One video and audio from a show in Bethlehem PA from last November. First time I’ve been back to a show in Leigh Valley in a long long time. Secret Art space was a little tricky to find but once your there is was a very relaxed great place to see a show. Reminded me of going to shows at the astrocade. For a review and pictures of the show check out the nice pooper article I only have video for We Are Heaven due to the video of Zomes and Fursaxa coming out too dark. Plus my flip like jvc video recorder I discovered does not have any volume control. So, I tried to get rid of some of the problems that caused but it’s far from perfect. Also, my apologies to the keyboard player in We Have Heaven for not having him in the video (until the very end kind of), nothing personal just bad camera work. We Have Heaven has a new album out which you can buy here.
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We Have Heaven


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We Have Heaven
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