This video was shot at the last Doomed To Obscurity (DTO) (of this lineup) show which was at the Tritone. To me DTO had a sound that was kind of a mix of old Hardcore and Garage rock. Probably because of the influences of all the past local bands the members were in. DTO is made up of Roger Bodine (Grisly Fiction, Underraga, Suktub, Heroics) – Bass  /  Chris Hunter (Red Paint People, Mothra) – Guitar  /  Jason Clouser (Kitschchao) – Guitar  /  Jason Ranck – drums  /  Billy Taz (Mama Volume, Angus Kahn) -Vocals (2005-present) / Tristan Egolf – Vocals (2002-2004) At the bottom of the videos I put a video for the song Better Days with animation by Judith Schaechter which is my favorite song from the lineup with Tristan. He was also the singer for Kitschchao and an author – sadly he died in 2005. Below the videos I made mp3’s of the audio from the video if you want them.


Better Days Animation by Judith Schaechter R.I.P. Tristan Egolf

DTO Flyer