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Judith Schaechter – Demo

I included some of Judith’s songs with the split 7″ with Revologic, this is a demo tape release by Marc from Revologic’s Not one red cent tape series.
This was the Nov 1995 Cassingle of the Month. Tracks 1 & 3 were recorded at reveLodge by Marc (b guitars and b. vocals too.) on Tascam 8-track. Tracks 2 & 4 were recorded at home on boombox by Judith.
If you have not make sure you check out Judith’s Art site..

01 – Liz Anne
02 – Ive Trampled a Million Pretty Flowers
03 – Dead Cowboy
04 – For the Love of Biddle

MediaFire Zip of all files


I forget when or where Jason, Chris and I first spoke about trying to collaborate; was it at a show at the Khyber? taco tueday at Mom’s? I have zero recollection anyway, we had tried a few years before when I tried out for lead singer in their previous combo Dagobah System. that wasn’t the right fit as they were pretty jammy and had an established mode of band communication. I wasn’t about to jump in and force song arrangements on them and they wouldn’t have let me anyway! also I was in 3 other bands at that time, but I always wanted to play with Chris and I definitely always wanted to be a part of the mystique that Jason had with the legendary Kitschchao. they knew the vick logic tapes as well and being Philadelphia players in Phila bands we had all seen another’s bands for years, played on bills together and been on social scene terms of course (man, Philadelphia was much smaller back then wasn’t it?) so, NO the Dagobah System thrived for quite a bit when the band members eventually all did their vocals and gang vocals on their own (a side note: one of the Dagobah jams we rehearsed [and taped] became a mid-period heroics tune in ‘the Elk’) after I left KeN and the city I swore that I wouldn’t and couldn’t play in another band ever. I just didn’t (still don’t) have the political grace to navigate the scene and the band politics always tested or even ruined relationships and friendships. it’s just alot of fucking work creatively, politically and emotionally . . . had I had some level of outward success and an infrastructure (read: musical career) I could have jumped into something more willingly and I don’t think I SUCK necessarily either, it’s just that audience success never came

I think Jason and Chris were also reticent in the same way as the broke up Dagobah for some personal reasons as well. so before we even played a note I said “no pressure. no restrictions. no set ideas. if we don’t gel let’s not force it” when we finally did get together it was effortless. even with a limited line-up in 2 guitars and a vocal it was clear that we could mesh our ideas and our talent Chris is a fucking genius and JCLo has a punk rock soul (and a great guitar tone). I think they dug my ability to wedge a hook and melody into their progressions we got off on it and decided to become a band after a few weeks plus, these were some of the greatest funnest drunken-ish practices ever. total freeform fun. we became fast friends and solid writing partners right then that first month. now to find a drummer . . .-Marc

the heroics: 12.1999 – 8.2004
the heroics:
Marc Beck vocals
Chris Hunter guitar
Jason Clouser guitar
Roger Bodine bass
Lenny America drums 1
Matt Kovalchuk drums 2

Bottle cover

Bottle / Is this the Seminar

01-Is this the Seminar
02-(I miss my) Bottle

4 song ep

01-Sweet Tart
03-Is This the Seminar
04-Th Revealor



01 – Sweet Tart
02 – Bottle
03 – Is This the Seminar
04 – Sunshine
05 – Akai Akai
06 – Running With the New Punx
07 – Th Revealor
08 – Th Volunteer
Bonues Track: Pull-Tab Currency

MediaFire Zip of all files

Ken -First 7″ & Live (90s)

The mid 90’s during the early days of Ken when they were an all girl band with a guy singer. It was always good to see a Ken show (and still is) the band were having fun and the audience were all totally loving it and having a great time. It simply was (and always will be) a good time. This lineup of Ken was Marc Beck (Revelogic, Heroics, Vick Logic) was the singer, with the two current members of the Ken – Lauren on guitar and Marina on Bass and two ex-members Judith also on guitar and Toni on Drums. For newer Ken go see their bandcamp releases below or Facebook Page

Ken 7 inch cover
Ken 7inch Back cover

Self Titled 7 Inch
A1 – Staunch
A2 – Shooie Down
B1-Rodman Street Swagger

01 – Convenience Store
02 – Boys Who Rock
03 – Cigarette Song
04 – Hey! What?
05 – Junky!
06 – Happy Pity Clap
07 – Husteler
08 – Dead Orp….he Snow
09 – Rosary Beads
10 – Matty Pond

MediaFire Zip of all files

Parade of Sinners

Silky Smooth Destruction

Ken @ the Fire

Videos from a Ken show at the Fire on March 20th 2010. My best guess is Ken has been around now for over 15 years. Going through many different singers and drummers in the early days until the current lineup that has been together for at least 10 years now. They released one 7″ and two cd’s (you should buy them here) Ken doesn’t play out much these days but when they do it’s worth the wait. I’m not very good at describing music and I can’t think of another band that Ken sounds like so just check it out. Also go to the I Like Ken Website. (I tried to fix the audio on the videos but it’s still a little crackly. My flip style video camera I discovered does not have a volume control and it recorded a little too loud.) I also included a video for the song “Happy Suicide” directed by Paul Hazlett and the audio files are below all the videos.


Ken – Happy Suicide

Ken – Punk Rock Block

Ken – Snowflake

Ken – Evil Snake

Ken – Sweaty Psalms

Ken – James Bond Brown

Ken- Boys Who Rock

Ken – 08-38″24″28″ Hike

Video for “Happy Suicide” off the new album Silky Smooth Destruction
directed by Paul Hazlett

Audio files

01 – Happy Suicide
02 – Punk Rock Block
03 – Snowflake
04 – Evil Snake
05 – Sweaty Psalms
06 – James Bond Brown
07 – Boys Who Rock
08 – 38″24″28″ Hike

MediaFire Zip

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