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The Boneheads, who were part of the 70’s Philadelphia punk/new wave scene, along with the Sic Kidz, Stickmen, Warm Jets, Autistics, King of Siam, Pure Hell, and others. They played regularly at the Hot Club in Philly, and New York; including CBGBs, Max’s Kansas City and Tier 3. They opened shows for Richard Hell and the Voidoids, B-52’s, Wreckless Eric, The Lurkers, Mission of Burma, Nico, The Feelies, Madness, Necessaries (Chris Spedding), and others. In the summer of 1979, the band entered Starr Recording Studio in Philadelphia, and recorded 4 songs; ‘New Jersey‘, ‘Surfing UFO‘, ‘Adam & Eve‘ and ‘Yesterday‘. Unfortunately, the masters were lost and the tracks never released. Luckily, a cassette of the original recordings was recently discovered. The Boneheads disbanded shortly after morphing into the prolific Philly band, Bunnydrums.

Single 1978-79


Bunnydrums was a highly innovative and influential band that pushed the boundaries of post-punk music. Their unique sound, experimental approach, and introspective lyrics set them apart from their contemporaries. While they may not have achieved mainstream success during their active years, their impact on the alternative music scene cannot be overlooked. Bunnydrums’ legacy lives on through their groundbreaking music and the influence they had on future generations of musicians. To Reptile is a Live 1984 from Unitas Wageningen, Netherlands LP

To Reptile


Bunnydrums- Reunion Show 2006

Bunnydrums reunion show from 2006 at World Cafe Live.
The summer of 2006, Frank Marr and I started to play live shows again with Marc Laurick (bass; 9 Fireman 9, Certain General, King Britt, Byard Lancaster), Howard Harrison (guitar; Martin Bisi) and Michael Mongiello (drums; Scareho). It was Marc Laurick that engineered the return of the band to play live again and we continued to do shows for about another ten years, until Marc’s untimely passing away. In that period, we shared the stage with the Bush Tetras, Certain General, Pure Hell, Richard Lloyd, Stan Ridgway, Note Killers and others. These shows were a lot of fun to play, at one-point Marc arranged to have the great avant-garde saxophonist, Byard Lancaster to sit in with us which was a trip. Greg Davis, Bunnydrums’ original bass player and Joe Ankenbrand (drums), unfortunately, were not available to participate in this reunion. – from the Last Day Deaf interview
Thanks to Flipo from the Excuses for the audio.

01 – Boundaries
02 – Deep in the Heart
03 – Shiver
04 – Closed Eyes
05 – Frozen Hands
06 – Unknown
07 – TV Eye

MediaFire Zip of all files

Various Short Videos

Short video clips I got from Flipo from the Excuses

Flipper – Sex Bomb from Elks Center Mar 12 1982

Executive Slacks – Our Lady

Video from the Our Lady 12″ album

Bunnydrums – Too much time

Video for the Bunnydrums song Too Much Time from the album P • K • D (1983)

Bunnydrums – Shiver

Bunnydrums video for Shiver from P • K • D album

Billy Bragg – Love Gets Dangerous

Billy Bragg playing Love Gets Dangerous in a laundromat

Bunnydrums – Lee Paris Benefit – 05/03/86

Philadelphia Band Bunnydrums reunited for the Lee Paris/PCHA benefit show – Houston Hall, U of Penn 05/03/86. Bunnydrums grew out of two early punk bands from the late 70s scene in Philly – the Boneheads and The Autistics. The band was made up of singer/guitarist/saxophone player David Goerk, guitarist/bassist/trombone player Frank Marr, bassist/guitarist Greg Davis and drummer Joe Ankenbrand. The Bunnydrums explored many different phases of music resulting in their own unique sound. For a complete history check out the Last Day Deaf interview
Bunnydrums Bandcamp

Thanks to Flipo from the Excuses for the video.

Ruin – Terminal Flexi & White Rabbit Demo

Some more Ruin releases the first is a flexi disc that came with Terminal Magazine. There are two Ruin tracks and then some other bands (I included all of them here.) The second is the White Rabbit demo tape which came out before Fiat Lux. I didn’t have a cover for my tape but I found the picture on the Ruin Discography site Songs of Ruin.
On that site it says the tape is only the cover of White Rabbit but my tape had three songs. That version of White Rabbit was used on the cd.
Here are some quotes from the members of Ruin on this flexi and tape:
flexi was before heho, before the compilation [proof] recording was done at some small studio if i remember correctly [that was actually someone’s attic] I don’t remember 13th & samson- i remember the attic first, & later in someone living room studio [proof first recording]” – Richard Hutchins (drummer/percussionist)
I don’t recall who engineered it or where. Obviously it was Ruin’s first release. I got a kick out of hardcore punk being on the same disc as experimental abstract music (Furry Couch). Reflected my own schizoid tastes for such sounds.
Thanks again. Please post on Ruin’s facebook page when published. Cheers,
” – Taum
Did we record the flexi disk material at the 13th and Samson St. studio? I can’t recall. It was prior to the release of the HE HO record if I recall correctly. Terminal magazine was run by Carol Shutzbank and Steve Fritz” – Damon Wallis
Besides that I throw in a couple more tracks one is the version of White Rabbit from Fiat Lux (I figured if you have the cd you might want this version as well) Second is a cover of Hero by Superchunk. It’s from an ep called The Laughter Guns EP. I sort of remember hearing that the drummer from Superchunk grew up in Philly and was a fan of Ruin. Besides that I fond some more Flyers, t-shirt picture from the reunion shows, an insert that I found and am not sure where it came from plus this interview from an old zine Rodman Rave click here to view it
I’m working on some Ruin video from a show from 1986 hopefully I will get that up soon.
Thanks to Brett for letting me borrow the flexi.

Terminal Flexi

A1 Ruin – Phenomenal Expression
A2 Ruin – Twilight
A3 Bunnydrums – SwitchBlade
B1 Atomic Thinkers – InternalOrgans
B2 Furry Couch – PlanetOfWater

MediaFire Zip

White Rabbit Demo

Ruin white rabbit demo cover

01 LifeAfterLife
02 WhiteRabbit
03 Proof

MediaFire Zip

Extra mp3’s

Whtie Rabbit (Fiat Lux Version)
Super Chunk covering Hero

Maximum Rocknroll #21 Review

Maximum Rocknroll #21
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