Straitjacket Fits
Straitjacket Fits sprang from the ashes of the DoubleHappys, a trio (named after a particularly loud brand of firecracker) that formed in Dunedin, New Zealand in the early ’80s. The band members were Shayne Carter, John Collie, David Wood and Andrew Brough. I believe this show is from JC Dobbs but I’m not sure exactly when. Most likely it is from 1993 since it has songs from all of their releases up through Blow. When the Straightjacket Fits broke up Shayne Carter formed Dimmer
Click here for an interview with Shayne Carter from the 80’s New Zealand zine Alley Oop.

Audio files

01 – Missing Presumed Drowned
02 – Done
03 – Train
04 – Let It Blow
05 – She Speeds
06 – APS
07 – Brother’s Keeper
08 – If I Were You
09 – Spacing
10 – Cat Inna Can
11 – Way

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