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Baby Flamehead

Late 80’s early 90’s acoustic band with Andy Bresnan (Butterfly Joe, Junior Mints) on the Ukranian Burda, Chris Unrath (Shimmers) on guitar, Dean Sabatino (Dead Milkmen, Butterfly Joe, I Think Like Midnight) on drums, and vocals of Eden Daniels (Shimmers) For more info on this band  check out this post on Rock Town Hall
The Live from Jackie Zahn’s show on WKDU set was from January, 03, 1989 (as they mention all the band’s vocalists were sick at the time so I hope they are ok with this going up)

Some more music put up by Andy Bresnan
Baby Flamehead: The KCRW Sessions 1990
Baby Flamehead: Just the Warts

Live on WKDU 01-03-89

00 – Intro
01 – Unknown
02 – Unknown
03 – Rubber Iguana
04 – Supple Turtles Worry About Milk
05 – The Circus
06 – You Cant Put Your Arms Around a Memory
07 – Thimble Full O Nothin
08 – Mira
09 – Speed Racer
10 – Life Song
11 – Action News
12 – (Special Tunning)
13 – Anna
14 – Unknown
15 – Outro

MediaFire Zip of all files


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Dead Milkmen – Live

Elk’s Lodge Atlantic City 1985?

Dead Milkmen Live from the Elk’s Lodge in Atlantic City. I don’t have much info on this show but I’m assuming it was in the summer of 1985. Lots of songs from their first albumBig Lizard in My Backyard plus a few from Eat Your Paisley . Around 1/3 into the video they do their big early hit Bitchin’ Camaro with what looks like most of the audience up on stage. The Dead Milkmen have reformed and have a new album out go to The Dead Milkmen Facebook Page to check it out.
Thanks again to Pete at Sounds of Tomorrow for the beta tapes

Audio files

01 – Beach Song
02 – Tiny Town
03 – Laundromat Song
04 – Junkie
05 – Right Wing Pigeons From Outer Space
06 – Tarantula
07 – Dean’s Dream
08 – Serrated Edge
09 – Big Lizard
10 – V.F.W.
11 – Lucky
12 – Bitchin’ Camaro
13 – Take Me Apart
14 – Swampland Of Desire
15 – Two Feet Off The Ground
16 – Hangin’ Round
17 – SwordFish

MediaFire Zip

Chestnut Cabaret – June 5th, 1989

Thanks for the link to this billydee! For more of his live tapes go here

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