Sara Weaver

Swisher (originally named “The Weave”) was Sara Weaver’s band from 1995 until she died in 2002. Sara fronted the band on lead vocals and rhythm guitar with the final line-up of Brett Acker on bass, Brendan McTear playing lead guitar & Backing Vocals and Jonathan Vital on drums. For more info and it looks like you can still purchase Swisher’s 2 cds – Go to the Weave wbesite

“Hey, this is pretty nifty girl pop with an edge and still enough sweets and hooks to attract your wimpier BELLE & SEBASTIAN-loving younger sibling. The vocals have an almost old KRISTIN HERSH-like quality with music that’s more UK fuzzpop than Boston art-shamble. Hell, its even got that twangy guitar thing to get your older college-rock sister jumping. Hell, this is fun for the whole hipster family! Find myself digging this despite myself. Wimpy and squeaky-clean, but the most fun I’ve had in a while.”
-Maximum Rock ‘N’ Roll

weave Tape case

The Weave Demo Tape

Early demo tape with Sara, Patty Gibson on organ and Jeff Werner on drums.

00 – TheWeave-Demo
01 – Clueless
02 – Rock-A-Bye Baby
03 – Gossip Bitch
04 – Amanda
05 – Lucky Star
06 – Face Ache

Weave cassette

The Weave – Live & ?

The first four songs are definitely The Weave live from somewhere the rest I’m not sure what it is – there are some Ken songs and a Strapping Field Hands song. If I get more info I’ll update this.

01 – Plankton Boy
02 – Asshole
03 – Waiting Room
04 – Face Ache
05 – Boys Who Rock
06 – Unknown
07 – Comet
08 – Red Dog the Deconstructor

Swisher Demo Tape

Swisher Demo Tape – no info on the song titles sorry

01 – Unknown
02 – Unknown
03 – Unknown
04 – Unknown

MediaFire Zip of all files

Thanks for the tapes Jackie.

Live on WKDU

Sara Weaver’s band Swisher Live on Marina’s show on WKDU from April 07, 1999 also including an interview with the band.
02-Plankton Boy
03-Compromice This
04-Gossip Bitch
07-Face Ache
08-Crazy Train

MediaFire Zip of all files