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Bad Ronald

After a bunch of Philadelphia bands my friend Bill Rude (the Koosmans, Rotgut, Stinkbomben, Tons of Nuns, Rear Admiral) was in a band based out of NYC called Bad Ronald (along with other Tons of Nuns, Stinkbomben, Rear Admiral  member Brian Sussman on bass) which was called “One of the greatest NYC bands that nobody knows but which everyone should know! – by Tony Autoharp Arena.

Recently they released an album that had not been released before as a benefit for Bob A. Lingus who had passed away.

“A year ago today our lives changed forever when we lost Bob. Giorgio and Brian had this pressed as a tribute to Bob, with all proceeds going to his children. Special thanks to Simona Prives for making the record look great and Deborah Suchman Zeolla for the great photos within, and Ellen Rosenholtz for taking these photos.”

“So here you go, 19 years after it was recorded. You can get this, plus this fabulous t-shirt, and in case you missed it the first time (apparently you did!) our two 7″s from the nineties right here at badronaldnyc.com

Please go check it out and if you can help out by buying some Bad Ronald music or shirts you won’t regret it.

Tons of Nuns – First 2 Demos

Brian sent me a tape with the first two Tons of Nuns Demos (Thanks Brian.) This is the earlier lineup for Tons of Nuns with Brian (Bad Ronald, Rear Admiral, Mad Bomber ), Bern (The Julia Set), and Art (Photon Band, Uptown Bones, Lilys, etc.). I haven’t heard these songs in a long time it was really nice to hear them again. If you want to hear the XPN in studio and the later version of Tons of Nuns see my earlier post here

Audio files

1st Demo

01 – I Love You
02 – We Must Divide
03 – M.A.D.
04 – Theme

2nd Demo

05 – Scarbrough Fair
06 – No Choice
07 – Community Pig
08 – Thoughtful Girl
09 – She Said

MediaFire Zip

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