Before White Zombie and GWAR when Marilyn Manson was just that weird goth kid smoking cloves outside his high school there was the Serial Killers (ok, I’m not sure all of that is true but I thought it sounded good) Live they were kind of like a slasher movie musical. Maybe the special effects were not Tom Savini quality but it was a good show. Once again I don’t have the cover for this demo so I’m not sure about what the line up was on it. The first three songs (two are on the same file) were also on the album (not sure if the recordings are different); Snake Pit and the cover of Iron Man I don’t believe were released anywhere else. The last song Abdullah the Butcher was from a compilation 7″.  If you want to check out tthere Roadside Rendezvous album and the follow up seven inch (although you can’t download the sample of dirt from philly’s own serial killer Gary Heidnick’s yard) – the links are below:
Roadside Rendezvous CD Re-release
Heidnik’s House Of Horrors 7″
FB: Philadelphia’s Serial Killers, the only band that splatters

Audio Files

Illegitimate Son of Ed Gein
Dark Side of the Serial Killer/Serial Killer Part 2
Snake Pit
Abdullah the Butcher

MediaFire Zip