This video is painful for me I was at this show but left before Big Black went on. I was a freshman in college and had an early class the next morning. The worst part which I couldn’t have known then was I would later change my major and leave Drexel for the much cheaper Temple ( I could have gone anywhere but Temple is a hell of allot cheaper). I don’t even remember what class it was so it couldn’t have been very important. It was a packed show which for the Crypt (a basement in a West Philly row house) was not hard to do. So the video is basically all one static shot of Steve Albini and Santiago Durango. What more do you need a close-up of the drum machine?. It show was October 30th 1985 so there’s some songs from Atomizer but it was before the album was released. The video (I believe) was shot by ex-KDU DJ Jeff Jenkins. Thanks to Pete for giving me a copy of this – check out his site Sounds of Tomorrow

Audio files

01 – Steelworker
02 – Rip
03 – Passing Complection
04 – Cables
05 – Rema Rema
06 – Pigeon Kill
07 – Big Money
08 – Dead Billy
09 – Kerosene
10 – Deep Six
11 – Jordon Minnesota
12 – Bad Houses
13 – Fists Of Love

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