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Illegitimate Sons & Daughters – Live on WKDU

Illegitimate Sons & Daughters live on Marina’s WKDU show April, 29, 1994. Band members were Tater on vocals, fiddle, various other instruments / Shamus – Acoustic Guitar, / Cher on Mandolin / Sparkplug on bass drum / Miss Sophie on Banjo (missing that day was vocalist Miss Harriet.) Many of their alter egos, at the time, where taking care of your vhs or cheese crisp needs. As well as in many other past and present bands including Creem Circus, Wastoid, Double Penetration, Slobber Mountain Boys, Sinners, The Pine Barons, O Mighty Isis, Cactus Love & La Resistance.

01-The First One
02-Hot Corn
07-John Hardy
08-Nine Pound Hammer

MediaFire Zip of all files

Rockula Live from the Khyber – Philadelphia 5-08-98


Rockula were a late 1990s Garage Punk band from Philadelphia. They existed only 6 months in which time they recorded one three song demo and played a few shows. Unfortunately, they never released a record or CD. This show was recorded from the audience and is of good sound quality.

Rockula was Geeta Dalal – vocals (now in RunHideFight), Rob Giglio on drums (Mothra, Blue Train, Stinkbomben, Beretta 76, now in Creem Circus), Margit Detweiler – Keyboards, Roland Sotello -Bass and the late Wayne Hamilton on Guitar.

01 – This Song Should Be A Hit
02 – Big Muff Pie
03 – Cowboy Song
04 – He’s A Jerk
05 – Socks for Christmas/Chihuahua Girl
06 – I’m the Tops
07 – I’m Your Man [Small Faces]
08 – Tell Me Your Name
09 – Charlene
10 – Title Unknown
11 – He’s A Whore [Cheap Trick]
12 – Atomic Dust

MediaFire Zip of all files

Thanks for sending this to me Brett Noise Addiction II

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