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Philadelphia Punk Gigography 1977-1987

For a few years I was working on this Philly Punk gigography covering the years 1977-1987. I cut off at 1987 because the music diversified so much after that that I thought it would be too much plus, I moved in one direction while others moved in another direction even though all the music could be considered Punk in some form at least. I haven’t been able to finish it because of Covid and the library being closed for a while and also, I wasn’t able to pay for newspapers.com the last several years. Most of what I have listed is from old flyer, fanzines, websites and newspapers. I only did newspaper research for Hot Club and other venues up to summer 1978. So, there is two years of research needed between summer 1978 and 1980. And, then for Omni’s and Ripley’s in the early 1980s. I also added the pre-Punk stuff from Stooges, MC5, New York Dolls, Velvet Underground/Lou Reed, Patti Smith and a few choice others like Hawkwind with Lemmy and Roxy Music that I thought were good influences for Punk.

Gigography 1966-1987 pdf

Please feel free to use it and add to it for the good of all and the history of Philadelphia. If you have any additions, corrections, etc please edit this shared google doc version  or email  FreedomHasNoNounds@gmail.com.

Die Kreuzen – Live Videos

Some videos that I have had up on YouTube but not up on this blog so I’m adding them to this post. Die Kreuzen were one of my favorite live bands and they always put on a great show. The JC Dobbs video was one I had owned on VHS but I loaned it out and never got back so I was so happy Lenny (RIP) had it and let me put it up.
Thanks Crunch Productions for the tapes

West Side Club

Die Kreuzen West Side CLub

JC Dobbs 1989

2/7/92 – CBGBs

Other already posted videos Elk’s Lodge AC 7/26/1985 & 2/8/92 Khyber

CRUNCH productions logo

Dead Kennedys – Rutgers Camden NJ – April 20, 1985

Crunch Productions show with the Dead Kennedys from Rutgers Camden on April 20, 1985. Another show from within a year of my moving to Philly but at least I got to see them later at Blue Horizon. What a great lineup this show had – opening for the Dk’s was Articles of Faith, COC, Decontrol & FOD. At the time the largest independent punk show in the area Rutgers put the total attendance at 3,100.
Really Huge THANKS to Lenny Crunch for letting me transfer this video and put it up.

Audio files

Crunch Productions logo

Die Kreuzen – Number Three Videos

I always thought that The Mighty Die Kreuzen were Heavier than Black Sabbath & More Fierce than Minor Threat. When you were at one of their shows & they started to play, Your Soul was lifted Upward, Your Arms Raised & Your Whole Entire Body Swayed with the Intensity of a Tornado Swirling about & taking Whoever got in your Way with You into the Frenzied Pits of _______ .

When they played, it wasn’t a hardcore show, it wasn’t a rock concert, It was a Gathering of the DK Family to groove & support these Incredible Musicians, Friends & Brothers from the beer capital Milwaukee and we did gather. In Philadelphia, DC, NY, Atlantic City, Camden, You might think Deadheads were loyal but Die Kreuzen drew crowds who traveled thru whatever elements because we had to be there…

In July 1988 the band released Century Days & this song entitled Number Three was filmed live at J C Dobbs in Philadelphia. It was filmed & edited by the West Side Club. “From this view my thoughts are all so clear/ I’ll always be right here away from you” And now Number Three…… – Lenny Crunch


Die Keuzen – Number Three (Live audio Version)


DieKeuzen – Number Three (Recorded Audio Version)

Decontrol – West Side Club 4/13/86

Decontrol live video from the West Side Club. They opened for Scream which is also up on the site. This is the last of the Decontrol video and the last of the 80’s Philly bands video that I got from Pete. One last plug if you haven’t yet go download Songs from the Gut The Complete Collection.
Also, if your on Facebook go to their page and “like” the page
Below the videos are the audio tracks. As usual there were a couple of songs I wasn’t sure of the titles but hopefully I’ll get some help again and I’ll update the post.
Thanks again to Pete at Sounds of Tomorrow. for the beta tapes

Audio files

01 – I Got A Right
02 – 1992
03 – ?
04 – Never Again
05 – Born Too Late
06 – System
07 – Joe Blow
08 – Drunk And Bored
09 – Did You No Wrong
10 – Born To Be Wild
11 – Back From The Grave
12 – Almost Dead
13 – 1992
14 – Fascists
15 – Unseen Enemies
16 – Philly Cops
17 – ?

MediaFire Zip

Husker Du – Live Videos

Husker Du from the West Side Club, they played there twice but I’m pretty sure this is the April 16, 1983 show. The 84 show at the West Side was the Zen Arcade tour and at least in this video they only did a couple of Zen Arcade songs. The rest is from 7″s (In A Free Land), Land Speed Record or Everything Falls Apart. The quality of this video is a little rough at times but I thought it was worth putting up anyway.Go to Husker Du Database for a lot more info.
Thanks again to Pete at Sounds of Tomorrow for the beta tapes

The 2nd video is from City Gardens in March of 1984. Thanks to Lenny Crunch (RIP)for this video.

West Side Club, Philadelphia – April 16, 1983

Husker Du – City Gardens March 25,1984

Bob & Grant - West Side CLub

Scream – Live Videos

One of my favorite bands to see live, it was so good to see them again a few years ago at KungFu Necktie. This post has 3 Scream videos from Philadelphia and 1 from NYC from the mid-80s. I just discovered that I had the video below of them from Rock Hotel in 1984. I also added another video from Love Hall from 83 that was up on Youtube, West Side Club in 86 & Camden in 85. Scream is currently working on a new album called DC Special – “DC Special tells our story through the musical history we grew up with and so we’ve invited musicians from our local DC music community, both past and present, to collaborate with us during the session.” Their Dischord albums are available on Bandcamp

Rock Hotel NYC – February, 23, 1984

West Side Club 4/13/86

This was a great day first Decontrol & Scream at the West Side Club and then Marginal Man at the Kennel Club later that night. Scream did a bunch of songs from their first two albums plus lots of covers. I’m not sure exactly when this show was but I know it was Spring of 1986. I saw Scream a few more times after this but this was my favorite time – it was more like a party then a show. Scream are back together and doing some shows (hopefully they will do a tour) go to their site for more info.
Thanks again to Pete at Sounds of Tomorrow for the beta tapes

Star Theater, Camden NJ – 4/6/85

From a CRUNCH show with Homo Picnic, Oblivion & Beefeater.

Love Hall Philadelphia 1983

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