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Marginal Man – West Catty, Catasauqua PA 4-12-86


Marginal Man (along with GI & Scream) was one of the few DC Discord bands of the mid-80s to tour regularly. This is a live tape from West Catty in 86 with Last Stand and Last Cry and No Deodorant opening for them.


01 – Linger in the Past
02 – Strange Feeling
03 – Mainstream
04 – Turn the Tables [Power Outtage Version]
05 – Turn the Tables (Again)
06 – Torn Apart
07 – Metal Madness
08 – Under a Shadow
09 – Marginal Man
10 – Mind on Hold
11 – Shades of Reason
12 – Someone Cares
13 – What Did She Say!
14 – Friend
15 – Pandora’s Box
16 – Missing Rungs
17 – Mainstream (Instrumental)
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Toni Farina took this photo. I think from the God Bullies show

Subtle, Like a brick through your window

I was good friends with the most of the members of Rotgut from before they started, which included 3 KDU DJs and 2 former roommates. I most have seen them at least a dozen or so times  and always had a good time. There is something about seeing bands that you are friends with that just makes it so much better.  It also doesn’t hurt that they played on the same bills will some great bands Alice Donut, God Bullies, Didjits, Blue, Immaculate Hearts just to name a few (see the flyers slideshow below)  I like Bill’s description of Rotgut being  of a cross between Angry Samoans and Black Flag. But judging by the varying descriptions in the  Rotgut Press Release you may have to make up your own mind on which bands to compare  them to. The Press release has lots of 7″ &  show reviews plus an FOE interview. The Original Lineup was Steve “Bobo McGullicuddy” Tiberi (Meister Squad, Rear Admiral) – Vocals, Bill “With Sno Peas” Rude (the Koosmans, Bad Ronald, Stinkbomben, Tons of Nuns, Rear Admiral) – Guitars/Vocals, Stan “Lo Mein” Kemp – Guitars/Vocals (Stinkbomben), Greg “Jim Beam Lobotomy” Licht – Bass/Vocals (Futile Effort, Pulaski Skyway Kids, The Menegels), “sweat & Sour” Frank Giraffe – Drums (Stinkbomben) . Before Greg, Ken “Milton Bradley” Hinchey was on bass. Later, Frank Campbell (Electric Love Muffin, Cave Canem) replaced Frank on Drums. Dan Mys replaced Stan Kemp on Guitar.
They released on 7″ called Peace Love and Sammy and were on the Rave Records comp Don’t Lick the Walls. Those songs as well as live on WFMU and other tracks from all the different lineups are collected here. (see the key below the collection for band and source info)  Thanks for the files, flyers etc  Bill



01 – Rotgut A / 1
02 – No Way Home A / 1
03 – Smash TV A / 2
04 – Hellbent A / 2
05 – Quit The World A / 2
06 – Kill Your Boss A / 3
07 – Awol For Life A / 2
08 – White Castle Sunrise A / 2
09 – Trigger Happy B / 4
10 – Drink Yourself To Death B / 4
11 – Catfight B / 4
12 – Fun and Games Attitude B / 4
13 – Everyone’s An Asshole C / 5
14 – Lap of Luxury C / 5
15 – Stiff Neck A / 2
16 – Gas Chamber A / 2
17 – Steak Knife A / 2
18 – Wasted C / 5
19 – King Richard C / 5
20 – Whiskey Brawl C / 6
21 – Rat Fucker C / 6
22 – Drive Thru C / 6
23 – Mr Soundman C / 6
24 – Kill Your Boss (alt) C / 5
25 – Quit the World (alt) D / 7
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A. Steve “Bobo McGullicuddy” Tiberi – Vocals
Bill “With Sno Peas” Rude – Guitars/Vocals
Stan “Lo Mein” Kemp – Guitars/Vocals
Greg “Jim Beam Lobotomy” Licht – Bass/Vocals
“Sweat & Sour” Frank Giraffe – Drums
B. Frank Campbell – Drums (replacing Frank Giraffe)
C. Dan Mys – Guitar (replacing Stan Kemp)
D. Ken “Milton Bradley” Hinchey – Bass (pre Greg Licht)

1. 7″ Potty Queen Records Produced by David Lowe March 1990 Released June 1990
2. Live on WFMU 2/28/91 – Pat Duncan Program
3. Please Don’t Lick the Walls – Produced by David Lowe – December 1990 – February 1991
4. Demo recorded at Rave Records Summer 1991
5. Demo recorded at Temple Fall 1991
6. Demo recorded by Art Difuria Fall 1992
7. First Practice July 1989 – Ken Hinchey’s house Penndel, PA

Rot Gut @ The Trocadero 4 11 92

Songs: No Way Home & Fun And Games Attitude

Epic Soundtracks Live JC Dobbs

epic soundtracks

Epic Soundtracks was the stage name of the British musician Kevin Paul Godfrey Epic and his brother Niki Sudden (Adrian Nicholas Godfrey) were part of the Swell Maps with Epic playing drums and piano, and “Sudden” on guitar and vocals. After the Swell Mpas broke up Epic played drums for Crime & the City Solution and These Immortal Souls. In 1991, he started his own songwriting career as well as a vocalist and multi-instrumentalist, he released three solo records. He dies of unknown caused in 6 November 1997. I only recorded 4 songs (I’m not sure why)
Updated info (thanks to Mark) this was from a show May 31st 1995 with Mad Scene and Philly band Kavune opening for him.

Flyer JC Dobbs

01 – Tonights the night
02 – Something New Under The Sun
03 – Theres Been A Change in Me
04 – Everybody Else Is Wrong

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crankcase. machine 1 was 1992 – 1995.
rob coye guitars and vocals
marc beck guitar and vocals
rick wright bass and vocals
chuck hanning drums drums and more drums
(the unit continued for a few years with Erwin Michelfelder (of Clabbers fronted Mezmorons’ replacing Marc)
Crankcase hits that spot between SY and fLIPS while sitting alongside Silkworm and Rodan.
the band initially started after a few jam sessions with the trio of Rob Coye, Marc Beck and a pre-Strapping Field Hands Jeff Werner. we had all been friends in our previous bands: Rob’s Grisly Fiction and Marc and Jeff’s Confusion Visits. incidentally, Marc and Jeff’s Vick Logic started at the same exact time

it was apparent that Rob and Marc could display some decent early 90s guitar histrionics, and we decided to become real by adding Grisly Fiction’s first drummer Chuck Hanning along with party companion Rick Wright
we played pretty actively in Philadelphia. notable billings were with US Maple and Babe the Blue Ox and one rousing show at Pi Lam’s Human BBQ with A Place to Bury Strangers
Rick remains active with Phila psych giants Flower Girl (please see their Bandcamp)
Rob Coye did a Grisly Fiction reunion project with gigs and continues playing noise with his Phantom Pilots project as well as instrumental duo Lame Cover Band (2008-forever) and a stints with Steven Cerio’s Small Girl Boils Water (early 2000’s) .
Marc remains retired from musical creativity after projects revelogic and (the) heroics
Chuck enjoys home brewing and jazz combo
please listen to this LOUD. play it LOUD . LOUD. LOUD!!!!
(Thanks for the files and the info -Marc)

crankcase complete studio recordings.
‘Never Apologize or Are You My Friend?’

01 – Glass Rods
02 – You Look Scared Today
03 – Who is Anna Cuisine and Where is the Anarchy Scene
04 – Tech
05 – Capitol Hill Murder Suicide Pact
06 – Part 28
07 – My Left Foot
08 – Violence in Vermont
09 – Willard
10 – The Ever-Widening Circle of Shame
11 – Riverbed
12 – (Putting Away Th Guitars)
13 – 82 Trap

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Descendents – Catty Shack, Catasauqua PA 1-19-86

Descendents live from the Catty Shack in Catasauqua PA on 1-19-86.
At the time the Descendents were Milo Aukerman – Vocals  /  Ray Cooper – Guitar /  Bill Stevenson – Drums /  Doug Carrion – Bass

01. Sour Grapes
02. MyAge
03. Descendents
04. Silly Girl
05. I Don’t Wanna Grow Up
06. Suburban Home
07. Pervert
08. Marriage
09. Christmas Vacation
10. Hope
11. Bikeage
12. Good Good Things
13. Vinnie
14. My Dad Sucks
15. Weinerschnitzel
16. Kids On Coffee
17. Rock Star
18. No Fat Beaver
19. Enjoy
20. I Wanna Be A Bear
21. I’m Not A Loser
22. Milo
23. Catalina
24. Green
25. Buffie
26. Silver
27. Mr Bass
28. Kabuki Girl

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Swinging Bachelors Of Science


Swinging Bachelors Of Science were a band from Philadelphia Pennsylvania. Larry Bailis – vocals, Jeffrey Slott – Guitar & Vocals, Jonathan Schug- Bass, Eddie Beinlich – Drums. Jeffrey and Larry were first in a band called the Bolivians. When that band split up they continued as The Neo Duo with just guitars and vocals. In 1986 they added drums and bass and the band name was changed to Swinging Bachelors Of Science. The band played all over Philadelphia (Live from Chestnut Cabaret below) and broke up in the spring of 1988 having only released one single (also below).
From Discogs:

Thanks for the mp3 files Brett Noise Addiction II

Single (1987)

01-Bobby Needs a Hobby
02-Blonde Crazy

Chestnut Cabaret, Philadelphia 1987

01-Did You Ever Have to Make Up Your Mind? (Lovin’ Spoonful cover)
02-Bobby Needs a Hobby
04-Im So Mystical
06-Answers No
07-Hands- Hair- Teeth and Nails
09-Leave Me Alone
10-Blonde Crazy
11-Square Air
12-Shimmy Shimmy Ko Ko Bop
13-Let It Out (Let It All Hang Out) (Hombres cover).

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Die Young Stay Pretty comp. tape (Norway; 1984)


A punk compilation with European, Australian and American bands including Fatal Existence from Reading PA.

Thanks for the tape files Brett Noise Addiction II

1 – Dead Virgins – Rape Capitol Hill
2 – Vicious Circle – Public Minister
3 – Rattus – Ei Vihnaa, Ei Kateutta
4 – Skjit-Lars – Ein Skigard
5 – Bloody Riot – C.I.S.
6 – SWA – Anarki
7 – Fatal Existence – Alinated
8 – Perdition – I`m Laughing (At You)
9 – Civil Dissident – The $ Buck Stops Here
10 – Diet Of Worms – Wild Thing (Live)
11 – Skjit-Lars – Æ Vil Spy På Verden
12 – Chronic Disorder – The Final Line
13 – End Result – I Won’t
14 – Bleah – Live At Hunstadsentret
15 – Rattus – Viinaa Suonissa, Kusta Päässä
16 – Civil Dissident – Exhibition A-An Ego Trip
17 – Bristles – Don`t Fall In Love
18 – Bleah – Live At Gimle
19 – Rattus – Whole Lotta Rosie
20 – Fatal Existence – We Don`t Want It
21 – X – ? (Live)
22 – Skjit-Lars – Alt Går Til Helvete
23 – Blå-s – Lillegutt
24 – SWA – De Control
25 – Civil Dissident – Tell Me The Solution
26 – Mental Crisis – Names Don`t Matter
27 – Diet Of Worms – Happy And Dumb
28 – Diet Of Worms – I Was A Poser
29 – Dead Virgins – World War Three
30 – Bloody Riot – Naia De Merda
31 – Chronic Disorder – Blood And Honor

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Go To Blazes


Philly by way of DC roadhouse rock’n’roll/country band Go To Blazes’ first 7 inch, The band on this 7 inch were: Bass – Christopher Horner, Drums – Keith Donnellan, Guitar, Steel Guitar – Thomas Heyman, Lead Vocals & Guitar – Edward Warren. Trouser Press describes them as “Philadelphia four-piece Go to Blazes specializes in roadhouse rock’n’roll — whiskey-kissed shuffles and sour blues and Stones-influenced stomps that have a way of making everyday sorrows seem heroic. Known drinking buddies of Eric “Roscoe” Ambel (producer of their recent recordings), Go to Blazes belongs to that loose confederation of roots rockers determined to preserve the rough edges of the music, the country twangs and beer-guzzling stomps.”

A – (And I’ll Be) Hating You
B – Casa Diablo

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