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Temple of Bon Matin – Live

Two Temple of Bon Matin shows from the Khyber. One is the Siltbreeze show from 08/07/1993 where they opened for Strapping Field Hands, Mike Rep, Guided By Voices & V3. The other is probably from around the same time. Both are with the Thunder Feedback Confusion lineup of Mark Lux on Bass, Trevor Dixon on Guitar and Ed Wilcox on Drums and vocals. The Siltbreeze video was shot by Rich – Thanks to Mark Lux for the tapes.

Temple of Bon Matin – 08/07/1993 Siltbreeze Show

Temple of Bon Matin – Khyber Philadelphia

Audio files

Temple of Bon Matin – 01 – Siltbreeze Show
Temple of Bon Matin – 02 – Siltbreeze Show
Temple of Bon Matin – 01 – Khyber
Temple of Bon Matin – 02 – Khyber

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Temple Of Bon Matin – Demo Tape

Temple of Bon Matin is still around (click here for their website) but the lineup on this demo tape and the Siltbreeze album Thunder, Feedback and Confusion was the only version of the band I paid any attention to. It was Mark Lux on bass, Trevor Dixon on guitar and Ed Wilcox on drums and vocals. I’m not very good at describing bands but I’ll try – spacey noisy rock combined with improve jamming and stream of consciousness vocals. My favorite memory of seeing them live was the time they played a party at the punk house where they seemed to play for hours and hours. I mean that it in a good way it was amazing.
Here are links to download the insert & lyric sheet

Audio files

A1 – All Glam No Cigarettes
A2 – Ironbound
A3 – Sham Art Suicide
A4 – Blessed Amnesia
A5 – Lejit
A6_7 – Yellowville_Accelerama
B1 – Lion Brand
B2 – Anaconda
b3 – Ex-Man(VictoryAtSea)
B4 – Junkie
B5 – Striptancranct
B6 – This Is Goodbye

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Kitschchao, Temple of Bon Matin & Underagga -WKDU Band Bash

Seven videos I shot with a pixelvision kids camcorder from a WKDU Band Bash with Kitschchao, Temple of Bon Matin and Underagga.
I only made a few videos with this camera (I’ll put up the Fugazi ones later) but for those who aren’t familiar with it Fisher Price put this out as a camcorder for kids. It recorded the video (and audio) on regular cassette tapes (about 5 minutes on each side of a 90 minute audio tape) The results were a very artsy grainy black n white. These tapes were kind of old when I finally figured out how to get them first on a regular video tape and then digitalize later. More on Pixel Camcorder
As for the bands I could only identify one song which was Kitchchao covering Riverbottom Nightmare Band from Emmet Otter’s Jug-band Christmas. So if anyone can identify any of the other songs let me know and I’ll update them. (Correction- 2nd Kitschao is White Boy and 3rd is Just Like Always / The Message – Thanks Dave) The flyer for the show June 12th so I’m guessing this was probably 1993.


Temple of Bon Matin


Philly Comps – Scrapple 7″ box set

This post is the second of three Philly compilations posts

A box set of 4 7″‘s put out in 1994 by WKDU. There are 16 bands all from the Philly area with a pretty wide range of styles.
Below the tracks I have put up scans of the cover and the insert that came in the box – each band got a page of the insert.

Tibetan Bowlers – You You
Kitschchao – Magdaline
Red Paint People – Stric Neck
Vick Logic – Girl Crush
Blue – Liver
More Fiends – Message Is The Same
Strapping Field Hands – Row
O’ Mighty Isis – Sparkle
Meth 25 – Psychotic Rhonda
Double Penetration – Scitzophelia
Zonic Shockum – Labor
Via Satellite – Molecule
Temple Of Bon Matin – Orenacht
Mothra – Almost Human.
Underraga – What Is A Number
Catepillar – Sombulistic

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