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Scab Cadillac – White Trash Menthol 100’s 7″

My favorite Philly band of the late 80’s and I guess into the early 90’s (I’m not sure when they broke up) Scab Cadillac was Doug Bhen-Nyet (formally of Homo Picnic and Kremlin Korps) on guitar, Paul Hazlet (formally of Blue) on drums, Bob Dickie (from lots of bands including King of Siam, Sparrow Steeple […]

Philly Comps – Scrapple 7″ box set

This post is the second of three Philly compilations posts A box set of 4 7″‘s put out in 1994 by WKDU. There are 16 bands all from the Philly area with a pretty wide range of styles.Below the tracks I have put up scans of the cover and the insert that came in the […]

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