smokin
05 – Unknown
06 – Moon Light Pussy
07 – 969
08 – Ragdoll
09 – Good Horse

Live on KDU tape

Live on WKDU (12 – 1989)

01 – Detroit
02 – Foxy Lady
03 – Evil Snake
04 -unknown

7 inch cover

Angels On Hogs / Evil Snake 7″

01 – Angels On Hogs
02 – Evil Snake 
MediaFire Zip of all files

Bunnydrums – Lee Paris Benefit – 05/03/86

Philadelphia Band Bunnydrums reunited for the Lee Paris/PCHA benefit show – Houston Hall, U of Penn 05/03/86. Bunnydrums grew out of two early punk bands from the late 70s scene in Philly – the Boneheads and The Autistics. The band was made up of singer/guitarist/saxophone player David Goerk, guitarist/bassist/trombone player Frank Marr, bassist/guitarist Greg Davis and drummer Joe Ankenbrand. The Bunnydrums explored many different phases of music resulting in their own unique sound. For a complete history check out the Last Day Deaf interview
Bunnydrums Bandcamp

9 Fireman 9


9Fireman9 were an industrial noise band from Philly in the early 90’s.  9F9 was Marc Laurick’s band.- Jon Wischmann (Sink Manhatten) played with them too and Steve (King Carcass) said he jammed with them a bit but never played a show with them. Steve remembered them opening for Pussy Galore at the Crypt in West Philly and Jon Spencer heckling them by yelling “Swans rip off” Marc heckled them back with “Sonic Youth rip off”
They released two other tapes IHSV & one just called 9 Fireman 9 which was recorded at a show 5-1-87 at the Philadelphia College Of Art. If anyone has these cassettes I’d love to add them to this post.

02-No Gen W-O
03-Cheval De Bataille
04-Odi Et Amo
06-Dove Serpent & Pig
07-Shit to the Spirit

MediaFire Zip of all files

X – Ripley’s Music Hall 9/3/81 + Interview

X from the Ripley’s Music Hall from the Wild Gift Tour. Sadistic Exploits opened for them. There is a short interview at the end from backstage (I assume.) The Ripley was near 6th and South and the site would later become Tower Records (not sure what’s there today) For more on X around this time see The Making of Wild Gift by A.D. Amorosi.

1 – Los Angeles
2 – Some Other Time
3 – Back 2 the Base
4 – Sugarlight
5 – Nausea
6 – In This House That I Call Home
7 – Real Child Of Hell
8 – We´re Desperate
9 – Beyond And Back
10 – Sex and Dying in High Society
11 – White Girl
12 – Your Phone’s Off The Hook, But You’re Not
13 – How I (Learned My Lesson)
14 – Year 1
15 – Johny Hit And Run Paulene
16 – The World’s a Mess; It’s in My Kiss
17 – Riding With Mary
18 – Soul Kitchen
19 – Interview

Thanks to Flipo from the Excuses for the video.

Ruin – Lee Paris Benefit 5/3/86

Ruin video from the Lee Paris/PCHA benefit show – Houston Hall, U of Penn 05/03/86

1 – Uniform Access Only (live only opening tune)
2 – You
3 – Sounds Unheard
4 – Make Believe
5 – Famous Blue Raincoat
6 – Great Divide
7 – Taster
8 – Proof
9 – A Real Good Time
10 – He Ho
For more Ruin go to their website:
or bandcamp – &
Facebook –

Thanks to Flipo from the Excuses for the video.

Timmy Earlobe (Qual) Band – Practice Tape 1981

Timmy Earlobe – Vocals/Guitar
Matt Rosny – Lead Guitar
Phyllis Rosny – Rhythm Guitar
Eddie Beinlich – Drums

Practice from 1981. Timmy Earlobe was age 15 at the time. The band never had a proper name, only practiced a few times in southwest Philadelphia at 69th Street and Marshall Road and never played a live show.

Timmy Earlobe’s real name is Anthony Jedvabny and in 1983 he started the band Qual who have release 13 albums since then. At various times Qual also featured Pat Ream formerly a member of the Endorphins and Rainy Orteca most recently a member of Joan As Police Woman.

Qual info:
Qual is a Post Industrial Rock/Pop group founded in the early 1980’s, by Singer-Songwriter Anthony Jedvabny. Mr Jedvabny has written and recorded thirteen albums with Qual, as well as solo albums, and has collaborated with many musicians including David E. Williams and Joe DiMattia, formerly of Shaman. The entire Qual catalog is being re-mastered and re-packaged for release worldwide. Some examples of our music can be listened to at:
Members: Anthony Jedvabny, Rosie McNamara, Pat Ream, Charles Cypress, Mark Schreiber, Rainy Orteca. Contributing studio musicians: Dave Falsiani, Jennifer Stahl, Cindy Dolgas, Jennifer Dolgas, Bill DeFelice,
Steve Beskrone, Steve Holloway.
Philadelphia, PA United States

Practice Tape (1981)

01 – California (Simpletones Cover)
02 – Bad Boy
03 – Holiday in the Sun
04 – A Bomb in Wardour Street
05 – Title Unknown
06 – Title Unknown
07 – The Nightmare
08 – Title Unknown
09 – Dance With Me
10 – Title Unknown
MediaFire Zip of all files

Cheetah Chrome Motherfuckers – Kennel Club 08-10-1986

Pisa’s Cheetah Chrome Motherfuckers live from the Kennel Club in 86.
CHEETAH CHROME MOTHERFUCKERS are quite different than any of the
European bands that have already made it to America. They don’t let their music fall into any easy categories. CCM’s discography of records and tapes is extensive in volume and variety. These guys express things musically the way they feel them without regard for the usual conventions-even those of hardcore. Sometimes’ the music borders on symphonic thrash, other times it slows down to the tortured screaming of a fly caught in a spider’s web.
maximum rock and roll #39

Thanks for the tape files & photos Brett Noise Addiction II and for the photos John


01 – Unknown (Partial)
02 – Unknown
03 – Unknown
04 – Unknown
05 – Unknown
06 – Unknown
07 – Enemy in My Head
08 – Unknown
09 – Furious Party
10 – Unknown
11 – Unknown
12 – Tv Eye(Partial)
MediaFire Zip of all files

or listen on Mace Canister Recordings’ Youtube version:

Cheetah Chrome Motherfuckers before they were Cheetah Chrome Motherfuckers:

Crash Course in Science – Lee Paris Benefit 5/3/86

Philadelphia Band Crash Course in Science from the Lee Paris/PCHA benefit show – Houston Hall, U of Penn 05/03/96
The show was a benefit in honor of the recently passed DJ Lee Pairs and proceeds went to the Philadelphia Community Health Alternatives (PCHA) which was a health clinic that served the local lesbian and gay community in the 80’s.
Crash Course in Science are an American post-punk band. The band was formed in 1979 in Philadelphia by Dale Feliciello, Mallory Yago and Michael Zodorozny. They avoided the sounds of conventional instrumentation by using toy instruments and kitchen appliances to augment distorted guitar, drums and synthesised beats.
For more information on Crash Course in Science – see this interview from the Key

Here are two bandcamp pages for a couple of their releases:
Signals From Pier Thirteen
Near Marineland
Situational Awareness
Thanks to Flipo from the Excuses for the video.

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