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Decontrol – Live on WKDU

Decontrol Live on Jackie’s show on WKDU from October 7th 1989.
For more Decontrol go to their website and check out my other posts with more music and videos.

01 – We Are Not the World
02 – Progress
03 – Space Case
04 – Nightmare
05 – Joe Blow
06 – Monday in Hell
07 – Fade to Grey
08 – Unknown
09 – Pressure Cooker
10 – Depraved Condition
11 – Intermission
12 – Nothing Else
13 – Stranger in My Bed
14 – Baby- I’m Not Dead
15 – Holiday in New Jersey
16 – We Are All Prostitutes
17 – Drunk Again
18 – Big Jack Six Pack
19 – Maladjusted
20 – Screwed Again
21 – Blue Skies
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Philly Hardcore 1981-1986 Part 1

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In the annals of Hardcore Punk history Philadelphia usually gets the short end of the stick but this was my scene and I can tell you it was one of the best in the country at that time. Being located between New York City and Washington DC made it easy for most touring bands to stop there and most of them did. It was a fun and friendly scene. Problem is most of the Philly bands never toured or released anything more than a 7″ though most of them did record an album. All these bands were fun to see live. Autistic Behavior recorded 10 songs in a studio. Six were supposed to be released on an ep, 2 were supposed to be on the never released comp LP being put together by Bad Brains but only two songs ended up being released on the Philly Hardcore comp. Get Off My Back. Crib Death were one of the Philly bands (along with F.O.D.) that opened the legendary Minor Threat show at Buff Hall in Camden NJ. Because there were other bands named Crib Death they changed their name to Blunder Boys – name taken from a Three Stooges film. They split when their singer started a family and their drummer became the bass player for F.O.D. Decontrol started in 1980 but didn’t release their first record until 1985 possibly due to a continuously revolving line up. In those 5 years they developed and created their own style which some liked and others hated. I loves it! Homo Picnic formed out of the ashes of Kremlin Korps and Sudden Impact. In the middle of 1985 their singer left and they kept the line up to a three piece and changed to a more Metal influenced sound. In 1986 they released an LP that had a few songs from the original line up but mostly new songs. Informed Sources were one of the earlier bands that started in 1981. In mid 1982 they changed singers. They recorded some demos with the original singer and a full album with the second singer but only two songs were ever released on the Get Off My Back comp. LP.
info here:
Informed Sources info here:
Autistic Behavior:
Blunder Boys:
Homo Picnic:

Autistic Behavior – unreleased album – has been released by SRA Records – Get it here

Blunder Boys – Demo (1983) [from cassette tape]
01. African Apocalypse
02. Philly Scene
03. Paradise Lost
04. Duel
05. Better Luck Next Time
06. I Hate Girls
07. In The End You’ll Burn
08. I’m Afraid Of The Night
09. Middle Class Morals
10. Crumbled Emotion
11. Fear Of Conspiracy
12. Watch Children Die
13. Body Count
14. Too Much Too Fast
15. Vote
16. Our Future Is Set
17. Broken Homes
18. Redneck Song
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Crib Death – We Just Wanna Spoil Your Party demo (1982) [from cassette tape]
01. Middle Class Morals
02. I’m Afraid Of The Night
03. Duel
04. Watch Children Die
05. In The End You’ll Burn
06. African Apocalypse
07. Philly Scene
08. I Hate Girls
09. Outro
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Decontrol – WXPN, Philadelphia 5-16-85 [from cassette tape]
01. Dead Life
02. What’cha Gonna Do
03. Holiday In New Jersey
04. Depraved Condition
05. Fascists
06. Doomsday
07. Born To Be Wild
08. Prostitute
09. Joe Blow
10. Drunk Again
11. Philly Cops
12. Suburban War
13. Young & Tired
14. Death Wish
15. 1992
16. Rip Rip Rip
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Homo Picnic – WXPN, Philadelphia 11-84 [from cassette tape]
01. Prelude
02. Blood On The Walls
03. Part Of The Race
04. How Many Lives
05. Blind
06. War Stories
07. No Control
08. We Need More
09. Slave To Your Grave
10. Trouble In Paradise
11. Life’s Too Long
12. Battered Dreams
13. I Win
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Homo Picnic – Demo 1-85 [from cassette tape]
01. We Need More
02. The Book
03. Part Of The Race
04. Two Eyes
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Informed Sources CD available here

Informed Sources – City Gardens, Trenton NJ 3-82 [from cassette tape]
01. In God We Trust

Informed Sources – WXPN, Philadelphia 12-83 [from cassette tape]
01. Final War
02. title unknown
03. Situation Tragedy
04. Going Out
05. In God We Trust
06. Why Should I
07. This Was The 1980s
08. title unknown
09. I’ve Lost Control
10. In The Mind Of Phyllis Schlafly
11. title unknown
12. Stuck In My Hole
13. Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner
14. Forever Never Came
15. Nothing But Lies
16. Dense Pack
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Decontrol – West Side Club 4/13/86

Decontrol live video from the West Side Club. They opened for Scream which is also up on the site. This is the last of the Decontrol video and the last of the 80’s Philly bands video that I got from Pete. One last plug if you haven’t yet go download Songs from the Gut The Complete Collection.
Also, if your on Facebook go to their page and “like” the page
Below the videos are the audio tracks. As usual there were a couple of songs I wasn’t sure of the titles but hopefully I’ll get some help again and I’ll update the post.
Thanks again to Pete at Sounds of Tomorrow. for the beta tapes

Audio files

01 – I Got A Right
02 – 1992
03 – ?
04 – Never Again
05 – Born Too Late
06 – System
07 – Joe Blow
08 – Drunk And Bored
09 – Did You No Wrong
10 – Born To Be Wild
11 – Back From The Grave
12 – Almost Dead
13 – 1992
14 – Fascists
15 – Unseen Enemies
16 – Philly Cops
17 – ?

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Decontrol – Elk’s Lodge AC July 20, 1985

Decontrol live video from Elk’s Lodge in Atlantic City from July 20th 1985. The show was Decontrol, Toxic Reasons & Nobody’s Favorite.Unfortunately I don’t have Nobody’s Favorite video from that show. Decontrol has a recent album Thoughts & Prayers or go get Songs from the Gut The Complete Collection
If your on Facebook go to their page and “like” the page
Below the videos are the audio tracks. As usual there is one song left I don’t have the title for  hopefully someone will fill me in on it and I’ll update the post.

Thanks again to Pete at Sounds of Tomorrow for the beta tapes and Dave thanks for filling in the song titles

Video Tracklist & Audio files

1 – Bunker
2 – Too Much Pressure
3 – Drunk Again
4 – What You Gonna Do
5 – Pillhead
6 – Death Wish
7 – ?
8 – Depraved Condition
9 – This Doomsday
10 – Philly Cops
11 – Hoiliday In New Jersey
12 – We Are All Prostitutes
13 – Fascists_Paint It Black
14 – Suburban War
15 – Dead Life
16 – Born To Be Wild
17 – Back From The Grave
18 – 1992
19 – Jack The Ripper
20 – Summertime Blues

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Decontrol – Live @ CEC in West Philly

Decontrol was born in 1980, started as a two-man hardcore outfit by Adam Avery. Adam played a combination guitar / bass along with a bass drum over original singer Zero’s caterwalling vocals. It was horrible, but soon became 100% better when Adam fired the other half of Decontrol and recruited the amazing skills of Ritchie Birch on guitar and Keith Lenderman on drums. Adam settled on bass and vocals. (stolen from their website)
These videos are from the CEC in West Philly I’m guessing from 84 or 85. Most of the songs from their album Songs from the Gut are here which by the way you can buy (along with lots of extra tracks) at cdbaby. Another Philly band that should be up there with all the legendary hardcore bands from the rest of the county. It’s amazing how a little thing like starting songs off with A-B-C-D instead of 1-2-3-4 can stand out so much but I’ve never heard another band do it and I will always identify it with Decontrol. The good news is if you missed them they are back together and working on a new album. I have to admit I have not seen them since the 80’s but I plan to make up for that next time they play a show in Philly. I have more Decontrol video I will try to get up at some point one is a show from AC opening for Toxic Reasons and the other is opening for Scream at the West Side Club.
If your on Facebook go to their page and “like” Below the videos are the audio tracks and a slide show of Decontrol flyers. As usual there were a couple of songs I wasn’t sure of the titles but hopefully someone will fill me in on it and I’ll update the post.
Thanks again to Pete at Sounds of Tomorrow for the beta tapes

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