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Mel’s Rockpile – Live on WKDU 03/17/95

Mel’s Rockpile from Marina’s show on WKDU March, 17, 1995. 00 – Intro 01 – Unknown 02 – Unknown 03 – Providence 04 – Unknown 05 – Sick 06 – Unknown 07 – Unknown 08 – Trestle 09 – Unknown 10 – Unknown 11 – Unknown 12 – Don’t Lie 13 – Outro MediaFire Zip […]

Mel’s Rockpile

Another fun mid 90s Philly band. They played all the Philly venues of the time Frienz Tavern, old Boot & saddle, Clark Park, Khyber, etc. I don’t have as many flyers for 90s bands as I do for 80s put as I find any I will add them to the post. Mel’s RockPile was Matt […]


Emma was led by guitarist/keyboardist/vocalist/songwriter Rick Henderson, who previously led Khyber regulars The Chowderheads. Rick and I first played together after being recruited by Ben Vaughn for his side project The Wipeout Gang (which also led to me playing drums on one of the early Friggs singles because of Ben’s connection to that band). In […]

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