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Scab Cadillac – Live

2 Scab Cadillac Live shows from 1989 and some Flyers & Pictures
(The live  pictures are not form either of these shows – they are from a Troc show.) Thanks for the tapes Jackie.

Scab Cadillac Press Kit

Live – JC Dobbs 6-19-89

01 – Pious Hatred
02 – Ring
03 – Twenty-Four Stories
04 – Explain This
05 – Unknown
06 – Unknown
07 – Engine 11
08 – Gaza Strip Tease
09 – Unknown
10 – Unknown
11 – Unknown
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Live – Khyber Pass 6-3-89

01 – Explain This
02 – Tentry Four Stories
03 – Engine11-Stupid Flu
04 – Unknown
05 – Gaza Strip Tease
06 – Forgotten Children
07 – Poor Mans Boots
08 – Land of the Who- Home of the What
09 – Driver
10 – Boogie Man
11 – Driver
MediaFire Zip of all files

Scab Cadillac – White Trash Menthol 100’s 7″

My favorite Philly band of the late 80’s and I guess into the early 90’s (I’m not sure when they broke up) Scab Cadillac was Doug Bhen-Nyet (formally of Homo Picnic and Kremlin Korps) on guitar, Paul Hazlet (formally of Blue) on drums, Bob Dickie (from lots of bands including King of Siam, Sparrow Steeple and the Reformed Strapping Field Hands also see my post on them) on bass and Jack Gorry singing. They released this single White Trash Menthol 100 plus an album Tagged and Numbered which is still available from Rave at least to download. I assume if you download that album you don’t get all the artwork, inset and lyrics so I put that together here if you want it
If you look at the flyers below you can see they played at probably every place in Philly at the time. I was listening to the 7″ again as I was recording it and the song Pious Hatred about the religious right seems just as applicable today as back in the 80’s. Maybe it’s because he also was a big guy but Jack’s singing always reminded me of Gary Floyd from the Dicks. The first time I remember seeing Jack was at a show at Pi Lam (I’m not sure who maybe Youth of Today?) as he was drunkenly rampaging through the pit and then fell asleep on the stage. Soon after I starting see Jack all the time; guarding the keg at parties or holding down everyone’s sofas. Jack was a great guy he always seemed really happy to see you and really seemed to care about how you were doing or what you were saying. Sadly Jack passed away while working at a hot spring/spiritual healing community in Northern California. I remember there was a tape of music he had made while he was in California but unfortunately I don’t have it. If anyone does please let me know I’d love to put it up. Here is an interview from a KDU communique

Scab Cadillac &inch cover
Scab Cadillac 7inch back

Audio files

Forgotten Children
24 Stories
Pious Hatred

MediaFire Zip

Scab Cadillac
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