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The Gelcaps began as a solo project in 1993 with Derelict Hotel alumnus Doug Anson making improvisational music on a cheap guitar, Casio keyboard and effect pedals. In ’94 he started working with Vibrolux guitarist John Boothman, a.k.a “the king of noise.”

Anson played chunky and repetitive rhythm guitar riffs while Boothman filled out the soundscape with drones and plinks. The band’s first EP, Death Star From Budokan, was a remarkable balance of catchy pop-punk and trippy noise rock.

After going through several members, the lineup solidified in the fall of ’95 when bassist Mark Nolan and drummer Spencer Sweeney joined the ranks. They kept the bottom end just tight enough to give the arrangements structure and depth. The second Gelcaps release, the single “Cows,” was more straight-ahead, but still memorable.

A few months later, they started work on their third release. Songwriting was going so well that by the time July rolled around, the single had turned into a mini-album entitled 24 Hour Pythons.

In late July, everything fell apart. Boothman quit the band over creative differences. On July 27, Nolan died in a drug-related accident.
From City Paper story “Styling Gel” by Neil Gladstone Read More

Here is both of their 7 inches and cd – 24 Hour Pythons plus a live from Jackie’s show on WKDU . Thanks for the tape Jackie.

Live on WKDU 10-20-95

00 – Intro
01 – unknown
02 – Punk Blood
03 – Unknown
04 – All Understood
05 – New Miami Vice
06 – Blue Sunshine
07 – Hotel Congress
08 – Diamonds
09 – unkniwn
10 – Outro

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Death Star From Budokan 7″

A1 – Full Time
A2 – Dripper
B1 – Realness
B2 – Hotel Congress
B3 – Do a Bat


Diamonds b/w Cows 7″

A1 – Diamonds
B1 – Cows


24 Hour Pythons

01 – Little Coat
02 – Swedish Mathematician
03 – Polytronic Pillbox
04 – Citizens Band
05 – Xanax Guccione
06 – Love Dude
07 – King of Cedar Crest Plaza
08 – the Original Jams Recording Artists
09 – N-N-N-N-Nineteen

Derelict Hotel

Derelict Hotel were Dane Wilson – Drums, Dave Birch – Guitar, Mark Nolan – Bass, Scott Slagle – Vocals & Doug Anson -Slide Guitar (on the Track from Compulsiv Comp No. 1 7″)
“DH was into old Punk and stuff on AmRep and Touch & Go. Brian Dilworth hooked us up with many cool gigs opening up for Laughing Hyenas, Agent Orange, Killdozer, Helios Creed and Steel Pole Bathtub. We were together 92’ to 94’. We loved to record with Art Difuria” – Steve

Live On WKDU 03-23-93

01 – Suck the Barrel Dry
02 – High Friends Low Places
03 – Fall Guy
04 – Oven Stuffer
05 – E Jam
06 – A Frame
07 – Unknown
08 – Baby Ruthless
09 – Fondue
10 – Nailhead
11 – Twisted
12 – Outro
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Baby Ruthless Cover

Baby Ruthless

A – Baby Ruthless
B – Fondue
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A – Lucky Strike
B – Powerwalk
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Sugar Skulls


Sugar Skulls were a Philly band from the early 2000’s which was often referred to as Philadelphia’s answer to X. The comparison came in a large part due to the late Red Burns (Tequila Worms, Hellfire and Brimstone) and Heather Brann sharing  lead vocals. Red also played Guitar along with Dave Birch (Derelict Hotel). Brian Murray (Psyclone Rangers) played bass and made all of the very distinctive art work for the band. Dane Wilson (Derelict Hotel, Sugar Skulls) was the drummer.
While the X comparison is easy to understand if you go deeper there is evidence of a lot of other influences that gave Sugar Skulls their own unique sound.

Their album Waking Hour is not included here, you can get it here or on itunes here. Thanks to Brian Murray  for the cds and flyers.

ep cover


01 – Cry In The Night
02 – Baptism
03 – Forsaken Blue
04 – The Chase

cd cover

Sugar Skulls – Sugar Skulls

01 – Detroit 442
02 – Light of Despair
03 – Dying Moon
04 – No Cure for Miracles
05 – Pessimist March
06 – Drunken Sympathy
07 – A Room Forever
08 – Grease Fire in the Fusebox
09 – Forsaken Blue
10 – It All Caves In
11 – Coming Apart
12 – Dirt Nap

Live on WPRB (7/28/03)

01 – Dying Moon
02 – Waking Hour
03 – Light Of Despair
04 – Taco Doomsday
05 – Need You Around (Smoking Popes cover)
06 – Swear & Sin
07 – Drunken Sympathy
08 – Baptism
09 – Coming Apart (New Christs cover)
10 – Cry In The Night
11 – Kiss The Bottle (Jawbreaker cover)

MediaFire Zip of all files

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