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Revelogic is a solo project from Marc Beck (Crankcase, Vick Logic, Ken, Heroics.) The Live from WKDU is from Marina’s show from April 12, 1996.
Then his full cd New Pacific Map which was easily one of my favorite cds from 97. Below that is the 7″ with Marc and Judith Schaechter who also creates amazing stained glass art (and they were in Ken together) – 2 of Marc’s No One Red Cent Cassette tapes – then his My Century cd compilation of other solo works.

Live on WKDU 04-12-96

00 – Intro
01 – My Century
02 – Beautiful Mary
03 – Hey Virginia
04 – Starfizzed
05 – Alchol
06 – Unknown
07 – Wrapped Up
08 – Revolutionary Song for the Teapot
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New Pacific Map

01 – Hey Virgina
02 – Beautiful Mary
03 – My Century
04 – Starfizzed
05 – Drink
06 – Wrapped Up
07 – Superfell
08 – Acoustic Guitar with Razor Blade
09 – New Pacific Map
10 – Revolutionary Song For the Teapot
11 – Japanese Distortion Theme
12 – Fromanila
13 – Chinese Water Kisses
14 – The Tea in Taiwan
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Revelogic Vs Judith Schaechter 7″

A1 – My Last Match
A2 – Hungover Again
B1 – Sunday
B2 – Throw That Glass of Water Away

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Rev. L. Sap. Logic tape

A1 – Suddenly Sullen
A2 – Sick of the Scene
B1 – Wrapped Up
B2 – Train

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Winter Holiday tape

A1 – Ugly Child
A2 – Battle Cry of the Marchong Ornaments
A3 – Christmas Card
B1 – Faith Soup
B2 – Homeland 95

My Century

01 – Previous Country
02 – My Century
03 – Shutter 1
04 – Shutter 2
05 – Shutter 3
06 – Rodman St. Blues
07 – Planet World
08 – My Black Heart
09 – When In Athens
10 – When In Athens Pt 2
11 – My Obsessive Me
12 – The Shit That Passes For Friends
13 – Heart=art
14 – Quit My Band
15 – Don’t Blame God
16 – Dying On The Vine
17 – Staunch
18 – Original Theme
19 – Jazz Skrenk
20 – Choice Wings, Go
21 – Alternative Tara Jam
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Electric Love Muffin – Live Tapes

Live Tapes of Electric Love Muffin recorded and given to me by Don Sheluga (Thanks Don!). I will add more as I split up the tracks and figure out the titles (when I can)

Khyber Pass – 12-31-1989

01 – A Better Song / Late Nights – Early Mornings / I Aims to Please / Down Easy / Sperm of the Moment
02 – Unknown
03 – Jake
04 – 2-Unknown-Songs
05 – Unknown / Islands in the Sun / Blackness That Could Be Blue
06 – Drunk and Horny / I Got a Line / Muffin March
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City Paper Alternative Music Showcase @ Chestnut Cabaret – 12-28-1989

01 – A Better Song
02 – Aims to Please – Down Easy – Sperm of the Moment
03 – June
04 – You Don’t Get to Be Crime Boss
05 – Who’s a Toker
06 – Chump Chnage
07 – Islands in the Sun – Blackness That Could Be Blue – I Got a Line
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Houston Hall Auditorium – Penn 09/16/1989

01 – All Fools Dance
02 – A Better Song – Late Nights Early Mornings – Down Easy
03 – Unknown
04 – Unknown
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Bacchanal 01/20/89.

01 – I Aims to Please
02 – Sperm of the Moment
03 – Diamonds & Glass
04 – Not So Perfect Stranger
05 – Mr Softy’s Wild Ride
06 – Unknown
07 – Islands in the Sun / Blackness That Could Be Blue
08 – Unknown
09 – A Better Song
10 – Late Nights- Early Mornings
11 – Down Easy
12 – Drunk & Horny
13 – I’m a Man
14 – Venus
15 – Get Ready
16 – I Got a Line
17 – I Don’t Mind
18 – Muffin March
19 – Highway Star
20 – The Revolution Comes to North Street

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Vick Logic- Live on WKDU 12-16-1994

Vick Logic Cover

Vick Logic Live on Marina’s show on WKDU from December 1994. They were Marc Beck (Crankcase, Revelogic, Ken, etc) on Vocals, Guitar, extras / Jeff Warner (Strapping Field Hands, Crankcase, Amazing Thrill Show) on Bass & Percussion / Mikey Ritz on Guitar.  They were on the WKDU’s Scrapple 7″ box set.  The first song got cut off and the 2nd starts into the song. There was also an interview with Marina  after they played.
Enjoy the low-fi songs of yearning .

00 – intro
01 – unknown(cutoff)
02 – Animal High
03 – Weird Bird And The Preacherman
04 – Girl Crush
05 – Cranberry Wine
06 – Dorchester
07 – Shangri-Lall
08 – Library Card
09 – More Than Just Ice Cream
10 – Electric Farmer
11 – Outro

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GWAR from Revival 7/6/89

GWAR live from Revival on July 6, 1989.

Serial Killers and TAD opened the show.

Gwar Flyer

Check out their live stream tonight
Scumdogs XXX Live! The 30th Anniversary reunion show of Scumdogs of the Universe
Puny humans!
GWAR, the greatest live band In the universe will unleash Scumdogs XXX Live! The 30th Anniversary reunion show of the shock rock classic Scumdogs of the Universe Presented by Liquid Death and Metal Injection. This is a full uncensored GWAR concert streamed LIVE only at Gwar.net October 30th at 8 pm EST, pre-show starting at 6 pm EST. This show will be available on demand until November 15th. Miss it at your peril!

Gwar Flyer
Thanks Pete at Sounds of Tomorrow for the beta tapes.

Epic Soundtracks Live JC Dobbs

epic soundtracks

Epic Soundtracks was the stage name of the British musician Kevin Paul Godfrey Epic and his brother Niki Sudden (Adrian Nicholas Godfrey) were part of the Swell Maps with Epic playing drums and piano, and “Sudden” on guitar and vocals. After the Swell Mpas broke up Epic played drums for Crime & the City Solution and These Immortal Souls. In 1991, he started his own songwriting career as well as a vocalist and multi-instrumentalist, he released three solo records. He dies of unknown caused in 6 November 1997. I only recorded 4 songs (I’m not sure why)
Updated info (thanks to Mark) this was from a show May 31st 1995 with Mad Scene and Philly band Kavune opening for him.

Flyer JC Dobbs

01 – Tonights the night
02 – Something New Under The Sun
03 – Theres Been A Change in Me
04 – Everybody Else Is Wrong

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Hawkwind – Ambler Cabaret 11-30-90

Dave Brock

Legendary space rock of Hawkwind live from Ambler Cabaret, Ambler PA on 11-30-90.

Lineup for this show:
Dave Brock – guitar, keyboards, vocals
Alan Davey – bass, synthesizer, vocals
Richard Chadwick – drums
Bridget Wishart – vocals

Thanks for the tape files Brett Noise Addiction II


01 – Needle Gun
02 – The Golden Void
03 – Ejection
04 – Wings
05 – Out of the Shadows
06 – Night of the Hawk
07 – Title Unknown
08 – T.V. Suicide
09 – Back in the Box
10 – Hassan I Sahba
11 – Images
12 – Reefer Madness

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Dirt Search Headlight

Dirt Search Headlight

Dirt Search Headlight – Live Khyber Pass, Philadelphia 1995

Dirt Search Headlight were former members of Red Herring and Carnival of Shame. They played around Philly for a couple of years, recorded some demos but never released anything. Unfortunately I don’t have the whole show tape it was lost it except for this one song.


If you want more you can get their demo on this page. Also some live videos also from the Khyber here

Thanks for sending this to me Brett Noise Addiction II

Cop Shoot Cop – Khyber 1990 (91?)

Cop Shoot Cop

Cop Shoot Cop from the Khyber in Philadelphia. The tape did not have a date on it but I’m guessing it was 90 or 91. Their initial line-up included Tod A. (vocals and high-end bass), James Coleman (sampler), Natz (low-end bass, occasional vocals), David Ouimet (sampler) and Phil Puleo (metal, drums). I saw them at least 2 or 3 times in Philly and they always but on a good show. Their early stuff was heavy industrial with heavy Bass, drums, metal and sampling. Later they started to remind my of Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds while still keeping their own sound. If you want to check out the early stuff go to Psychotic Leisure Music. Currently Todd A has a new band Firewater which has more international and eastern influences and is one of the funnest bands to see currently out there.
Check out Cop Shoot Cop web site

Audio files

01 – Low Com Denom
02 – Discount Rebellion
03 – Schweinhund
04 – Coldest Day of the Year
05 – Shes Like A Shot
06 – Feel Good
07 – Burn Your Bridges
08 – Cameleon Man
09 – Shine On Elizabeth
10 – Empire Collapse

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Nirvana – JC Dobbs 10/1/91

NirvanaNirvana from JC Dobbs the last tour before they became big rock stars. Their third time at Dobbs from October 1st 1991 with the Melvins. I wish I had taped the Melvins but I unfortunately didn’t. It was a little weird to me that Nirvana became the big band at the time I was way more into Mudhoney and thought they would be huge. Shows what I know. But one of the things I respected Nirvana allot was paying homage to the bands that influenced them. Having Pat Smear join as a 2nd guitar player and wearing a Daniel Johnston shirt on mTV are just a few examples. At this show they did a good mix of Nevermind, Bleach and other stuff. According to a site dedicated to Nirvana shows it was reported Kurt was feeling well so that may be why they didn’t do an encore.

Audio files

01 – Jesus Wants Me for A Sunbeam
02 – Drain You
03 – Aneurysm
04 – Floyd The Barber
05 – Smells Like Teen Spirit
06 – Polly
07 – About A Girl
08 – Sliver
09 – Come As You Are
10 – Blew
11 – Been A Son

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Firehose – Live Revival Philadelphia 11/6/87

Dead Milkmen

Firehose from Revival in 87 – a bunch of songs from their first two albums, one minutemen cover and a BOC cover. I along with two other KDU dj’s had set up an interview with Mike Watt through SST. So of course when we got there he had no idea we were coming. So we waited out in the cold and got a six pack. Evidently we got in and did the interview and Mike Watt was really easy to talk to and was a much better interviewee then we were interviewers. But the plus side of doing an interview was we were already in Revival and didn’t have to worry about getting carded by the bouncers. I missed most of Trained Attack Dogs but I got to see Slovenly. I really liked Slovenly – they seemed to fall into the you either love them or hate them bands (I have some of their set on tape I’ll put up later.) Firehose came on and were great – ok they weren’t the Minutemen and at the time it was hard to not compare the two. But now with time Firehose had some great songs and Mike Watt and George Hurley are so together and tight it was amazing. Check out Mike Watt’s Hoot Page

01 – Locked In
02 – Hear Me
03 – Under The Influence Of Meat Puppets
04 – Operation Solitaire
05 – For The Singer Of REM
06 – Brave Captain
07 – One Reporter’s Opinion
08 – On Your Knees
09 – In Memory Of Elizabeth Cotton
10 – Someimes
11 – Relatin’ Dudes To Jazz
12 – Backroads
13 – Soon
14 – Chemical Wire
15 – Me You Remembering
16 – Another Theory Shot To Shit
17 – Choose Any Memory
18 – Making The Freeway
19 – Red And The Black
20 – Thunderchild
21 – Perfect Pairs

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