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Three O’ Clock – Live St Mary’s Parish 11/25/1983

Paisley Underground band Three O’Clock started as Salvation Army (but was forced to change their name by the religious charity) – Here is a live tape of them playing St Mary’s in West Philly in November 1983.

Thanks for the tape files Brett Noise Addiction II

01 – Sorry
02 – In My Own Time
03 – Tomorrow
04 – On My Own
05 – And So We Run
06 – Stupid Einstein
07 – Marjorie Tells Me
08 – As Real as Real
09 – For Pete’s Sake
10 – I Go Wild
11 – Jetfighters
12 – Going Home
13 – With a Cantaloupe Girlfriend
14 – Feel a Whole Lot Better
15 – I’m Down

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Celibate Rifles – 3 shows from Revival

In a year and a half one of my favorite 80’s Australian bands the Celibate Rifles played Revival 3 times. The one that stands out for me was the April 12, 87 show – earlier on that day I saw Motorhead and the She Males at the Troc, then biked down to Revival to catch the Rifles. They were awesome that night and were amazing and surpsingly louder than Motorhead. They were part of a very Stoogies/Ramones inspired Australian sound from back then that I still really enjoy listening to. Sadly their singer Damien Lovelock died in 2019 here is a link to a tribute article from the Guardian. Also found and interview with the Rifles that aired on WKDU many years ago with Bill MacFarland
Thanks for the tape files Brett Noise Addiction II

Revival July 2, 1986

01 – Gimme Gimme Gimme
02 – Temper Temper Mr Kemper
03 – Sometimes
04 – As My Wife Says
05 – Wild Desire
06 – No Sign
07 – Netherworld
08 – Killing Time
09 – Conflict of Instinct
10 – Down on the Street
11 – Rainforest
12 – Eddie
13 – You’re Gonna Cry
14 – Bill Bonney Regrets
15 – 24 Hours (Sos)
16 – Im Waiting for the Man (Slow Version)
17 – Pills

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Revival April 12, 1987

01 – Intro
02 – City of Fun (The Only Ones)
03 – Tick Tock
04 – Conflict of Instinct
05 – Sometimes
06 – I Still See You
07 – Chat
08 – No Sign
09 – The More Things Change
10 – Some Kind of Feeling
11 – Strange Day- Stranger Nights
12 – Gimme Danger (Iggy and the Stooges Cover)
13 – Happy Birthday to Dave
14 – Jesus on TV
15 – Junk
16 – Netherworld
17 – Ocean Shore
18 – Temper Temper Mr. Kemper
19 – Back in the Red – Gimme Gimme Gimme
20 – Chat-Encore
21 – Down on the Street(The Stooges Cover)
22 – Chat
23 – Hot Stuff (The Rolling Stones Cover)
24 – Its Such a Wonderful Life
25 – Unchain My Heart(Ray Charles Cover)

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Revival October 23, 1987

01 – (Pitch)
02 – Gimme Gimme Gimme
03 – Back in the Red
04 – Jesus on TV
05 – Netherworld
06 – Pretty Colours
07 – Circle Sun
08 – Downtown
09 – A Word About Jones
10 – Oceanshore
11 – Conflict of Instinct
12 – Invisible Man
13 – Temper Temper Mr Kemper
14 – Ice Blue
15 – Thank You America
16 – Sometimes
17 – Pumping (My Heart)
18 – City Slang
19 – Gimme Danger
20 – Riff City Jamming (Soundcheck)
21 – TV Eye (Snippet-Soundcheck)
22 – City of Fun (Soundcheck)
23 – Hangin on (Snippet-Soundcheck)
24 – Sean Ofarrell Riff (Soundcheck)
25 – Sean Ofarrell (Full Instrumental-Soundcheck)

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Pedestrian Angels

Pedestrian Angels included Sam Steinig on Keyboards and Vocals, Eddie Beinlich on Drums, Henry on Vocals and Harmonica, Leonard on Bass and Rainy Orteca on Guitar. The band didn’t actually have an official name but Pedestrian Angels was one that was suggested and considered. They practiced in the basement of the Big Brothers Big Sisters building on N.13th Street where some of the members worked and where this practice was recorded. Pedestrian Angels only existed for two and a half months, in 1988, and never played a live show. In 1992 Sam and Eddie would start the band Mondo Topless. After Pedestrian Angles, Rainy played in the Philly bands Baby Flamehead and Gimme before moving to Brooklyn where she played bass for Joan Osbourne in 1995 and since 2004 can be heard playing bass in the band Joan As Police Woman.
Thanks for the tape files Brett Noise Addiction II

01 – Practice Track One
02 – Practice Track Two
03 – Practice Track Three

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Note: I didn’t have any kind of image for this post so I made a wings of desire (angels) pedestrian sign – this is nothing anyone in the band had anything to do with

Brother JT – Live on WKDU

Brother JT with Jamie Knerr on drums Live from WKDU’s Studio – Sunday, June 3, 2012. Brother JT got started in 1985 or so, had a garage band called the Original Sins, then reincarnated as Brother JT in the early ’90’s. Had albums out on Siltbreeze, Drunken Fish, Drag City, and Birdman. Have been self-releasing for the last few years, most recent effort being Tornado Juice, which is available from his website,  The video was just shoot  with my phone during the in studio and then synced  with the audio from the board.

01 – Intro
02 – Throwaway
03 – Son of Man
04 – Intro
05 – Nothing Really
06 – Intro
07 – Red Cathedral
08 – Intro
09 – I Like Plaid
10 – Intro
11 – Gliding
12 – Intro
13 – Green Curtain
14 – Intro
15 – Be A
17 – Intro
18 – Cat Balloon
19 – Intro
20 – Warms New Cool
21 – Intro
22 – Idyll
23 – Intro
24 – Sunday Nights
25 – Intro
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Fleshtones – London Victory Club, Philadelphia 9-28-82

Garage rock superheroes The Fleshtones Live from the London Victory Club in Philly on 9-28-82 – Tape is good quality from a radio broadcast not sure what station.
Thanks for the tape files Brett Noise Addiction II
01-Captivate Me
03-Screamin Skull
04-Ride Your Pony
05-Shadow Line
06-Sting Ray Dancers
07-The Drag
08-Whats So New (About You)
09-Ive Gotta Change My Life
10-Boss Hoss
11-All Around the World
12-Burnin Hell
13-Roman Gods
14-Nobody But Me
15-Vindicators Theme
16-Time Has Come Today
17-Stop Foolin Around

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Tape cover

The Deliriants were three former members of The Endorphins with a couple friends helping out. After The Endorphins broke up the three guys decided to stay together and do this cover band for fun and earn a bit of money out of it. Their set consisted of ’60s Garage classics plus a few Punk songs for fun. They played a few shows during 1984. This one was recorded through the soundboard. The exact location and date are lost but it took place in a barn somewhere outside of Philadelphia.


01. Night Time
02. Goo Goo Muck
03. Shape Of Things To Come
04. Unchain My Heart
05. Little Girl
06. title unknown
07. I Can’t Make It On Time
08. California Sun
09. I Fought The Law
10. Secret Agent Man
11. title unknown
12. What’s Going On (Inside My Head)
13. Hanky Panky
14. Pipeline
15. Homework
16. These Boots Are Made For Walking
17. The Wanderer
18. Tonight
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Original Sins

Original Sins

Two shows from the 1980s Garage revival legends. Original Sins formed 1985 in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.and continued through much of the 1990s releasing many records. The Khyber show was without their keyboard player. Both shows were recorded from the audience and have good sound quality.
Can anyone fill in the song titles?
They have a facebook page here.
Also defiantly check out Brother JT’s records on his site or bandcamp and the two other current bands RunHideFight & Suffacox mach2 (original Suffacox led by the late & legendary Wayne Hamilton) he is in.
Thanks for the tape files Brett Noise Addiction II

New York City 1988

01. title unknown
02. title unknown
03. title unknown
04. title unknown
05. Why You Love Me So
06. title unknown
07. Tearing Me In Two

Khyber Pass, Philadelphia 11-25-94

01. Ego
02. title unknown
03. title unknown
04. title unknown
05. Saturday
06. Sorrow [McCoys]
07. No Matter What [Badfinger]
08. title unknown
09. title unknown
10. title unknown
11. Making Time [Creation]
12. Original Sins
13. Juicy Fruit
14. Stupefied
15. All I Have To Do Is Dream [Everly Brothers]
16. title unknown
17. title unknown
18. Mary, Mary [Monkees]
19. Not Gonna Be All Right
20. Sugar Sugar [Archies]
21. title unknown
22. title unknown

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Rockula Live from the Khyber – Philadelphia 5-08-98


Rockula were a late 1990s Garage Punk band from Philadelphia. They existed only 6 months in which time they recorded one three song demo and played a few shows. Unfortunately, they never released a record or CD. This show was recorded from the audience and is of good sound quality.

Rockula was Geeta Dalal – vocals (now in RunHideFight), Rob Giglio on drums (Mothra, Blue Train, Stinkbomben, Beretta 76, now in Creem Circus), Margit Detweiler – Keyboards, Roland Sotello -Bass and the late Wayne Hamilton on Guitar.

01 – This Song Should Be A Hit
02 – Big Muff Pie
03 – Cowboy Song
04 – He’s A Jerk
05 – Socks for Christmas/Chihuahua Girl
06 – I’m the Tops
07 – I’m Your Man [Small Faces]
08 – Tell Me Your Name
09 – Charlene
10 – Title Unknown
11 – He’s A Whore [Cheap Trick]
12 – Atomic Dust

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Thanks for sending this to me Brett Noise Addiction II

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