This is Legitimate Reason Philly band from mid-80s. Their sound was influenced by DC/Dischord but they were very much a Philly Hardcore band. Although around only a short time they seemed to play a lot of shows (some flyers in the slideshow below) the members of the band seemed to be at every show, party, etc. Dan & Jon were also later in Stepping Razo. Dan is currently? in The Mojo Machine. If I get more info on what the former members of this band did after or are doing currently I’ll update the post. Included in this post is their 7″ on Plus Records (Recorded at Inner Ear) and their demo tape which include a cover of Let it Be and the last untitled thing is not really a song just something that was on the end of the tape. Also check out the LoudFast Philly interview with John Finn

Legitimate Reason 7″

01 – He Steals
02 – Can’t Go Back
03 – Don’t Close Your Eyes
04 – Too Young To Die

MediaFire Zip of all files

Demo Tape

A1 Stubborn Man
A2 Can’t Go Back
A3 Fool
A4 Killing Time
B2 Puppy Dick
B2 Something Inside
B3 Let It Be
B4 untitled

MediaFire Zip