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Epic Soundtracks Live JC Dobbs

epic soundtracks

Epic Soundtracks was the stage name of the British musician Kevin Paul Godfrey Epic and his brother Niki Sudden (Adrian Nicholas Godfrey) were part of the Swell Maps with Epic playing drums and piano, and “Sudden” on guitar and vocals. After the Swell Mpas broke up Epic played drums for Crime & the City Solution and These Immortal Souls. In 1991, he started his own songwriting career as well as a vocalist and multi-instrumentalist, he released three solo records. He dies of unknown caused in 6 November 1997. I only recorded 4 songs (I’m not sure why)
Updated info (thanks to Mark) this was from a show May 31st 1995 with Mad Scene and Philly band Kavune opening for him.

Flyer JC Dobbs

01 – Tonights the night
02 – Something New Under The Sun
03 – Theres Been A Change in Me
04 – Everybody Else Is Wrong

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crankcase. machine 1 was 1992 – 1995.
rob coye guitars and vocals
marc beck guitar and vocals
rick wright bass and vocals
chuck hanning drums drums and more drums
(the unit continued for a few years with Erwin Michelfelder (of Clabbers fronted Mezmorons’ replacing Marc)
Crankcase hits that spot between SY and fLIPS while sitting alongside Silkworm and Rodan.
the band initially started after a few jam sessions with the trio of Rob Coye, Marc Beck and a pre-Strapping Field Hands Jeff Werner. we had all been friends in our previous bands: Rob’s Grisly Fiction and Marc and Jeff’s Confusion Visits. incidentally, Marc and Jeff’s Vick Logic started at the same exact time

it was apparent that Rob and Marc could display some decent early 90s guitar histrionics, and we decided to become real by adding Grisly Fiction’s first drummer Chuck Hanning along with party companion Rick Wright
we played pretty actively in Philadelphia. notable billings were with US Maple and Babe the Blue Ox and one rousing show at Pi Lam’s Human BBQ with A Place to Bury Strangers
Rick remains active with Phila psych giants Flower Girl (please see their Bandcamp)
Rob Coye did a Grisly Fiction reunion project with gigs and continues playing noise with his Phantom Pilots project as well as instrumental duo Lame Cover Band (2008-forever) and a stints with Steven Cerio’s Small Girl Boils Water (early 2000’s) .
Marc remains retired from musical creativity after projects revelogic and (the) heroics
Chuck enjoys home brewing and jazz combo
please listen to this LOUD. play it LOUD . LOUD. LOUD!!!!
(Thanks for the files and the info -Marc)

crankcase complete studio recordings.
‘Never Apologize or Are You My Friend?’

01 – Glass Rods
02 – You Look Scared Today
03 – Who is Anna Cuisine and Where is the Anarchy Scene
04 – Tech
05 – Capitol Hill Murder Suicide Pact
06 – Part 28
07 – My Left Foot
08 – Violence in Vermont
09 – Willard
10 – The Ever-Widening Circle of Shame
11 – Riverbed
12 – (Putting Away Th Guitars)
13 – 82 Trap

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Swinging Bachelors Of Science


Swinging Bachelors Of Science were a band from Philadelphia Pennsylvania. Larry Bailis – vocals, Jeffrey Slott – Guitar & Vocals, Jonathan Schug- Bass, Eddie Beinlich – Drums. Jeffrey and Larry were first in a band called the Bolivians. When that band split up they continued as The Neo Duo with just guitars and vocals. In 1986 they added drums and bass and the band name was changed to Swinging Bachelors Of Science. The band played all over Philadelphia (Live from Chestnut Cabaret below) and broke up in the spring of 1988 having only released one single (also below).
From Discogs:

Thanks for the mp3 files Brett Noise Addiction II

Single (1987)

01-Bobby Needs a Hobby
02-Blonde Crazy

Chestnut Cabaret, Philadelphia 1987

01-Did You Ever Have to Make Up Your Mind? (Lovin’ Spoonful cover)
02-Bobby Needs a Hobby
04-Im So Mystical
06-Answers No
07-Hands- Hair- Teeth and Nails
09-Leave Me Alone
10-Blonde Crazy
11-Square Air
12-Shimmy Shimmy Ko Ko Bop
13-Let It Out (Let It All Hang Out) (Hombres cover).

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Blondie – Walnut Street Theater

Blondie live from the Walnut Street Theater in Center City Philly, T-Rex cover with Johnnyh Thunders on the last track.

Walnut Street Theater, Philadelphia 11-06-78

01 – X-Offender
02 – Hanging on the Telephone
03 – Picture This
04 – 11;59
05 – Pretty Baby
06 – Your Presence Dear
07 – Sunday Girl
08 – Denis
09 – Im on the E
10 – Im Gonna Love You
11 – One Way Or Another
12 – Get it on [With Johnny Thunders]

MediaFire Zip of all files
Blondie Philly 78


Philly band started in 1983 by Dan McKay on guitar, bass & synth and Paul Della Pelle (Ruin, Helios Creed, Jello Biafra & The Guantanamo School Of Medicine, Nik Turner ) on drums, percussion & vocals as an experimental music performance project. Bassist Clennie “Pop” Lewis was added shortly after then they released this 7″ in 1984. Multi-instrumentalist Doug Hilsinger (Bomb, Gift Horse) on guitar, synth, drums & vocals was added to the group in 1986 to round out the sound and to provide a more dynamic live stage show.
Check out their Reverbnation page, that I stole the band info above from.

A – War Dance
B – Macro Biotic Funk

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M-Fakter – WKDU Band Bash October 5, 1985

Fade To Black / Savage Silence

Savage Silence
Fade To Black and Savage Silence are the same band. They changed their name for reasons I can’t remember. Robin Grey became Robin Graves when she played bass for Serial Killers and the drummer on the Fade To Black tape was Miguel Gonzales who was the original drummer for Sadistic Exploits in 1980-1981.
Thanks for the tape files Brett Noise Addiction II

Fade To Black Cover
Fade to Black – Demo (1985)

01. Voices
02. Crazy World
03. Keepin’ It In
04. Rip It Out

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Savage Silence Cover
Savage Silence – Demo (1985)

01. Red
02. She Lies
03. Rip It Out

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Monkey 101 / Chino



Paul Kowalchuk – Bass, Lead vocals
Arno – Guitar and vocals
Bob Turri – Drums and vocals
Stealing this description from the  Monkey 101 facebook page:
In 1989 a trio of young Philadelphia musicians helped to define the “low-fi” sound with their band Monkey 101. They were part of the Philadelphia rock scene that consisted of a handful of like-minded bands, notably Ashtray and Blue. Their debut single, French Feelings / Now That You Have Left Me, released on the local Siltbreeze record label became an instant classic. Other bands on Siltbreeze at the time, such as Guided by Voices and Sebadoh, were huge fans as well as other contemporary artists including Pavement and Superchunk. While Monkey 101 were mysterious at the time, not playing many high-profile gigs, (perhaps the most important a memorable appearance at the 1990 CMJ convention with Gumball) they have since become a happy distant memory to many fans of independent rock music.
They did, however, record an LP worth of material in 1990. Recorded one weekend in John Oates’s garage in Norristown, PA., David Lowe engineered the recording. This recording session included almost all of Monkey 101’s entire catalogue. Spirited performances abound. This was a band captured at its artistic peak. Thankfully, it looks like soon the LP (Rusts Smut and Heart Rot) will be released by Sister Raygun Records
They also have one track on the Rave comp Please! Don’t Lick The Walls.
For now here are their 2 – 7 Inches:


French Feelings 7″

A – French Feelings
B – Now That You Have Left Me


Transistor 7″

A1 – Transistor
A2 – The Method Of My Machinery
B1 – Kentucky Woman
B2 – The Man Who Sells His Votes
B3 – Burgundy Wine

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Chino was formed in the mid-90’s by ex-Monkey 101 singer, bassist and songwriter Paul K.  Mike Schuldt plays drums while Rob Feeney writes some songs and plays the guitar. Chino has played shows throughout the Philadelphia region with dozens of bands including RunHideFight, Poppy and Jukebox Zeros. Their most notable appearances were opening some shows for Guided by Voices. Paul’s songwriting has been praised by artists as diverse as Alejandro Escovedo to Robert Pollard and now everyone can enjoy these songs.

Best of Firsts by chino

A couple of pictures I took from the Record Exchange 30th anniversary block party plus some flyers & record covers.

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