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5 Story Fall

Finally can put up the 5 Story Fall demo (sort of) – this is recordings of the carts (which were basically 8-tracks with a single songs on them) from WKDU that  (luckily) Jackie had recorded on  a cassette. (Thanks Jackie)
5 Story Fall was John Gilmour (The She Males Encounters) – singing and some guitar, David Reworht  – guitar,  Kelvin Joyner – vocals, Rob Boyes ( Doctor at Tree) – bass  and Bobbie Ray – Drums.
“Bobbie went on to join Executive Slacks We lived next door to Matt Marello Matt and John Young were our idols! Executive Slacks and Lee Paris got East Side Club and Ripleys to book us but we were all notoriously underage all the time” – John
I have also posted a video with a couple of songs from a WKDU Band Bash in 1985 and some Flyers below.  Thanks to John Gilmour for the much needed info.

01 – Fugitive
02 – Slay the Vampire
03 – Suppression
04 – Ship in Your Harbor

MediaFire Zip of all files


Revelogic is a solo project from Marc Beck (Crankcase, Vick Logic, Ken, Heroics.) The Live from WKDU is from Marina’s show from April 12, 1996.
Then his full cd New Pacific Map which was easily one of my favorite cds from 97. Below that is the 7″ with Marc and Judith Schaechter who also creates amazing stained glass art (and they were in Ken together) – 2 of Marc’s No One Red Cent Cassette tapes – then his My Century cd compilation of other solo works.

Live on WKDU 04-12-96

00 – Intro
01 – My Century
02 – Beautiful Mary
03 – Hey Virginia
04 – Starfizzed
05 – Alchol
06 – Unknown
07 – Wrapped Up
08 – Revolutionary Song for the Teapot
MediaFire Zip of all files

New Pacific Map

01 – Hey Virgina
02 – Beautiful Mary
03 – My Century
04 – Starfizzed
05 – Drink
06 – Wrapped Up
07 – Superfell
08 – Acoustic Guitar with Razor Blade
09 – New Pacific Map
10 – Revolutionary Song For the Teapot
11 – Japanese Distortion Theme
12 – Fromanila
13 – Chinese Water Kisses
14 – The Tea in Taiwan
MediaFire Zip of all files

Revelogic Vs Judith Schaechter 7″

A1 – My Last Match
A2 – Hungover Again
B1 – Sunday
B2 – Throw That Glass of Water Away

MediaFire Zip of all files

Rev. L. Sap. Logic tape

A1 – Suddenly Sullen
A2 – Sick of the Scene
B1 – Wrapped Up
B2 – Train

MediaFire Zip of the two tapes files

Winter Holiday tape

A1 – Ugly Child
A2 – Battle Cry of the Marchong Ornaments
A3 – Christmas Card
B1 – Faith Soup
B2 – Homeland 95

My Century

01 – Previous Country
02 – My Century
03 – Shutter 1
04 – Shutter 2
05 – Shutter 3
06 – Rodman St. Blues
07 – Planet World
08 – My Black Heart
09 – When In Athens
10 – When In Athens Pt 2
11 – My Obsessive Me
12 – The Shit That Passes For Friends
13 – Heart=art
14 – Quit My Band
15 – Don’t Blame God
16 – Dying On The Vine
17 – Staunch
18 – Original Theme
19 – Jazz Skrenk
20 – Choice Wings, Go
21 – Alternative Tara Jam
MediaFire Zip of all files

More Fiends – Live on WKDU

Live on Jackie’s show October 4, 1988

More Fiends live on Jackie’s show on KDU. This is right about the time Yo Asphalt Head album came out so in the band at the time was probably Allen Fiend, Elizabeth Fiend, Ron Fiend & Bob Bludgeon,

00 – Intro
01 – Everythings an Omen
02 – Slug Juice
03 – Wild West Philly
04 – Watch Yr Back
05 – Time-Warp Bio-Feedback Amphetamine Nightmare
06 – Knucklehead (Partial)
07 – More Fiends Theme
08 – Vinyl Grind
09 – The Eb and Flo Show
10 – Clear to Me
11 – Outro

MediaFire Zip of all files

Live on Marina’s show February 16, 1999

I am in the process of digitizing a bunch of live on WKDU tapes from Marina – she had a lot of bands on her radio show in the 90s and mostly they have been un-shared until now. To start off here is More Fiends live on WKDU from February 16, 1999.
I believe this is the last lineup for More Fiends (?) with  Allen Fiend = bass, Elizabeth Fiend = side guitar, Bob Fiend = guitar (currently in the Pogos), Dave Fiend = drums (ex Kitschchao, Belligerent)

02-Attack Of The Giant Squitos
04-Blind Mans Cane
06-Message Is The Same
07-Im A Believer
09-Yellow Spades
10-Pirate Song
11-Made To Propel Not to Inhale
13-Surfing the Lava Flow (cut off)

MediaFire Zip of all files

Blue – Good Horse Demo 1st 7″ & Live on WKDU


Blue Started in Athens, Ohio and then they moved to Philly post college.
Andrew Shapiro who played drums for Blue in 89-90 sent me these files (Thanks Andrew) I have a copy of the demo and was meaning to digitize it but now I  don’t have to do that. Plus as an added bonus he included 4 songs when they played on Jackie’s show on WKDU and the first 7″.
There other 7 inches and Solid State LP can be found here – http://pessimistclub.blogspot.com/2009/02/blue-solid-state-singles.html
As well as the Blastpheme” (1986) cassette here – https://pessimistclub.blogspot.com/2008/07/blue-blastpheme-1986.html

Later lineup for the album and later 7″s was
DaVid LoWe – VoCaLs, GTR
DaN – GTR, moog
P.K. – baSS, VoCaLs
JohN KuTZ – dRuMs

Good Horse Tape

01 – On Mama’s Knee
02 – Hold Tight
03 – In the Cold River
04 – Heart Felt Smokin
05 – Unknown
06 – Moon Light Pussy
07 – 969
08 – Ragdoll
09 – Good Horse

Live on KDU tape

Live on WKDU (12 – 1989)

01 – Detroit
02 – Foxy Lady
03 – Evil Snake
04 -unknown

7 inch cover

Angels On Hogs / Evil Snake 7″

01 – Angels On Hogs
02 – Evil Snake 
MediaFire Zip of all files

Butterfly Joe – Live on WKDU 05-19-99

Butterfly Joe Live on Marina’s show from WKDU.
They formed after the breakup of the Dead Milkmen in 1995. Made up of ex-Dead Milkmen Joe Genaro & Dean Sabatino, ex-Baby Flamehead Andy Bresnan and bassist Joe Quigley. They released one self-titled cd in 1999 which had it’s release show soon after this live broadcast. Marina also interviewd them which you can listen to here
Besides the re-formed Dead Milkmen both Dean and Joe are currently playing in the super-melodic and original indie instrumental rock music band I Think Like Midnight

Also, check out Joe Genaro’s interview and Dean Sabatino’s interview from Loud Fast Philly

00 – Intro
01 – Call Me A Fool
02 – Fancy Walls
03 – Life Is Better In The Movies
04 – Outro

MediaFire Zip of all files

cd cover

Vick Logic- Live on WKDU 12-16-1994

Vick Logic Cover

Vick Logic Live on Marina’s show on WKDU from December 1994. They were Marc Beck (Crankcase, Revelogic, Ken, etc) on Vocals, Guitar, extras / Jeff Warner (Strapping Field Hands, Crankcase, Amazing Thrill Show) on Bass & Percussion / Mikey Ritz on Guitar.  They were on the WKDU’s Scrapple 7″ box set.  The first song got cut off and the 2nd starts into the song. There was also an interview with Marina  after they played.
Enjoy the low-fi songs of yearning .

00 – intro
01 – unknown(cutoff)
02 – Animal High
03 – Weird Bird And The Preacherman
04 – Girl Crush
05 – Cranberry Wine
06 – Dorchester
07 – Shangri-Lall
08 – Library Card
09 – More Than Just Ice Cream
10 – Electric Farmer
11 – Outro

MediaFire Zip of all files

Illegitimate Sons & Daughters – Live on WKDU

Illegitimate Sons & Daughters live on Marina’s WKDU show April, 29, 1994. Band members were Tater on vocals, fiddle, various other instruments / Shamus – Acoustic Guitar, / Cher on Mandolin / Sparkplug on bass drum / Miss Sophie on Banjo (missing that day was vocalist Miss Harriet.) Many of their alter egos, at the time, where taking care of your vhs or cheese crisp needs. As well as in many other past and present bands including Creem Circus, Wastoid, Double Penetration, Slobber Mountain Boys, Sinners, The Pine Barons, O Mighty Isis, Cactus Love & La Resistance.

01-The First One
02-Hot Corn
07-John Hardy
08-Nine Pound Hammer

MediaFire Zip of all files

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