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Suffacox – demos

Phila. ’93-?. Space Glam-a-delic Smudge-Pop. Lou Cooper on drums, Christine Weiser/Mike Hughes/Art Difuria on bass, Brother JT on guitar, and Wayne Hamilton on guitar/sing. He also wrote almost all of the songs. Wayne and Mike have gone on, hope you got to meet them. Hear more on their Sondcloud page.

Hopefully sometime soon I will get to see Suffacox mach2 again (and you should go too.) Mach2 has three original members Christine Weiser (Mae Pang, Gal Lombardo, The Tights, RunHideFight)., Brother JT (Original Sins, Vibrolux) & Lou Cooper with the addition of Mike Lenert (Caterpillar Lettuce Prey)

Thanks for the tape Jackie

Cardboard Sarcophagus

A1 – Linda Lovelace
A2 – You Call Me
A3 – I Like Plaid
A4 – Inquisition
B1 – Sniff
B2 – Impossible Chnages
B3 – Death Girl
B4 – Stay Up Late
MediaFire Zip of all files

Sandpaper demo(?)

A1-Wheres My Honey
A2-Orgone Accumulator(Hawkwind)
B2-Double Dot
MediaFire Zip of all files

Hawkwind – Ambler Cabaret 11-30-90

Dave Brock

Legendary space rock of Hawkwind live from Ambler Cabaret, Ambler PA on 11-30-90.

Lineup for this show:
Dave Brock – guitar, keyboards, vocals
Alan Davey – bass, synthesizer, vocals
Richard Chadwick – drums
Bridget Wishart – vocals

Thanks for the tape files Brett Noise Addiction II


01 – Needle Gun
02 – The Golden Void
03 – Ejection
04 – Wings
05 – Out of the Shadows
06 – Night of the Hawk
07 – Title Unknown
08 – T.V. Suicide
09 – Back in the Box
10 – Hassan I Sahba
11 – Images
12 – Reefer Madness

MediaFire Zip of all files

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