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Monkey 101 / Chino



Paul Kowalchuk – Bass, Lead vocals
Arno – Guitar and vocals
Bob Turri – Drums and vocals
Stealing this description from the  Monkey 101 facebook page:
In 1989 a trio of young Philadelphia musicians helped to define the “low-fi” sound with their band Monkey 101. They were part of the Philadelphia rock scene that consisted of a handful of like-minded bands, notably Ashtray and Blue. Their debut single, French Feelings / Now That You Have Left Me, released on the local Siltbreeze record label became an instant classic. Other bands on Siltbreeze at the time, such as Guided by Voices and Sebadoh, were huge fans as well as other contemporary artists including Pavement and Superchunk. While Monkey 101 were mysterious at the time, not playing many high-profile gigs, (perhaps the most important a memorable appearance at the 1990 CMJ convention with Gumball) they have since become a happy distant memory to many fans of independent rock music.
They did, however, record an LP worth of material in 1990. Recorded one weekend in John Oates’s garage in Norristown, PA., David Lowe engineered the recording. This recording session included almost all of Monkey 101’s entire catalogue. Spirited performances abound. This was a band captured at its artistic peak. Thankfully, you can now preorder the  LP (Rusts Smut and Heart Rot)  released by Sister Raygun Records

They also have one track on the Rave comp Please! Don’t Lick The Walls.

Below are their 2 – 7 Inches: (links to Bandcamp for the songs on the LP)


French Feelings 7″

A – French Feelings
B – Now That You Have Left Me


Transistor 7″

A1 – Transistor
A2 – The Method Of My Machinery
B1 – Kentucky Woman
B2 – The Man Who Sells His Votes
B3 – Burgundy Wine


Chino was formed in the mid-90’s by ex-Monkey 101 singer, bassist and songwriter Paul K.  Mike Schuldt plays drums while Rob Feeney writes some songs and plays the guitar. Chino has played shows throughout the Philadelphia region with dozens of bands including RunHideFight, Poppy and Jukebox Zeros. Their most notable appearances were opening some shows for Guided by Voices. Paul’s songwriting has been praised by artists as diverse as Alejandro Escovedo to Robert Pollard and now everyone can enjoy these songs.

Best of Firsts by chino

A couple of pictures I took from the Record Exchange 30th anniversary block party plus some flyers & record covers.

Mike Rep – Khyber 08/07/1993 Siltbreeze Show

Mike Rep from Siltbreeze night at the Khyber with Temple of Bon Matin, Strapping Field Hands, V-3 and GBV, From the Siltbreeze site: Before there were peckerwoods buzzing about lo-fi, Mike Rep—fed by a love for B-grade horror flicks, (the aforementioned) 13 Floor Elevators, Velvet Undergound, Kim Fowley and (blech!) The Doors—was concocting a mash of home-recorded punk, pop and psychedelia for a few fortunate ears. This isn’t the Sunset Strip or Lower East Side, folks, it’s Grove City, Ohio, a scene ruled by codeine, cannabis and Carling. So be prepared to hunker down with a fuzzy, furry and fried collection of 20-plus years of sound from the vaults of one of America’s most important legends in the flesh. The Creeping Flesh, that is.
Thanks to Mark Lux for the video tape. Thanks to Adam for the song titles.

Audio files

Mike Rep-01-Village Idiot
Mike Rep-02-Out/Rocket to Nowhere/I Resign

MediaFire Zip

V-3 – Khyber 08/07/1993 Siltbreeze Show

V-3 from Siltbreeze night at the Khyber with Temple of Bon Matin, Strapping Field Hands, Mike Rep and GBV, As far as I remember this was the only time I got to see V-3. Sadly Jim Shepard died on October, 16 1999 in Columbus, Ohio. From the Remembering Jim Shepard site Jim Shepard was a poet, songwriter, musician and producer involved with the Columbus, Ohio bands Vertical Slit, Phantom Limb, V-3 and Ego Summit. – Thanks to Mark Lux for the tapes.

Audio files

01 – ?
02 – ?
03 – ?
04 – ?
05 – ?
06 – ?

MediaFire Zip

Guided By Voices – Khyber 08/07/1993 Siltbreeze Show

Video from the first Guided By Voices show in Philadelphia. It was a Siltbreeze night at the Khyber with Temple of Bon Matin, Strapping Field Hands, Mike Rep, GBV and headlining was V3. I’ll put up the video from the other bands as I get it done. GBV along with Pavement where the two bands from the early 90’s that I thought had a really unique sound that I was really into.
From Wikipedia – New York City and Philadelphia were host to Guided by Voices’ return to the live stage (and first shows outside of Ohio) in 1993. At this time, the always-fluid Guided by Voices lineup coalesced around the core of Pollard, guitarists Tobin Sprout and Mitch Mitchell (not to be confused with Jimi Hendrix’s drummer), bassist Dan Toohey, and drummer Kevin Fennell. Sprout, who was briefly featured in an early-’80s
version of the band, had re-joined circa Propeller and soon became Pollard’s primary musical foil, in addition to contributing several of his own songs to the band’s catalog.

The video was shot by Rich – Thanks to Mark Lux for the tape.

Audio files

01 – On The Tundra
02 – My Impression Now
03 – Unleashed! The Large-Hearted Boy
04 – Shocker In Gloomtown
05 – Expecting Brainchild
06 – Break Even
07 – Queen Of Cans And Jars
08 – Postal Blowfish
09 – Stabbing A Star
10 – Weed King
11 – Lethargy
12 – Tractor Rape Chain
13 – Non-Absorbing
14 – Some Drilling Implied
15 – Exit Flagger

MediaFire Zip

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