The Meatmen from Longmarch on June 16th 1984. This was the Meatmen after Tesco Vee relocated to DC with Brian Baker and Lyle Preslar of Minor Threat. The show was shortly before the War of the Superbikes album came out. So there are some songs from that album and others from We’re the Meatmen and You Suck & Dutch Hercules. Meatmen put on a great show with something to offend everyone. I don’t know if there really were people offended by the Meatmen but how can you take a band seriously that has a song called Crippled Children Suck. Just good twisted obnoxious fun. To check out all things Tesco Vee and Meatmen go to TESCOVEE.COM

Audio files

01 – Abba God & Me
02 – Mr Tapeworm
03 – Razamanaz
04 – Meat Crimes
05 – War Of The Superbikes
06 – Tooling For Anus
07 – One Down Three To Go
08 – Pillar Of Sodom
09 – Punkerama
10 – Buttocks
11 – God’s Bullies
12 – Cadaver Class
13 – Crippled Children Suck
14 – I’ve Got A Problem
15 – Wine Wenches And Wheel
16 – What’s This Shit Called Love
17 – Lesbian Death Dirge

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