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King Face – Live Club Pizazz

King face was a band based out of Washington, DC that started around 1985. They were more straight ahead rock influenced then most of the  DC bands at the  time. It really made them stand out.  The band consisted of Mark Sullivan on vocals, Patrick Bobst on guitar, Andrew Rapoport on bass and Larry Colbert on drums. The band members all had roots in the local hardcore scene. Mark Sullivan had played in a band called The Slinkees in high school. This band featured two members who would go on to start Minor Threat and Dischord Records: Ian MacKaye and Jeff Nelson. This is them live from Club Pizazz which was just off the Bridge & Pratt  el stop (or was it the one before that?)
More info at WFMU’s Beware of the Blogpost

Club Pizazz – Philadelphia 3-27-87

01 – I Don’t Want to Be Anything
02 – Anyone
03 – Crawl Into Tomorrow
04 – Lull-A-Bye
05 – Ain’t Talkin’ About Love
06 – One Truth
07 – Opportunity
08 – Dirty Wings
09 – Like a King
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Go To Blazes – live WKDU

Philly by way of DC band Go To Blazes live – Jackie’s show on WKDU 4/18/89. (Sorry I didn’t get very  many of the song titles but I will correct that as I get more info)
01 – Turn to Her
02 – Unknown
03 – Soul Tanglier
04 – Unknown
05 – Unknown
06 – Unknown
07 – Unknown
08 – Unknown
09 – Unknown
10 – Unknown
11 – Unknown
12 – Hot Box
13 – Unknown
14 – Unknown
15 – Unknown
16 – Unknown

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Marginal Man – West Catty, Catasauqua PA 4-12-86


Marginal Man (along with GI & Scream) was one of the few DC Discord bands of the mid-80s to tour regularly. This is a live tape from West Catty in 86 with Last Stand and Last Cry and No Deodorant opening for them.


01 – Linger in the Past
02 – Strange Feeling
03 – Mainstream
04 – Turn the Tables [Power Outtage Version]
05 – Turn the Tables (Again)
06 – Torn Apart
07 – Metal Madness
08 – Under a Shadow
09 – Marginal Man
10 – Mind on Hold
11 – Shades of Reason
12 – Someone Cares
13 – What Did She Say!
14 – Friend
15 – Pandora’s Box
16 – Missing Rungs
17 – Mainstream (Instrumental)
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Go To Blazes


Philly by way of DC roadhouse rock’n’roll/country band Go To Blazes’ first 7 inch, The band on this 7 inch were: Bass – Christopher Horner, Drums – Keith Donnellan, Guitar, Steel Guitar – Thomas Heyman, Lead Vocals & Guitar – Edward Warren. Trouser Press describes them as “Philadelphia four-piece Go to Blazes specializes in roadhouse rock’n’roll — whiskey-kissed shuffles and sour blues and Stones-influenced stomps that have a way of making everyday sorrows seem heroic. Known drinking buddies of Eric “Roscoe” Ambel (producer of their recent recordings), Go to Blazes belongs to that loose confederation of roots rockers determined to preserve the rough edges of the music, the country twangs and beer-guzzling stomps.”

A – (And I’ll Be) Hating You
B – Casa Diablo

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Void – Live Videos From 1984

DC’s Void Live video Feb. 18th & 25th 1984. The video from the 18th is from the CEC in philly. The video from the 25th is from Rock Hotel in NYC. (Thanks Chris for the info and flyer). So, if anyone knows where this is from please let me know. The flyer I put up with it is from an older Love Hall show. The only Void stuff I knew about was the split with Faith. But this is later Void when they were one of the earlier hardcore bands to add metal influences. Allot of people compared later Void to COC (or argued which one was the first hardcore/metal crossover) Personally I don’t care who was first I just care about if it’s any good. Void had an album Potion For Bad Dreams they did for Touch & Go which has never been put out but you can find it here
Thanks again to Pete at Sounds of Tomorrow. for the beta tapes

Void – CEC Philadelphia 2/18/84

Void – Live 2/25/84

Scream – Live Videos

One of my favorite bands to see live, it was so good to see them again a few years ago at KungFu Necktie. This post has 3 Scream videos from Philadelphia and 1 from NYC from the mid-80s. I just discovered that I had the video below of them from Rock Hotel in 1984. I also added another video from Love Hall from 83 that was up on Youtube, West Side Club in 86 & Camden in 85. Scream is currently working on a new album called DC Special – “DC Special tells our story through the musical history we grew up with and so we’ve invited musicians from our local DC music community, both past and present, to collaborate with us during the session.” Their Dischord albums are available on Bandcamp

Rock Hotel NYC – February, 23, 1984

West Side Club 4/13/86

This was a great day first Decontrol & Scream at the West Side Club and then Marginal Man at the Kennel Club later that night. Scream did a bunch of songs from their first two albums plus lots of covers. I’m not sure exactly when this show was but I know it was Spring of 1986. I saw Scream a few more times after this but this was my favorite time – it was more like a party then a show. Scream are back together and doing some shows (hopefully they will do a tour) go to their site for more info.
Thanks again to Pete at Sounds of Tomorrow for the beta tapes

Star Theater, Camden NJ – 4/6/85

From a CRUNCH show with Homo Picnic, Oblivion & Beefeater.

Love Hall Philadelphia 1983

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