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King James Version

Mid 90’s Punk band from Philadelphia. They released one 7″ and an LP plus I’ve included a demo tape and part of a Live on WKDU set from Marina’s show.
King James Version was Scott Slagle (Derelict Hotel) – Vocals & Guitar, Dane Wilson (Derelict Hotel, Sugar Skulls) – Drums, Shannon Lynn – Guitar & Phil Calabrese or Shane Dilworth – Bass.
(Thanks for the tapes Marina)


01 – Medusa
02 – At 12 Its 9
03 – Angst Beyond
04 – 1983

Drink You In 7″

A1 – Drink You In
A2 – Part-Two
B1 – Hells Eggs

Peaks And Valleys LP

A1 – Jitterbug
A2 – Black Hills
A3 – Hemline Carpetbombers
A4 – Hourglass (Of Your Last)
B1 – Horseshoes & Handgrenades
B2 – Ability to See
B3 – Drink You In
B4 – Whats the Problem- Officer – 0-60

Live on WKDU 08/04/1995 (Missing the beginning)

01 – Unknown
02 – Hemline Carpetbombers
03 – Sex Starter
04 – Junebug
05 – Unknown
06 – Drink You In
07 – Hourglass of Yourlast
08 – Outro
MediaFire Zip of all files

Initial Attack

Early funk influenced No Wave band from Philadelphia with Robyn Graves (Serial Killers) on vocals, Val Opielski (ps xo, Krakatoa, Bush Tetras) on guitar & Keyboards, Dan Melamed on Drums and the late Martel Fin on bass
Val gave me these tape’s files a while ago (when I wasn’t very actively making updates) and I have no idea why but I did not put them up then. (Sorry about that Val). Then Initial Attack was mentioned in a conversation about Yoni’s article about Philly No Wave. It made me check my look for it  and I had the demo. I hope there aren’t more things people gave me that I didn’t get up. Check this demo out.

01 – It Goes on and On
02 – Terminal Shock
03 – Lost in the Dark
04 – War Art

MediaFire Zip of all files

Initial Attack – New Years 1984 Love Club

5 Story Fall

Finally can put up the 5 Story Fall demo (sort of) – this is recordings of the carts (which were basically 8-tracks with a single songs on them) from WKDU that  (luckily) Jackie had recorded on  a cassette. (Thanks Jackie)
5 Story Fall was John Gilmour (The She Males Encounters) – singing and some guitar, David Reworht  – guitar,  Kelvin Joyner – vocals, Rob Boyes ( Doctor at Tree) – bass  and Bobbie Ray – Drums.
“Bobbie went on to join Executive Slacks We lived next door to Matt Marello Matt and John Young were our idols! Executive Slacks and Lee Paris got East Side Club and Ripleys to book us but we were all notoriously underage all the time” – John
I have also posted a video with a couple of songs from a WKDU Band Bash in 1985 and some Flyers below.  Thanks to John Gilmour for the much needed info.

01 – Fugitive
02 – Slay the Vampire
03 – Suppression
04 – Ship in Your Harbor

MediaFire Zip of all files

Blue – Good Horse Demo 1st 7″ & Live on WKDU


Blue Started in Athens, Ohio and then they moved to Philly post college.
Andrew Shapiro who played drums for Blue in 89-90 sent me these files (Thanks Andrew) I have a copy of the demo and was meaning to digitize it but now I  don’t have to do that. Plus as an added bonus he included 4 songs when they played on Jackie’s show on WKDU and the first 7″.
There other 7 inches and Solid State LP can be found here – http://pessimistclub.blogspot.com/2009/02/blue-solid-state-singles.html
As well as the Blastpheme (1986) cassette here – https://pessimistclub.blogspot.com/2008/07/blue-blastpheme-1986.html

Later lineup for the album and later 7″s was
DaVid LoWe – VoCaLs, GTR
DaN – GTR, moog
P.K. – baSS, VoCaLs
JohN KuTZ – dRuMs

Good Horse Tape

01 – On Mama’s Knee
02 – Hold Tight
03 – In the Cold River
04 – Heart Felt Smokin
05 – Unknown
06 – Moon Light Pussy
07 – 969
08 – Ragdoll
09 – Good Horse

Live on KDU tape

Live on WKDU (11/01/1988)

00 – Intro
01 – Unknown
02 – Unknown
03 – Unknown
04 – Unknown
05 – Unknown
06 – Unknown
07 – Unknown
08 – Outro

Live on WKDU (12/12/1989)

00 – Intro
01 – Detriot
02 – Foxy Lady
03 – Evil Snake
04 – Unknown
05 – Crawpappy
06 – Screw
07 – White Trash
08 – Ragdoll
09 – Unknown
10 – Unknown
11 – Unknown

MediaFire Zip of both Live on WKDU sets

7 inch cover

Angels On Hogs / Evil Snake 7″

01 – Angels On Hogs
02 – Evil Snake 
MediaFire Zip of all other files

Electric Love Muffin – Live Tapes

Live Tapes of Electric Love Muffin recorded and given to me by Don Sheluga (Thanks Don!). I will add more as I split up the tracks and figure out the titles (when I can)

Khyber Pass – 12-31-1989

01 – A Better Song / Late Nights – Early Mornings / I Aims to Please / Down Easy / Sperm of the Moment
02 – Unknown
03 – Jake
04 – 2-Unknown-Songs
05 – Unknown / Islands in the Sun / Blackness That Could Be Blue
06 – Drunk and Horny / I Got a Line / Muffin March
MediaFire Zip of all files

City Paper Alternative Music Showcase @ Chestnut Cabaret – 12-28-1989

01 – A Better Song
02 – Aims to Please – Down Easy – Sperm of the Moment
03 – June
04 – You Don’t Get to Be Crime Boss
05 – Who’s a Toker
06 – Chump Chnage
07 – Islands in the Sun – Blackness That Could Be Blue – I Got a Line
MediaFire Zip of all files

Houston Hall Auditorium – Penn 09/16/1989

01 – All Fools Dance
02 – A Better Song – Late Nights Early Mornings – Down Easy
03 – Unknown
04 – Unknown
MediaFire Zip of all files

Bacchanal 01/20/89.

01 – I Aims to Please
02 – Sperm of the Moment
03 – Diamonds & Glass
04 – Not So Perfect Stranger
05 – Mr Softy’s Wild Ride
06 – Unknown
07 – Islands in the Sun / Blackness That Could Be Blue
08 – Unknown
09 – A Better Song
10 – Late Nights- Early Mornings
11 – Down Easy
12 – Drunk & Horny
13 – I’m a Man
14 – Venus
15 – Get Ready
16 – I Got a Line
17 – I Don’t Mind
18 – Muffin March
19 – Highway Star
20 – The Revolution Comes to North Street

MediaFire Zip of all files

Immaculate Hearts

Immaculate Hearts was the late Philadelphia (and Toronto) legend Freddy Pompeii singing and Dee Pop on drums along with Steve House (Guitar), W.G.Hamilton (Bass). Freddy was in the Viletones (Toronto), the Secrets (Toronto), Bubble, Gas Company, Fight Fuck or Dance, and Dee Pop is the drummer for Bush Tetras from New York City

I’ve collected everything I could find for this band – First up is a Live set from WKDU on Jackie’s show, Jackie also had a 6 song early demo tape. Then the 3 – 7 inches they released and an unreleased set of songs that Brett saved off an old MySpace page. Finishing up with an amazing Tribute video put together by Craig Surgent of a Paul Revere & the Raiders cover song (Good Things).

Live on WKDU November 14, 1989

00 – Intro
01 – Tell Me
02 – Heat Beat
03 – Everything Should Be
04 – Happy Mothes Day
05 – 50-50-Grind
06 – Springtime
07 – I Gave You Grace
08 – Rebel (Viletones Cover)

Demo Tape

01 – Fever Dream
02 – I Gave You Grace
03 – Everything Should Be
04 – Happy Mothers Day
05 – Good News in the Graveyard
06 – Glory Stomp

Fever Dream b/w Happy Mother’s Day (7″)

A1 – Fever Dream
B1 – Happy Mothers Day

Sugar Pussy (7″)

A1 – Sugarpussy
B2 – 50-50 Grind

Everything Should Be The Way It Should Be (7″)

A1 – Everything Should Be the Way it the Way it Should Be
B1 – I Gave You Grace

Unreleased 7 songs

01. Messed Up
02. Dead Museum
03. Good News In The Graveyard
04. Dirty Feeling
05. Space Trippin’ Baby (Rehearsal)
06. Crippled (Live)
07. Thee Immaculate Heart

MediaFire Zip of all files

Freddie Pompeli Tribute Video by Craig Surgent

This is a tribute video which I made to celebrate the life of Freddy Pompeii by Craig Surgent (song Good Things a Paul Revere & The Raiders cover)

Ultravox – Hot Club 2/23/79

Th original London new wave band Ultravox with John Foxx as frontman and the main driving force behind the band before Midge Ure took over.

John Foxx: “March 1979 – Island had dropped us, and I was planning to leave because I thought synthesizers were going to change music in the same way that the electric guitar did. Then we were offered a tour of America by Miles Copeland and his brother [Ian] – there was a big audience for British new wave acts at that time. We flew over on the cheap with Laker Airlines and, as there were no luggage restrictions, took all of our instruments and our backline amps. When we got off the plane Miles’s brother was waiting for us with a van and we did six weeks with one day off. People like the artist Jean Michel Basquiat and John Frusciante from the Chili Peppers came to see us. The tour ended in Hollywood at the Whisky A Go-Go. After the last show I just told them all that I had had enough and was leaving, that they could have the name and the band identity. Things were already tense – at the end of long tours everyone is full of adrenalin but very tired – and a minor argument broke out although I can’t remember what it was about. Billy and Chris walked out of the dressing room and Warren stayed hut was really angry, although he didn’t shout, as we weren’t that sort of people. We left the venue in separate cars and I flew back to England on my own the next day. It was a great wrench to leave, but the grey suits were waiting. I wanted to work alone with a tape recorder, drum machine, a synthesizer and get rid of anything that was rock’n’roll. As for their later success with Midge Ure, I have nothing to say about them, as that band has nothing to do with me.”
Source: Mojo, the Music Magazine – September 2006

More Ultravox History here

01 – The Man Who Dies Every Day
02 – Slipaway
03 – Slow Motion
04 – Hiroshima Mon Amour
05 – Artificial Life
06 – Just for a Moment
07 – Hes a Liquid
08 – Quiet Men
09 – I Cant Stay Long
10 – Someone Else’s Clothes
11 – Blue Light
12 – My Sex
13 – Young Savage
14 – The Wild the Beautiful and the Da
MediaFire Zip of all files

Thanks for the tape files Brett Noise Addiction II

Scram – Live Tapes

Live Tapes of Scram recorded and given to me by Don Sheluga (Thanks Don!).
I will add more as I split up the tracks and figure out the titles (where I can)

Scram - toasters flyer

Chestnut Cabaret – March 01, 1990

End of the All Ages set
01 – Listen to Your Momma
02 – Piece of the Pie

Bar set
03 – Intro
04 – Whose Side You’re On
05 – Here Tonight
06 – Forward Onward
07 – Power
08 – Its Aright
09 – A Place in Your World
10 – Unknown
11 – Cant Get Over It
12 – Listen to Your Momma
13 – Piece of the Pie

MediaFire Zip of all files

Arch Street Empire – May 26, 1989

00 – Intro
01 – Here Tonight
02 – Whose Side You’re On
03 – Forward- Onward
04 – Passing Me By
05 – Listen to Your Momma
06 – Cant Get Over It.
07 – Power
08 – Don’t Run Away
09 – But Its Alright
10 – Piece of the Pie
11 – Imagine
12 – (Band Intros) Whose Side You’re On
13 – Fire
MediaFire Zip of all files

The Heathens

Mace Canister Recordings’ Bandcamp has released The Heathens Philadelphia
Definitely pick this up on Bandcamp – The Heathens also have two tracks on the Get Off My Back Comp.

1981-1984 Philadelphia band with members of The Stick Men, King of Siam, Informed Sources and the 15 year-old brother of drummer Sky Kishlo .This is a posthumous 30-something song cassette of studio recordings and a live appearance on WXPN-FM Philadelphia entitled “Ladies And Gentlemen,These Are The Heathens” that was made with cover and insert with song titles and liner notes by their late drummer

This release is in loving memory of Beth Ann Lejman and Sky Kishlo.

All monies from paid downloads will be donated to Environmental Working Group ewg.org by request of Steven Kishlo

Paid downloads include PDF file or original insert with track listing, anyone else can mail macecanisterrecordings@gmail.com for one

Steven Kishlo – vox
Beth Ann Lejman – guitar
Jacy Webster = bass/guitar/vox
Sky Kishlo- drums
Frank Carroll- bass

Studio recordings by Bob Dickie
Live recording WXPN-FM Philadelphia by Michel Polizzi

Heathens flyer

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