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The Clean – Live from Johnny Brenda’s 06/06/12

The Clean Live from Johnny Brenda’s in Philadelphia June 6, 2012.
Just filmed a few songs – some are not complete and I didn’t have a tracklist so they are most likely not in the order they were played. I first heard the Clean (David Kilgour, Hamish Kilgour (RIP) & Robert Scott) when kdu got the Tuatara – A Flying Nun Compilation in the Mid-80s. Although I instantly became a fan of all the bands on the comp and it opened me up to the whole New Zealand scene, the Clean were my favorite. I soon go the compilation not sure if was album or cd at that point and tried to find anything by them. The one problem of discovering this band this way was they had broken up in 1982, so I figured I would never see them. I did manage to see the ex-members current band (ie. The Bats, The Mad Scene and David’s solo bands). Then they reunited and I got to see them at Maxwell’s and then more new music and tours that brought them to Philly. These vidoe clips were shoot on my phone from their show at Johnny Brenda’s. I wasn’t sure I was going to put them up but with the deeply sad passing of Hamish and no other clips that I could find for that show I decided to add them here.

0:00 – 1:59 – Anything Could Happen
2:00 – 4:45 – Fish
4:46 – 7:13 – The Dream Life U Need A Rubber Soul
7:14 – 12:00 – Getting Older
12:01 – 15:17 – Odditty
15:18 – 17:35 – Tally Ho

Mad Scene Live

The Mad Scene included Hamish Kilgour (of New Zealand’s The Clean) on guitar/vocals, Lisa Siegel on guitar/vocals, and, eventually, former Go-Betweens bassist Robert Vickers.
Live recordings of 2 early shows in Philadelphia from the Khyber (1992) & JC Dobbs (1995)

Thanks to Rob Strong for figuring out song titles

Khyber Pass 4/9/92

01 – Watertanks.mp3
02 – Silhouette.mp3
03 – Eye.mp3
04 – Whats Going On.mp3
05 – Whole World.mp3
06 – Holding Pattern.mp3
07 – People to Talk To.mp3
08 – Paper Plane.mp3
09 – Falling Over Spilling Over.mp3
MediaFire Zip of all files

JC Dobbs 5/31/95

01 – Choose.mp3
02 – Whole World.mp3
03 – Silhouette.mp3
04 – Sealight.mp3
05 – Change.mp3
06 – Transatlantic Telephone Conversation.mp3
07 – Watertanks.mp3
08 – Hoping.mp3
09 – People to Talk To.mp3
10 – Falling Over Spilling Over [End Cut].mp3
MediaFire Zip of all files

The Bats – JC Dobbs & Khyber Philadelphia

Christchurch, New Zealand band The Bats have clocked ten incredible albums, released on vinyl, CD and digital; each record seeing them evolve with new material from the prolific songwriting hand of Robert Scott ( the Clean). Also featuring bassist/producer Paul Kean (Toy Love) lead guitarist Kaye Woodward and drummer Malcolm Grant

This post has Two Philly shows from the early 90’s  by the Bats  one is from JC Dobbs and the other is from Khyber.
Thanks to Rob Strong for figuring out song titles

Live – JC Dobbs 7/27/93

01 – Love Floats Two
02 – It’s a Lie
03 – Miss These Things
04 – Smoking Her Wings
05 – Block of Wood

MediaFire Zip

Live – Khyber Pass

01 – Valley Floor
02 – Fear of God
03 – Other Side of You
04 – Mastery
05 – Dancing as the Boat Goes Down
06 – Boogey Man
07 – Sighting the Sound
08 – Block of Wood
09 – Unknown
10 – It’s a Lie
12 – You Know We Shouldn’t
13 – Jetsam
14 – The Looming Past
15 – North By North

MediaFire Zip

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