Black Flag video from the Elk Center at 16th & Fitzwater. This was from the Damage tour with Henry singing, Dez Cadena had moved to be the 2nd guitarist along with Greg Ginn. Chuck Dukowski was on bass and Emil Johnson on drums. They do a lot of their earlier songs but you can see them moving towards the sabbath influenced dirgy stuff. I’m sad to say I never got to see Black Flag by the time I moved to Philly they never played here. I remember once there was a rumor they were going to play a skate board park in the NorthEast (was there even a skateboard park in the Northeast?) but it wasn’t true. I should have broken down and gone to Shitty Gardens but Black Flag was one of the bands that Randy Now made a deal with so they wouldn’t play Philly. I’m not 100% sure that is true but at the time it kept me from going there to see them.I’m not sure what is going on in the encore song it sounds like they are re-playing the music to Damage 1 but different lyrics.
Thanks to Bret at Noise Addiction. for the video.

SST sent a copyright infringement to Youtube so I had to take the videos down. Sorry
But this has been up for a while so maybe it will stay up.

Audio files

01 – Instrumental
02 – Tv Party
03 – I’ve Heard It Before
04 – Depression
05 – Scream
06 – Jealous Again
07 – No Values
08 – Life Of Pain
09 – American Waste
10 – Clocked In & What I See
11 – Padded Cell
12 – Damaged I
13 – Revenge
14 – I’ve Got To Run
15 – My Rules
16 – Six Pack
17 – Fix Me
18 – Rise Above
19 -(encore)

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