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The Fall – Live Chestnut Cabaret 5/7/88

The Mighty Fall from the Chestnut Cabaret in May of 1988. From the time frame the band was most likely – Brix Smith / Steve Hanley / Craig Scanlon / Simon Wolstencroft / Marcia Schofield and of course (do I even have to mention) Mark E Smith. Thanks for the tape Don Sheluga

00 – Intro.mp3
01 – Cab it Up.mp3
02 – Get a Hotel.mp3
03 – Hit the North.mp3
04 – Guest Informant.mp3
05 – Frenz.mp3
06 – Victoria (The Kinks Cover).mp3
07 – Bombast.mp3
08 – Oswald Defence Lawyer.mp3
09 – 2 x 4.mp3
10 – Bad News Girl.mp3
11 – Bremen Nacht.mp3
12 – Tuff Life Boogie.mp3
13 – Carry Bag Man.mp3
14 – Mr. Pharmacist (The Other Half Cover).mp3
15 – U.S. 80s-90s.mp3

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Killing Joke – Live

City Gardens, Trenton NJ 10th February 1991

01 intro
02 Inside The Termite Mound
03 Money Is Not Our God
04 Extremities
05 Wardance
06 Intravenous
07 The Beautiful Dead
08 Change
09 Frenzy
10 The Age Of Greed
11 Complications

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Thanks for the Live tapes Don Sheluga

East Side Club – 8-17-81

Killing Joke from the East Side Club from August 17th 1981 part of their East coast of the US Tour

Audio Tape

01 – Wardance
02 – Unspeakable
03 – The Wait
04 – The Fall of Because
05 – Complications
06 – Exit
07 – Requiem
08 – Follow the Leaders
09 – Bloodsport
10 – Change
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Killing Joke east Coast Tour Flyer

No Milk

Post Punk early 80’s band that played the East Side CLub a lot. Judging by the article in Termial! (page 9) there may have been a lot of different people in the band during it’s short exsistance. The only one I know for sure is Chris Unrath (Baby Flamehead, Shimmers) since he posted the pictures which lead to getting the soundcloud link. (Thanks Chris & Rikki Ercoli)

Here’s a condensed history of No Milk – from Miguel H Gonzalez

Doug Rooney, guitar, and Cordy Swope, bass (later of Ruin) met 17-year-old Jeremy Klotz, drums (later of Physical Push) after the dissolution of The Ecstatics – whose members included Dave Bass, drums (later of Young Snakes) and Ron Gonzalez, guitar (later of Swans).

Ron’s my older brother. Doug went to HS with my sister. And Jeremy plus John Slepian were my friends at CAPA in Center City.

Singer Mark Rayment joined next. Then they added second guitarist Chris Unrath, who had had several bands with Mark that never took off beyond rehearsals. (One of which I was in along with Dave Martin.)

After No Milk opened for Killing Joke, local buzz really started taking off. But, Cordy left for Boston, so they recruited Dave Martin, bass (later of The Fad).

But then Jeremy decided to leave to start his own band with John Slepian, so I left Sadistic Exploits to join No Milk.

The quintet pictured is an early photo shoot around that time. We went on a 10-month tear locally plus a few gigs in DC (9:30 Club), Baltimore (Marble Bar) and Trenton (City Gardens). We recorded at Sigma with Mike Tarsia, and Lee Paris played “The No Milk Album” (actually a four-song EP) a lot.

But after opening for the Stray Cats at the ESC in July 1982, we fractured due to internal differences, stress, and what was probably more than a hot streak of burnout.

Later in 1982, Cordy returned from Boston and after reuniting with Doug found drummer Phil Fugelo (later of Mr. Mehta) and re-booted No Milk with Mark on vocals. As memory serves they played a handful of shows.

But ultimately closed the book. I like to think that No Milk spawned several interesting and important Philly bands — Ruin, The Fad, Mr Mehta, and Baby Flamehead among them.

I went on to play in Timi & The Dub Warriors with Chuck Treece among many great players. In the early 90s, I joined the eTribe with MT Giannone, another early 80s hardcore drummer.

Midnight sessions with Mike Tarsia engineering.

Executive Slacks – Ripley’s Music Hall

When I joined KDU Executive Slacks were the biggest band at the station for over 21 (or at least good fake ID) crowd. I was more in the all ages hardcore show faction so although I liked them I never actually got to see them live.
Their bandcamp page has a good description of the band:
They were one of the most groundbreaking bands to emerge out of Philadelphia in the early ‘80s, laying the sonic foundation for future acts such as Ministry, Skinny Puppy, and Nine Inch Nails. Yet the post-punk, proto-industrial sounds of Albert Ganss, Matt Marello, and John Young never earned the significant recognition it deserved.

I’m not sure what year this video was shot but it is from Ripley’s Music Hall so that narrows it down until early to mid 80’s.

Dangerous Minds article about their re-releases here
Executive Slacks Bandcamp Page

Thanks to Flipo from the Excuses for the video.

9 Fireman 9

9Fireman9 were an industrial noise band from Philly in the early 90’s.  9F9 was Marc Laurick’s band.- Jon Wischmann (Sink Manhatten) played with them too and Steve (King Carcass) said he jammed with them a bit but never played a show with them. Steve remembered them opening for Pussy Galore at the Crypt in West Philly and Jon Spencer heckling them by yelling “Swans rip off” Marc heckled them back with “Sonic Youth rip off”
Besides Tar & Fortuna Imperatrix Mundi Mix (see below) they released two other tapes IHSV & one just called 9 Fireman 9 which was recorded at a show 5-1-87 at the Philadelphia College Of Art. If anyone has these cassettes I’d love to add them to this post.  (Thanks Jackie for the Mundi Mix Tape)

Fortuna Imperatrix Mundi Mix

Fortuna Imperatrix Mundi Mix



02-No Gen W-O
03-Cheval De Bataille
04-Odi Et Amo
06-Dove Serpent & Pig
07-Shit to the Spirit

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Butterfly Joe – Live on WKDU 05-19-99

Butterfly Joe Live on Marina’s show from WKDU.
They formed after the breakup of the Dead Milkmen in 1995. Made up of ex-Dead Milkmen Joe Genaro & Dean Sabatino, ex-Baby Flamehead Andy Bresnan and bassist Joe Quigley. They released one self-titled cd in 1999 which had it’s release show soon after this live broadcast. Marina also interviewd them which you can listen to here
Besides the re-formed Dead Milkmen both Dean and Joe are currently playing in the super-melodic and original indie instrumental rock music band I Think Like Midnight

Also, check out Joe Genaro’s interview and Dean Sabatino’s interview from Loud Fast Philly

00 – Intro
01 – Call Me A Fool
02 – Fancy Walls
03 – Life Is Better In The Movies
04 – Outro

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cd cover

Head Cheese Booklet

Head Cheese 7"

Head Cheese was a post-punk band from the early 80s. While attending University of the Arts Susan Ottaviano meet Jade Lee and they formed a band with their friend Celeste Ries. They recorded one 7″ at  Third Story recording studio. I don’t have mp3’s of that 7 inch so instead I’ve included YouTube videos for the three songs. What i do have is a booklet that they put out – to be honest I am not 100% sure I put the pages in the right order but please check it out.
Head Cheese Booklet

The video for Jungle Jam was shot as a film project around Philly

Susan Ottaviano (who later went on to New Wave stardom in Book of Love) on the making of her Philly band Head Cheese’s single ‘Jungle Jam’ from 1982:

We recorded “Jungle Jam” at Third Story music, an 8 track studio in Philadelphia, in 1981. It was produced by David Javelosa, who we met at the East Side Club. He was performing with his group Los Microwaves at the time. The ‘Jungle Jam’ video was filmed in and around Philly and is truly a love story to the city. There are scenes on Broad Street, the gargoyles in City Hall, a basement on League street and a pig’s head from the Italian Market. The Jungle Jam video has just recently been posted on YouTube. One of the original directors of that video even works for Pixar now. He said that he had more fun on our movie than he does today. You should check it out. It’s pretty funny.”

Head Cheese Jungle Jam video

Head Cheese – Teenage Idol

Head Cheese – “Non-Melodic”

Thanks for sending this to me Brett Noise Addiction II

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