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Pedestrian Angels

Pedestrian Angels included Sam Steinig on Keyboards and Vocals, Eddie Beinlich on Drums, Henry on Vocals and Harmonica, Leonard on Bass and Rainy Orteca on Guitar. The band didn’t actually have an official name but Pedestrian Angels was one that was suggested and considered. They practiced in the basement of the Big Brothers Big Sisters building on N.13th Street where some of the members worked and where this practice was recorded. Pedestrian Angels only existed for two and a half months, in 1988, and never played a live show. In 1992 Sam and Eddie would start the band Mondo Topless. After Pedestrian Angles, Rainy played in the Philly bands Baby Flamehead and Gimme before moving to Brooklyn where she played bass for Joan Osbourne in 1995 and since 2004 can be heard playing bass in the band Joan As Police Woman.
Thanks for the tape files Brett Noise Addiction II

01 – Practice Track One
02 – Practice Track Two
03 – Practice Track Three

MediaFire Zip of all files

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Timmy Earlobe (Qual) Band – Practice Tape 1981

Timmy Earlobe – Vocals/Guitar
Matt Rosny – Lead Guitar
Phyllis Rosny – Rhythm Guitar
Eddie Beinlich – Drums

Practice from 1981. Timmy Earlobe was age 15 at the time. The band never had a proper name, only practiced a few times in southwest Philadelphia at 69th Street and Marshall Road and never played a live show.

Timmy Earlobe’s real name is Anthony Jedvabny and in 1983 he started the band Qual who have release 13 albums since then. At various times Qual also featured Pat Ream formerly a member of the Endorphins and Rainy Orteca most recently a member of Joan As Police Woman.

Qual info:
Qual is a Post Industrial Rock/Pop group founded in the early 1980’s, by Singer-Songwriter Anthony Jedvabny. Mr Jedvabny has written and recorded thirteen albums with Qual, as well as solo albums, and has collaborated with many musicians including David E. Williams and Joe DiMattia, formerly of Shaman. The entire Qual catalog is being re-mastered and re-packaged for release worldwide. Some examples of our music can be listened to at: http://www.reverbnation.com/quall
Members: Anthony Jedvabny, Rosie McNamara, Pat Ream, Charles Cypress, Mark Schreiber, Rainy Orteca. Contributing studio musicians: Dave Falsiani, Jennifer Stahl, Cindy Dolgas, Jennifer Dolgas, Bill DeFelice,
Steve Beskrone, Steve Holloway.
Philadelphia, PA United States

Practice Tape (1981)

01 – California (Simpletones Cover)
02 – Bad Boy
03 – Holiday in the Sun
04 – A Bomb in Wardour Street
05 – Title Unknown
06 – Title Unknown
07 – The Nightmare
08 – Title Unknown
09 – Dance With Me
10 – Title Unknown
MediaFire Zip of all files

Thanks for the tape files Brett Noise Addiction II

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