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Stalin’s Daughter

80’s Philadelphia punk band with Rick D on vocals, Dan Warhead on Guitar & Bass, Rush & Jim on various instruments including Bass & Drums. This is the only release by Stalin’s Daughter (that I know of). The gone way too early Rick D went on the book lots of shows at Firenze, Upstairs at Nick’s and as co-owner of Tritone. More info on Rick here

Oktoberfest EP

A1 – Talking Shit
A2 – I Just Wanna Be Friends
B1 – Beer City
B2 – End it All
MediaFire Zip of all files

Cashing in on Christmas

Black Hole Records Christmas Comps – started out with mostly Philly bands then expanded. Includes Stuntmen, Thorazine, Jukebox Zeroes, Doomed To Obscurity, Missile Toads, Violent Society, Limecell, Angry Snowmans plus a lot more band’s christmas songs .

Volume 1

Volume 2

Volume 3

Volume 4

Voulme 5


Philly five-piece S-21 made politically-charged punk rock 2015 – 2017
S-21 was Cella (Fugitive Family), Brian (Fugitive Family), Nneka, Tiff (Haldol) and Cassidy (Blank Spell, Cape Of Bats, Destructos).
My friend Bret gave me the files from their live set on WFMU – but I found FMU had already posted it on the freemusicarchive (see link to it below). So, instead I pieced together everything I could find for S-21 so here are their recordings and some live videos for YouTube.

Short Interview with Yoni before 2017 Break Free Fest

Demo 2016

Year Zero

Operation Menu EP

Live on Hello Children with Faye, WFMU 1/15/2017


S-21 at The Rotunda in Philadelphia, PA on 2017-05-27

2016-11-05 – Philadelphia, PA

2017-09-01 – Philadelphia, PA

Rear Admiral

Rear Admiral formed in early 1993 with the lineup of Steve Tiberi (ex Meister Squad, Stinkbomben, Rotgut,) vocals, Bill Rude (ex Tons of Nuns,, Stinkbomben, Rotgut: future Bad Ronald; current The Koosmans) guitar/vocals, Bill Jones (ex Bottom Feeder) bass, Brian Sussman (ex Tons of Nuns, Stinkbomben: future Bad Ronald) drums. This lineup played its first show at Silk City in June 1993, having been booked as Kernel Mustard, changing the name to Rear Admiral before taking the stage. Six songs were recorded with Art DiFuria in late 1993; two released as ‘Up Y’Oars’ in 1994 on Black Hole Records; the other four released as ‘Chin Music’ in 1995, the only release on Bill’s Ahoy! label. Brian left shortly after these recordings were completed, replaced by Tommy Jerseycow (Stuntmen). The last show was opening up for the Cows at the Khyber Pass in April 1995. Bill, Brian (now on bass), and Tommy played one final show as Rear Admiral, opening up for Ruin at Upstairs at Nick’s in 1996.
Thanks Bill for all the info, flyers & reviews

Up Y'Oars front cover
Up Y'Oars back cover

Up Y’oars 7″

A1 – New Messiah.mp3
B1 – TV Screen.mp3

Chin Music front cover
Chin Music back cover

Chin Music 7″

A1 – Drive Me Crazy.mp3
A2 – Fix It Boy.mp3
B1 – One Man Riot.mp3
B2 – ( You’re So Square) Baby I Don’t Care.mp3

MediaFire Zip of both 7″s


Here is a great description of the band stolen from Nice Popper fanzine (I think)- Kitschchao were thee best punk band in Philadelphia during the early nineties. They released one 7″ single on Compulsiv Records and have an unreleased album floating around the East Coast on CDr. Singer Tristan Egolf went on to write 3 well known novels. Members of Kitschchao ended up in the bands Woodland Fruits, More Fiends, Apollo Creed, Dagobah System and D.T.O..

For my part in 1992 I attempted an ill-fated / not anywhere near enough cash to move – move to San Francisco which later called a vacation with all my stuff. In those maybe 2 months I was gone Kitschchao had started getting everyone’s attention and were reinvigorating the philly scene with some much needed influx of punk and fun. They were a great band to see live and you never knew what was going to happen. If you don’t believe me hopefully the pictures and video below will give you a glimpse of it.
Tristan Egolf -Vocals
Dan Gill – Bass
Jason Clouser – Guitar
Dave Stauffer – Drums

A – Peter Stumpe
B – Gone Sane

MediaFire Zip of all files

From Scrapple comp

Kitschchao – Magdaline

Gone Sane Video


Philadelphia’s Stuntmen were around from 1993-2000, they sound like a mix between the Aussie bands of the 80’s and Power Pop, to me. The band (I believe) was always a trio with Ben Brower (Cream Circus, Adam West) – guitar, Tommy Jerseycow [Keoni] (Rear Admiral, G-Spot Run, Savage 3-D)- drums & Andrew Martini – bass. Later Tommy and Andrew were replaced by Peter Santa Maria (Jukebox Zeros, The Thirteen, Beretta76) & Tom Connors (Mondo Topless, Thee Mink). This post has their five 7 inches (including a split with Dr Bob’s Nightmare) and 2 cds.
Plus here is a link to their track from Black Hole Record’s Very Special People comp – Stuntmen – I’ve Been Told and a video for that song here.

Stuntmen 7 inch (1994)

A – Take A Ride
B – Still

MediaFire Zip of all 7 inch files

What We Deserve 7 inch (1994)

A1 – What We Deserve
B1 – Changin With The Weather
B2 – Jumpstart

MediaFire Zip of all 7 inch files

Sick Of Being Sorry 7 inch (1995)

A1 – Sick Of Being Sorry
A2 – I Knew You When
B1 – Not Fun Anymore
B2 – Lesson In Letdown

MediaFire Zip of all 7 inch files

War Of The Gargantuas! 7 inch split with Dr Bob’s Nightmare (1996)

A1 – Stuntmen – All Around The World
A2 – Stuntmen – National Recovery
B1 – Dr. Bob’s Nightmare – Theo Rock
B2 – Dr. Bob’s Nightmare – Lunch Money

MediaFire Zip of all 7 inch files

Unpaid Vacation 7 inch

A1 – Unpaid Vacation
A2 – Good Lord
B1 – Out Of The Loop
B2 – That Old Familiar

MediaFire Zip of all 7 inch files

Tune You Out cd (1995)

01 – Blame Game
02 – This Lousy Hand
03 – Kick Them Out
04 – The Screws
05 – Bad Impersonation
06 – Get a Good Luck
07 – Temporary Thing
08 – Whats Ailin Me
09 – Is That All
10 – Happy Endings
11 – Econoline
12 – Cool-O-Meter

MediaFire Zip of all files

Small Time cd (2005)

01 – Law Of Average
02 – Snake Oil
03 – Hurry Up And Wait
04 – As It Was
05 – Small Time
06 – Out Of The Loop
07 – Dead Letter
08 – Switched At Birth
09 – 365
10 – Life Support
11 – Cut It Out

MediaFire Zip of all files

A.P.P.L.E. – Live CE Center

A.P.P.L.E. is an influential anarchist peace punkband, formed in New York City circa 1984. Influenced by U.K bands like Crass, Flux Of Pink Indians, and D.I.R.T. It was founded by brother and sister Vinny Apple and Jae Apple. Other former members of A.P.P.L.E. have included Mike Millet, Mickey Malignant, Javier Madriaga, Josh K., Mike G., Joe, and new member Chuck. The and slowly faded away. Jae’s vocals, in particular, have bore distinct comparability to ’60s American rock band Jefferson Airplane’s Grace Slick and ’70s British punk band Xray Spex’s Poly Styrene, from the onset of the band to this very day.

This is a live tape from the 3/23/85 Animal Rights Benefit show at the CE Center with Ruin, Follow Fashion Monkeys & Oblivion. Thanks for the tape files Brett Noise Addiction II

01 – Plastic Bodies and Painted Faces [Aborted]
02 – Plastic Bodies and Painted Faces
03 – No Mans Pet
04 – Squeal Time
05 – Ode on Love
06 – the Last Wilderness
07 – the Masterminds
08 – If in Heaven
09 – Cinderella
10 – Fuck Fashion
11 – I Dont Like You
12 – Registration
13 – Uncle Sams Moving In
MediaFire Zip of all files

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