Mike Rep from Siltbreeze night at the Khyber with Temple of Bon Matin, Strapping Field Hands, V-3 and GBV, From the Siltbreeze site: Before there were peckerwoods buzzing about lo-fi, Mike Rep—fed by a love for B-grade horror flicks, (the aforementioned) 13 Floor Elevators, Velvet Undergound, Kim Fowley and (blech!) The Doors—was concocting a mash of home-recorded punk, pop and psychedelia for a few fortunate ears. This isn’t the Sunset Strip or Lower East Side, folks, it’s Grove City, Ohio, a scene ruled by codeine, cannabis and Carling. So be prepared to hunker down with a fuzzy, furry and fried collection of 20-plus years of sound from the vaults of one of America’s most important legends in the flesh. The Creeping Flesh, that is.
Thanks to Mark Lux for the video tape. Thanks to Adam for the song titles.

Audio files

Mike Rep-01-Village Idiot
Mike Rep-02-Out/Rocket to Nowhere/I Resign

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