A Subtle Plague moved to Philly for a while in the mid 80s from upstate New York before moving on to San Francisco. If I remember right the first time I meet them was at an Agitpop show probably at Dobbs. They had just moved here and soon after began playing all the clubs in Philly and very quickly became part of the scene. They had a very unique sound with world-wide influences that was unlike any other local bands at the time. They were defiantly one of my favorite bands to see live at that time. So, I’ve collected three live tapes all from Philly shows – the first two while they were living here and the third from when they returned in 1990. The first is a live tape they released from Bacchanal on October 21st 1987. The 2nd was a Live on WKDU (not sure of the date of this one – also Thanks Jackie & Diego for the tape) The third is from the Khyber on October 22, 1990. (Thanks Don for this one) As a bonus I’ve added a video about A Subtle Plague from Youtube and a couple of flyers, sticker and tape case images below.

Links to the bands releases – Amazon MP3 & Apple Music.

New music is available these days, spawned from the past members of A Subtle Plague under monikers The Durgas featuring Chris & Benji Simmersbach and The Cult Inside My Head with Pat Ryan and Magnus Fleischmann.

Live tape  front
Live tape back

Live Tape (Bacchanal 10-21-87)

01 – Politician
02 – Tourchlight
03 – Hand Sketches View
04 – The Warning Red
05 – 17
06 – Give Your Opinion
07 – Strangest River

Live on WKDU

00 – Soundcheck
01 – Twist
02 – In the City
03 – The Warning Red
04 – All I Can Lose
06 – Politician
07 – Touchlite
08 – Curiously Strange
MediaFire Zip of all files

Live – Khyber Pass 10-22-90

01 – Love Song
02 – America Shops for Truth
03 – Change in Me
04 – Paper Mountains
05 – Strange Sensation
06 – Unknown
07 – Unknown
08 – State Auction
09 – Hand Sketches View
10 – Unknown
11 – Unknown

Inheritance (1989) A Short film about A Subtle Plague By Alexander Berner