Head Cheese 7"

Head Cheese was a post-punk band from the early 80s. While attending University of the Arts Susan Ottaviano meet Jade Lee and they formed a band with their friend Celeste Ries. They recorded one 7″ at  Third Story recording studio. I don’t have mp3’s of that 7 inch so instead I’ve included YouTube videos for the three songs. What i do have is a booklet that they put out – to be honest I am not 100% sure I put the pages in the right order but please check it out.
Head Cheese Booklet

The video for Jungle Jam was shot as a film project around Philly

Susan Ottaviano (who later went on to New Wave stardom in Book of Love) on the making of her Philly band Head Cheese’s single ‘Jungle Jam’ from 1982:

We recorded “Jungle Jam” at Third Story music, an 8 track studio in Philadelphia, in 1981. It was produced by David Javelosa, who we met at the East Side Club. He was performing with his group Los Microwaves at the time. The ‘Jungle Jam’ video was filmed in and around Philly and is truly a love story to the city. There are scenes on Broad Street, the gargoyles in City Hall, a basement on League street and a pig’s head from the Italian Market. The Jungle Jam video has just recently been posted on YouTube. One of the original directors of that video even works for Pixar now. He said that he had more fun on our movie than he does today. You should check it out. It’s pretty funny.”

Head Cheese Jungle Jam video

Head Cheese – Teenage Idol

Head Cheese – “Non-Melodic”

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