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Very early Philly Punk Band – I didn’t realize where on Bandcamp until recently – two live shows one from the Hot Club and the other on WXPN. Later went on to be DJ Bobby Startup and the Bunnydrums.

Bobby Startup – Vocals, Attitude
Bruce Glider – Guitar, Vocals, Clothes
Johnny Vukovich – Bass, Looks
Joe Ankenbrand – Drums, Expressions
With Karen ? – Bass, Education (Hot Club)
Other guitar guy – Beard (WXPN)

Live at Hot Club – 4-14-79

Live at WXPN – Early 1979


Gang War – Hot Club 11-30-79

Gang War was a late 70s early 80s collaboration between Johnny Thunders & Wayne Kramer. I posted a later show at Emerald City this is there 1979 show from the Hot Club.

01 – Ramblin’ Rose
02 – London Boys
03 – These Boots Were Made for Walking
04 – The Harder They Come
05 – Mia
06 – I’ll Go Crazy
07 – Endless Party
08 – If You’re Going to the City
09 – Gypsy
10 – The 10 Commandments of Love
11 – Hey Thanks
12 – Pipeline

MediaFire Zip of all files

Iggy Pop – Hot Club 10-29-79

Iggy Pop from the Hot CLub part of the New Values North American Tour 1979.
The band members on this tour where:
Iggy Pop: Vocals
Brian James (The Damned): Guitar
Ivan Kral (Patti Smith, John Waite, John Cale): Keyboards, Guitar
Glen Matlock (Sex Pistols, Rich Kids, Vicious White Kids, The Philistines, The International Swingers: Bass
Klaus Kruger (Tangerine Dream): Drums

Hot Club 10-29-1979

01 – Real Cool Time
02 – Knocking em Down (In the City)
03 – Play it Safe
04 – New Values
05 – Dog Food
06 – TV Eye
07 – Sixteen
08 – Loose
09 – Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell
10 – Funtime
11 – I Wanna Be Your Dog
12 – China Girl
13 – One for My Baby
14 – No Fun
15 – Five Foot One
16 – Take Care of Me
MediaFire Zip of all files

Ultravox – Hot Club 2/23/79

Th original London new wave band Ultravox with John Foxx as frontman and the main driving force behind the band before Midge Ure took over.

John Foxx: “March 1979 – Island had dropped us, and I was planning to leave because I thought synthesizers were going to change music in the same way that the electric guitar did. Then we were offered a tour of America by Miles Copeland and his brother [Ian] – there was a big audience for British new wave acts at that time. We flew over on the cheap with Laker Airlines and, as there were no luggage restrictions, took all of our instruments and our backline amps. When we got off the plane Miles’s brother was waiting for us with a van and we did six weeks with one day off. People like the artist Jean Michel Basquiat and John Frusciante from the Chili Peppers came to see us. The tour ended in Hollywood at the Whisky A Go-Go. After the last show I just told them all that I had had enough and was leaving, that they could have the name and the band identity. Things were already tense – at the end of long tours everyone is full of adrenalin but very tired – and a minor argument broke out although I can’t remember what it was about. Billy and Chris walked out of the dressing room and Warren stayed hut was really angry, although he didn’t shout, as we weren’t that sort of people. We left the venue in separate cars and I flew back to England on my own the next day. It was a great wrench to leave, but the grey suits were waiting. I wanted to work alone with a tape recorder, drum machine, a synthesizer and get rid of anything that was rock’n’roll. As for their later success with Midge Ure, I have nothing to say about them, as that band has nothing to do with me.”
Source: Mojo, the Music Magazine – September 2006

More Ultravox History here

01 – The Man Who Dies Every Day
02 – Slipaway
03 – Slow Motion
04 – Hiroshima Mon Amour
05 – Artificial Life
06 – Just for a Moment
07 – Hes a Liquid
08 – Quiet Men
09 – I Cant Stay Long
10 – Someone Else’s Clothes
11 – Blue Light
12 – My Sex
13 – Young Savage
14 – The Wild the Beautiful and the Da
MediaFire Zip of all files

Thanks for the tape files Brett Noise Addiction II

Philadelphia Punk Gigography 1977-1987

For a few years I was working on this Philly Punk gigography covering the years 1977-1987. I cut off at 1987 because the music diversified so much after that that I thought it would be too much plus, I moved in one direction while others moved in another direction even though all the music could be considered Punk in some form at least. I haven’t been able to finish it because of Covid and the library being closed for a while and also, I wasn’t able to pay for newspapers.com the last several years. Most of what I have listed is from old flyer, fanzines, websites and newspapers. I only did newspaper research for Hot Club and other venues up to summer 1978. So, there is two years of research needed between summer 1978 and 1980. And, then for Omni’s and Ripley’s in the early 1980s. I also added the pre-Punk stuff from Stooges, MC5, New York Dolls, Velvet Underground/Lou Reed, Patti Smith and a few choice others like Hawkwind with Lemmy and Roxy Music that I thought were good influences for Punk.

Gigography 1966-1987 pdf

Please feel free to use it and add to it for the good of all and the history of Philadelphia. If you have any additions, corrections, etc please edit this shared google doc version  or email  FreedomHasNoNounds@gmail.com.

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