I saw that Dan Treacy who basically is the Television Personalities was in a coma see the article I remembered I had a live tape of them from the Khyber. I haven’t been able to find any updates on his health but hopefully Dan will pull through. I think the tape is from April 9th 1992 but I’m not sure. According to Dan Treacy’s web site Mad Scene opened up for them that night and I also have a live tape of Mad Scene from the Khyber.
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Audio files

01 – Good And Faitful Servant / Very Dark Today
02 – My First Nervous Breakdown
03 – She Can Stop Traffic
04 – She’s Only The Grocer’s Daughter
05 – I Hope You Have A Nice Day
06 – Goodnight Mr Spaceman
07 – Younger Than You Know
08 – Conscience Tells Me No
09 – La Grande Illusion

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